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Perhaps anyone can shoo away a Rat or just spray around pesticides trying to destroy rat infestation. But it takes Hamilton’s trusted rat exterminator to completely exterminate and remove them for good.

Facing rodent (rat or mice) problem? You don’t need to deal with them on your own. Call 905-582-5502 our expert rat extermination and removal services in Hamilton Ontario.

Why Rat Infestation Requires Professional Exterminators

Rats are endlessly inventive vile creatures which live to forage and mate. Just imagine a female rat, mating around 500 times in a 6-hour period. And some rat species can produce up to 15,000 offspring in just one year.

These are monumental numbers, that means, when full-blown infestation is nearby its almost impossible to eliminate rats without the services of professional rat control experts.

You may even doubt these numbers of rats breeding ability because most property owners in Hamilton ON seeing a rat, usually just see 1 or 2 roaming around their property.

Rats are nocturnal pests (although the brown rat is often awake during the day), and are clever enough animals to hide from people to avoid disruption to their lives and nest. Basically, as soon as you see a single rat, its more than likely that there is a rat infestation colony in or nearby your Hamilton property. Begin extermination process by speaking with our professional rat and mice exterminators.

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Rat Habits

Rats usually live in groups called packs. New packs are formed when an adult male and adult female go off on their own to start a new colony at a suitable place (in this case in or nearby your Hamilton Ontario property).

Rats will eat just about anything you can imagine, house and brown rats can go through trash or eat any food that is left unprotected. They are not picky eaters, as long as there is easy food source nearby, they can and will invade for infestation. The main reason we share these insights is because our professional mice and rat exterminators understand rat’s biology, and living habits. This is important for successful rat extermination from your home or commercial property.

Rat Extermination and Removal Services in Hamilton

We offer you customized solutions that focuses first on elimination, and then prevention, so that rat problems are solved for all our valued clients in Hamilton Ontario.

Our understanding of residential and commercial rat infestation problems ensures that we first identify the causes of the rat problem, where they nest and pathways they use. Which then allows us to create effective treatment programs with expertly mixed Rodenticides, coupled with correctly positioned unique Rat baiting procedures to exterminate rats completely. We then remove and clean your property of rats thoroughly. Let us kick out these unwanted invaders for you

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Prevention is the Right Way to Eliminate Rats for Good

Any type of rodents living amongst humans are not only annoying but can also be very dangerous. Rats carry and cause diseases (Plague, Leptospirosis, Rat Bite Fever) which can be devastating to people and pets. Furthermore, they can cause structural damage to property (chewing on walls, wood, electricity installations). Wherever they go, they spread harmful bacteria.

Because rats know how to hide well hidden, a large infestation can occur before you ever realize they are in your home nested. Rats are a threat to your property and your health. When it comes to protecting your property from Rats, here at Maximum Pest Control Services in Hamilton we are relentless.

When searching for trusted one stop solution for all types of pest and rat control and removal including: rodents, rats, mice, wildlife, bedbugs and others. Contact us 905-582-5502. Our proven approach and customized solutions are backed by years of experience serving our local community here in Hamilton Ontario.

BEST pest control service in the area. Came on time and was very professional. They went above and beyond expectations by providing exceptional services and were very informative about the job. They worked efficiently and got the job done to perfection! I feel much more comfortable and peace of mind in my own environment now. 100% recommend to anyone who needs pest control services. You will not be disappointed!

Request your professional inspection today, and let our experts exterminate and remove rats. Once you contact us, we’ll detail the steps for eliminating rats from your Hamilton ON property.

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