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For over 10 years Maximum Pest Control Services have been offering superior pest control service to residential & commercial properties in Hamilton Ontario.

  • Have you ever seen a cockroach pushing out eggs?
  • Have you ever seen Rats give birth?

We hope you never do. That is why we are here, to take care of pests for you.

Whether you just seen an unwanted pests running around your property, suspect an infestation or need to remove a rodent urgently, our highly-trained and skilled pest control professionals can help by providing exceptional pest control results for your commercial or residential property in Hamilton ON.

We understand that its never pleasant for our valued customers becoming aware of pests roaming around your home as if they own “your home your castle”.

We also understand that at times, requiring pest control services in Hamilton may seem like an expensive option when dealing with pest problems.

That is why, Maximum Pest Control Services would like to assure all our valued customers that you’ll get proven to work, fast results that are also affordable.

Cockroaches, Rats, Pest Problem in Hamilton

Every location on earth has its own unique Eco System, as a result, pests are localized. That means, places like Hamilton Ontario are prone to have certain type of pests such as Raccoons compared to other locations

However, common pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats can be found almost in every city on earth.

Cockroaches infesting your home walking around the Kitchen Pantry eating away your food, without paying for it. Or a cockroach walking on plates in the kitchen cupboard with their alien looking feet is never a good sight. Not to mention the health risks these pests pose to you and your family.

Rats and mice are evolved to give birth at high rates that are terrifying. Pair of rats can produce millions of litters if conditions are right and if rats are not exterminated professionally. That means, killing just one Rat will never solve the rat problem.

Why Maximum pest control services in Hamilton is Better Choice

  • Fast: our experience tell us that the quicker we deal with pest problems, quicker we can eliminate them
  • Safe: just imagine washing dishes using strong disinfectant or laundry liquid. Not smart, same as true with pest control, you just have to use the right pesticides that are effective, but critically safe for you and your family.
  • Affordable: there are many Hamilton Pest Control services, some cheap, but most of them are too expensive. Maximum Pest Control Services offers affordable pest control and management options by making sure that the job at hand is performed and completed using the most cost effective way possible.

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Common Pest Problems We Solve in Hamilton Ontario

  • Mice in the attic scratching the walls at night
  • Rats under the deck of the backyard and inside the garage
  • Ants in the kitchen and washrooms
  • Earwigs outside the house try to make a home
  • Wasps in the wall or on a tree nesting
  • Cockroach infesting your kitchen & washroom
  • Fleas all over the floors biting on your ankle
  • Spiders crawling outside the walls of the house
  • Bedbugs in the bedroom mattress or the living room couch

When you require affordable residential and commercial pest control services in Hamilton ON, you can rely on our experience.

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#1 Choice When Looking for Pest Control Experts

Fortunately for our valued clients, our team of experts have in-depth understanding of pests, their living habits and habitats, how to destroy and remove them safely with our pest control and management service in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

Furthermore, serving our local community for many years removing and controlling pests, coupled with our determination to find best solutions perfect for getting rid of pests has allowed our pest control company in Hamilton to become #1 choice for safe and affordable pest control experts.

Quick response to pest infestation is important, because fast response to controlling pests helps maintain the cleanliness, and also keeps diseases out of your home or commercial property in Hamilton. If disregarded, the consequences can be very serious and sometimes even deadly.

Not Your Average Hamilton Pest Control Service

  • We offer the most value for money pest control treatment available
  • Our pest control professionals are highly trained, licenced, certified and insured
  • Unique customized programs for getting rid of pests
  • We are your local nearby Hamilton Pest Controllers

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Rely on Our Proven Track Record Get Complete Pest Management Solutions in Hamilton

  • Wasps & Hornet Extermination Services
  • Cockroach infestation control and complete destruction
  • Rat extermination and removal service in Hamilton
  • Ant colony identification and ants extermination
  • Specialist bed bugs extermination services
  • Basically, all types of pests and rodents taken care of

At Maximum Pest Control Services, we guarantee our work because our customized solutions work. Our commitment to customer service, dedication for results for all our valued customers, coupled with most competitive rates ensures that we are your trusted local pest control experts

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Hamilton home owners requiring pest control service are qualified for 10% discount and senior citizens and pensioners can enjoy 15% discount

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