Wildlife Removal Service

Wildlife Removed Safely and Professionally

As Metropolitan wildlife numbers rise, the likelihood of encountering wildlife lurking around where you live or work poses a risk, and also the health problems. Maximum Pest Control Services can provide you with ecologically responsible and efficient elimination services highly focused on humane treatment and elimination. We offer you safe, friendly, and sanitary options and choice for all your wildlife animal control needs.

Our skilled pest control experts provide wildlife removal service throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario, including: Toronto and Golden Horseshoe – Mississauga – Brampton – Milton – Oakville – Hamilton & Burlington.

When you rely on our wildlife removalist professionals, you’ll receive thorough advice for identifying the root causes of the problem. We can then generate a customized Eco-Friendly treatment effectively so you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply call (905) 582-5502

Why is Metropolitan Wildlife Potentially Hazardous?

  • Unfortunately, many pests and wildlife animals such as squirrels can chew electrical wires in attics
  • Raccoons are known to either break or arc power wires in places where they climb
  • Skunks cause foul odor not to mention other issues
  • Wildlife animals often cause structural damage to property

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We Safely Remove the Following Wildlife

Raccoons, Squirrel, Mice, Skunk, Opossum, Rats, Dead animal removal while disinfecting the entire area.
raccoon captured by Wildlife control expert

Birds Removal Service

Birds are a common issue everywhere around Southern Ontario, Maximum Pest Control Services is aware and able to provide solutions for The European Starling, House Sparrow and Pigeons are considered pest birds in Ontario for several reasons:

  • The most concerning issue with birds are that they carry and act as vectors for diseases
  • Acidity of bird droppings can damage surfaces of buildings and paints
  • Since some birds nest in stove vents, and house chimneys their presence can be highly hazardous such as posing fire risks
  • Some bird species have lice infestations¬†in their feathers which can also jump off to other places around the nearby environment

Solving bird issues require skills and experience. Process can include simple removal to comprehensive multi-strategy maintenance programs. Depending on the issue, it is always smart to identify the bird problem before solving it

Maximum Wildlife control is a leader in pest management and removal, our methods are humane, proven and guaranteed.

We Remove And Clean

  • Balcony cleaning and disinfecting pigeon feces
  • Dead birds removal along with disinfecting the area
  • Bird nest removal along with disinfecting the area

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