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Pest control is the need of every home, building, warehouse, or piece of land; hence it is only fitting that you should have knowledge of some of the newer and more effective techniques to get rid of an old, recurrent enemy “PESTS”

Throughout modern times, the industry of pest control in the world including in Canada has grown by leaps and bounds in the fight against pests. New and much more potent and highly effective pesticides and rodenticides have been developed by leading scientists. The great news for Canadians is the fact that newer, safer and more effective treatments are now available when using pesticides in Ontario.

The fight against harmful pests for protecting residential and commercial properties can now be won when you hire professional pest control companies. Furthermore, living in Covid-19 world has brought forth the realities of viruses, bacteria, insects, and pests as to being ‘dangerous’.

Hence controlling pests now is more important than ever before. Maximum Pest Control Services is proud to offer wide range of treatment solutions customized for residential pest control and commercial properties in neighborhoods such as Hamilton Ontario, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga Ontario, Milton, Scarborough and others throughout Greater Toronto Area.

Second-Generation Environmentally Safe Pest Control Treatments

Today, you and I both know the importance of caring for our environment, we know to lessen our use of plastics, we know to recycle whenever possible. You know that you are doing your best being a gentle citizen caring for mother earth. Green pest control measures have been used for many years now compared to harsh chemicals which was once used decades ago.

Also, we are all lucky to be living in Ontario as it offers us great urban living as well as the beauty of nature. Did you know that there are 878 named mountains in Ontario? How about The Great Lakes stretching majestically far and wide? All of these gifts by nature must be protected.

Today in 2021, herbicides (for gardens, crops, and so on), rodenticides and pesticides are second-generation green pest control products which are both more effective and importantly, environmentally safe.

Many pest control solutions in previous decades have negatively impacted the environment which is why green products (many of them made primarily with essential oils) have rapidly risen in popularity. Maximum Pest Management Services uses environmentally friendly pest control chemicals that are specifically customized for each task we perform for our valued clients.

The second-generation green pest management products are created with safer ingredients and have greater effectiveness in the face of common pests such as cockroaches, rats, house mouse, ants, termites, bedbugs and others. They are also safe to be used around children and pets. Second-generation green pest control products are also odor-less compared to outdated old treatment chemicals.

Be Careful Using Over the Counter Pest Control Fumigation Bombs

Here’s the truth most pest control fumigation manufacturers won’t tell you when you buy over the counter bug bombs (also known as Insect Control Bomb and Insect Foggers).

  • Triple action formulation rapid knockdown, long lasting, breaks the breeding cycle.
  • Kills most pest infestation such as bed bugs, fleas, spiders, silverfish, and cockroaches for up to 3 months?
  • Created using safe chemicals.

If their claims was true, you’d only have to use their products just once without the need to re-apply their treatment after 3 months. Furthermore, each country has their own standards as to what chemicals are environmentally responsible and can be used controlling pests. Basically, some store-bought pesticides and bug bombs have a myriad of toxic and dangerous effects for both the environment and human beings.

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Biorational Pesticides & Pheromone Techniques

Pest control materials that are relatively non-toxic to people and environmental safe are called “biorational” pesticides. These pesticides are a safer, more natural alternative that is now widely used for gardens and vegetable patches as well as in other cultivated stretches of land.

Biorational pesticides are used in what is termed as an ‘integrated pest control strategy’. This strategy has a step by step plan of identifying pests as well as forecasting potential pest infestations and then opting for particular green product/s that can prevent or deal with the problem as soon as it emerges.

Pheromone techniques for pest control are amongst the most common biorational solutions. Previously, pheromone traps were used mainly to monitor the pest multiplication rates but now it is an additive to biorational insecticide. The insecticide acts to attract the insects and pests to a new location by using the pheromone and then it is easier to kill them. IGRs or ‘Insect Growth Regulators’ are another biorational technique for pest control that makes use of artificial insect hormones so that the lifecycle and maturity of common pests are adversely affected and therefore they either die after being born or cannot reach the adulthood of their lifecycle.

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Hire Professional Pest Controllers for Proven Results

It is important to hire pest control companies that are licensed and well-versed in the latest pest control techniques. As we’ve mentioned above, making use of the newer technological advancements in pest management treatments is not only more effective but are also safer for our environment.

Prevention is better than cure, that means, regular property inspection and taking pre-emptive strike wherever you suspect an infestation may be taking hold is your best line of defense against pest problems. Don’t delay getting in touch with our highly skilled pest control experts as soon as you suspect pest infestation.

We’ll offer you thorough, customized treatment plans that are competitively priced. For our business customers (e.g. restaurant owners, hotel owners, bakeries, commercial kitchens…) we have flexible plans (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). Our results and proven track record eliminating pests is what we stand for (here are genuine Reviews for Maximum Pest Control Services)

We are proud to offer comprehensive range of pest control treatments and complete solutions for residential and commercial premises in Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and others.

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