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Dust and dust mites are found everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that live in beds, carpets, furniture, plush children’s toys, and anywhere that dust accumulates.

Even though they are perceived as harmless by most people, dust mites are some of the most dangerous pests your home can be infested with. This is particularly true if any member of your family suffers from asthma or allergies, furthermore, house dust mites are infamous for causing eczema.

House dust mites can exist and thrive in every season and generally are found in clothes, blankets, or beds. They can also thrive due to hair fall out or shedding caused by household pets like cats and dogs or outdoor animals like horses and sheep.

They are found throughout Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and others in Ontario Canada. If your home is infested by these pests, simply contact Maximum Pest Control Services by calling  905-582-5502

Dust mites can typically react with the skin and eyes (causing watering or itchy rashes) and this is aggravated when they start living in coats or clothes. Winter clothes and other woolly items can especially be at risk since there is more fluff and dander to consider (as there can be fur or wool which provides house dust mites space to grow or animal hairs on items like carpets or blankets which these pests thrive on.).

General high levels of moisture in the air regardless of the season can also help create an enabling environment for dust mites. To learn more visit advanced methods of dust mite control

How to Prevent Clean & Control House Dust Mites

As with almost all types of pest infestation control is through prevention. The best modus operandi for dust mites is to prevent them from settling into your home in the first place and that can be done by closely implementing the following strategies.

  • Always use heat on large items of wool and other fabrics. Bed sheets, bedcovers, blankets, throws, rugs, carpets, and other similar items should always be laundered as often as possible at a high temperature (in the proximity of 130 degrees F). This will not only disinfect these items but will also kill any dust mites present. Rugs and carpets that pets use frequently should be vacuumed and similarly disinfected as much as possible to prevent dust mites from finding a home there.
  • Air purifiers as well as devices such as dehumidifiers in the house contribute to a dust mite-free environment by controlling both dust and moisture. Always clean out or replace air filters as frequently as possible too.
  • Whenever storing large fabric-based items such as blankets or even mattresses; always use protective covers and use basic household deterrent products like mothballs. Make sure you store items like pillows or cushions in areas where moisture is controlled, so don’t opt for a damp basement as an ideal storage space.
  • Practice basic, good home hygiene by disinfecting surfaces, vacuuming on alternate days, and giving rugs a good beating in the lawn to get out dust and hair. HEPA filters on vacuums can also be very helpful by way of providing you with greater clean for your effort.
  • Manage food storage well by cleaning the kitchen area thoroughly at least once a day and sweeping away crumbs and food residue daily. Never store food in lower cabinets and wherever possible, refrigerate instead of stocking inside a cupboard or on top of a shelf, although if you must do the latter make sure you use liners and a hand vacuum to pick up crumbs. Air-tight and sealed plastic containers are also better than regular tupperware in keeping pests out of your residential property.

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Seek Services for Dust Mite Control & Cleaning

Fully qualified pest control technicians are required when dealing with out of control house dust mite infestation. Maximum Pest Control Services specializes in prevention and elimination of pests including dust mites, bed bugs, fleas and other types of persistent pests. Furthermore, once we take care of controlling dust mites in your home, the task doesn’t stop there as we also provide you with dust mite cleaning service.

Keep in mind that there are many different strategies and weapons you can use when dealing with pest problems. What is very important is the fact that professional and thorough home inspection is required for successful treatment of house dust mite infestation.

Having in-depth knowledge of biology and living habits of dust mites, coupled with over a decade of experience, Maximum Pest control Services serving our local community throughout Canada Ontario Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville, GTA, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough and others come to you with proven track record. Above all else, you’ll get affordable and customized dust mite control treatments that work.

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