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I highly recommend their services because not only did they respond to my late night call, I was surprised to learn that they could come out in less than 2 hours. Randy was lovely and explained the issue (RATs) and the best way to completely get rid of them. They removed the dead rat and came back during the day to finish off the job. The customer service was perfect. (Testimonial)

The main reason we are well established pest controllers is due to “our results work, we offer the best value for money treatments, and our friendliness”.

Due to our valued customers satisfaction with results we deliver, our local Oakville pest control business is a growing one.

Unlike some large pest control companies, we understand the importance of customer service, here’s another review

Assistance is provided in a professional and easy to understand manner. (Testimonial)

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Did you know that “Oakville’s vision is to be the most livable town in Canada?”. We say why not because its ideally situated in Halton Region on Lake Ontario halfway between Toronto and Hamilton.

Perfect place to live in, until of course you realize that you have a pest problem that’s out of control.

Here at Maximum Pest Control Services, our vision is simple, offer ‘Fast, Safe, Affordable‘ pest control services in Oakville ON.

For us, FAST means: we come to you fast when you need us (24/7 anytime), we deliver fast results eliminating pests completely so that our valued customers life can return to normal.

For us, SAFE means: we first identify what’s the problem and what’s needed in terms of solutions, pesticides, or chemicals. And because we only use materials that meet Canadian standards, and critically use enough to get the job done right. All of this translates in to safe and balanced outcomes without causing health issues for you, your children or loving pets.

For us: AFFORDABLE means: work out the most cost effective treatment for our valued customers, and deliver results without breaking the bank. Rest assured, unlike some other pest control companies, we work out the most cost effective solutions, not cost $$$ you dearly.

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Pest Control and Management for All Types of Pests

Our proven to work experience getting rid of pest problems such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats, raccoons & others is second to none. Because our highly skilled team have in-depth understanding of pests, their living habits, how to remove them safely, safe pest control and management methodologies.

Rats Mice Problem in Your Oakville Home or Business Property

Rats are highly adapted to living in very close proximity with humans, this is usually due to easy access to food sources. Just like many other types of Pests, rats and mice are dangerous to have around your property.

They carry diseases, and although rare humans have been bitten by Rats. Our professional Rat Exterminators have on many occasions seen structure of homes, electrical cables, drainage pumps damaged due to their constant gnawing.

Fortunately we can eliminate Rats, because if left unattended, they will multiply in numbers that can shock you. That means, if you have seen a Rat or Mice (dead or alive) anywhere around your house or commercial property, call (905) 582-5502 pro Rat Exterminator in Oakville as soon as possible.

Cockroaches Roaming Wild?

Cockroaches are highly adaptive group of animals, their species have branched out to include over 3,500 species, their origins date back at least 300 million years. Cockroaches usually hide during the day and become active after dark searching for food and water.

However, if you see a cockroach during the day, that’s a sure sign that there already is a large infestation (because day time activity is risky business for a cockroach).

In their feces cockroaches dispose chemical trails, also secrete airborne pheromones for mating. These chemical trails transmit bacteria onto surfaces.

Basically, just like other pests, Cockroaches pose a great health risk for you and your family. For all your pest control needs rely on our experience.

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Bed Bugs Pests from Hell

Don’t be surprised if you encounter bed bug problem because 1 in 10 homes in Canada are affected by these nasty creatures each year.

Bed bugs are small wingless insects, their main food source is human blood. If you’ve been affected by bed bugs, realize that they are extremely difficult to rid your house of if you try to tackle the bedbug problem yourself.

Bed Bugs Signs and Symptoms

  • Irregular waking up from sleep
  • Red bite marks around your body
  • Swelling and itchiness
  • Faint bug odour around your home (if its a large scale infestations)
  • Blood spots on your mattress. Or, brown spots due to bed bug feces on mattresses or clothes

Bed Bugs Treatment & Pest Control in Oakville ON

Bed bugs aren’t serious as a pest issue compared to Rats. When bitten by a bed bug, usually its uncomfortable and the area bitten become red and intensely itchy.

However, on rare occasions, some people can have an allergic reaction and Anaphylactic shock could possibly occur in individuals that are highly allergic.

When you suspect or are unfortunate enough to have a bed bug infestation in your Oakville residence, simply call (905) 582-5502 bed bug exterminators in Oakville ON

Depending on the scale of infestation, treating bed bugs may be a difficult process. And may require a treatment plan along with follow up home inspection.

This is because its critical that the correct procedures are used if bed bug treatment is to be successful.

Common Pests Found in Oakville Ontario

  • Cockroach in the kitchen
  • Mice & Rat in the attic and walls
  • Fleas all over the floor and the carpet
  • Ants in washrooms and kitchen areas
  • Bed bugs all over the house, beds and mattresses

When you require affordable residential and commercial pest control services in Oakville ON, rely on our experience.

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  • We offer the most value for money pest control treatment available
  • Our pest control professionals are highly trained, licenced, certified and insured
  • Unique customized programs for getting rid of pests
  • We are your local Oakville Pest Controllers always ready nearby

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Rely on Our Proven Track Record Get Complete Pest Management Solutions in Oakville

Maximum Pest Control Services is proud to offer a comprehensive range of treatments and complete pest control solutions for residential and commercial premises in Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada.

  • Wasps & Hornet Extermination Services
  • Cockroach infestation control and complete destruction
  • Rat removal and elimination service
  • Ant colony identification and ants extermination
  • Specialist bed bugs extermination services
  • Basically, all types of pests and rodents taken care of

Hiring Maximum Pest Control Services means that you’ll get guarantees results, and rest assured that we offer our valued clients the most competitive rates around.

Oakville homeowners requiring pest control service are qualified for 10% discount and senior citizens and pensioners can enjoy 15% discount

For all your residential or commercial pest control service needs in Oakville Ontario, contact us for better, affordable pest control solutions that work

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