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We Too Have Zero Tolerance for Pests

Have you ever considered why us humans “get a sudden intense fear” at a sight of a RAT? Because Rats are downright dangerous. But how do you kick them out of your house or commercial property? Here’s the fact

If you seen a rat or mice around your property, then, rest assured there are many others who have been clever enough to hide and not be seen by you.

We understand the dilemma home and business owners in Mississauga face when it comes to pests, be it ‘Rats, Mice, Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Termites, Fleas, Bed Bugs’. It doesn’t matter what you do, or what home remedies you use to kill pests, pests will be back if not treated by a certified pest control professional. The main reason for this is because insects and pests have for centuries evolved to be stealthy and live amongst humans without being noticed.

That is of course till they meet our highly skilled pest control experts with thorough understanding of pest species, their habits habitats and weaknesses. Basically, we’ll find them and remove them safely.

For over 10 years Maximum Pest Control Services have been offering superior pest control solutions to commercial and residential properties in Mississauga Ontario.

  • Fast: we work around the clock 24/7 because we understand that pests can be a problem anytime. We can be at your Mississauga property equipped with tools and chemicals usually within 2 to 4 hours
  • Safe: using the right pesticides and chemicals is always important, this is even more important within pest control field because we are talking about human health. Rest assured that we first work out what’s actually needed, only then provide safe options and programs
  • Affordable: unlike some other Pest Control service providers, we offer customized and faster solutions. That means, large pest control companies in Ontario have to deal with too many overheads just to visit your Mississauga property (for example driving their vehicles for hours just to reach you means higher fuel costs, which they pass on to your pest control service charge). On the other hand, Maximum Pest Control Services are your local Mississauga pest control company, always nearby to provide the most competitive rates for removing and controlling pests
  • Free, friendly and professional advice over the phone, call us (905) 582-5502

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Common Pest Problems We Solved in Mississauga Ontario

  • Mice in the attic scratching the walls at night
  • Rats under the deck of the backyard and inside the garage
  • Ants in the kitchen and washrooms
  • Earwigs outside the house try to make a home
  • Wasps in the wall or on a tree nesting
  • Cockroach infesting your kitchen & washroom
  • Fleas all over the floors biting on your ankle
  • Spiders crawling outside the walls of the house
  • Bedbugs in the bedroom mattress or the living room couch

Get Results That Work. Hire Professional Mississauga Pest Control Experts

Our Difference = Better Pest Control Service for You

  • Unlike other pest control services in Ontario, we do not offer 1 size fits all approach. Instead, we provide customized pest control programs and best value for money options
  • Accredited exterminators and pest control specialists
  • We treat all our valued customers with politeness and professionalism
  • Every property is handled as if it were our own
  • We provide unmarked pest control vans if requested for discreet service
  • Local pest control experts always nearby Mississauga

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Comprehensive range of treatments & complete pest control solutions in Mississauga

  • Cockroach infestation treatment and control
  • Wasps, Bees and Hornet elimination
  • Mice Rodent Rat removal and extermination service
  • Restaurant pest control
  • Bed bugs, Tick, Earwig, Silverfish, Ants, Carpet Beetle, Moth removal, treatment and control

We ourselves believe and trust our many years of pest control experience, that is why Maximum Pest Control Services Guarantees Results.

Mississauga home owners requiring pest control service are qualified for 10% discount and senior citizens and pensioners can enjoy 15% discount. Contact us for better, affordable pest control solutions that work

Mississauga Pest Control with Zero Tolerance for Pests