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Your kitchen is your space where you prepare food for yourself or family, its never a good scene to reach out to get a plate just to see a cockroach walking on it.

We understand that cockroaches are disgusting, we offer you range of safe and effective pest control treatments to eradicate various kinds of pests in your Scarborough property.

Have you noticed red spots on your skin recently, or you suspect there are bed bugs lurking around your bedroom because you wake up itching? If so, pests can be also biting eating away your loving pets and young children. Bed bugs are not easy for most other pest control services to eradicate, but not for us, they don’t stand a chance up against our proven techniques that work.

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Mice or Rat Problems?

Mice and Rats have been bothering us humans as long as we started living in urban environment. They are persistent creatures to say the least.

When you see a mouse or a Rat, unless you are living Alberta which is rat-free, your home or commercial property requires an aggressive rat control program because Rats and Mice infestation means that they are already established a colony.

Rats are dangerous, they carry diseases and are harmful to have around any property. We all as humans know this instinctively, that is why we get a scare and jump up when we see a mice or a rat. But not for long because we are your trusted pest control service for both residential and commercial properties taking care of diagnosis and treatment of all types of pests. Here’s why you should contact us

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Maximum Results by Maximum Pest Control Services in Scarborough ON

Whether your space has been attacked by rats, ants, rodents, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, or bed bugs, you too can rely on us for effective removal of these pests, professionally. Because our highly skilled pest control experts have in-depth understanding of pest species, their habits habitats and weaknesses. Basically, we’ll identify the problem, trap and destroy then remove them safely.

For over a decade we’ve been providing better pest control solutions both for residential & commercial properties in Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada.

  • Fast: you may realize a pest problem anytime during the 24 hour cycle, and you can anytime call on us (905) 582-5502 to assist you 24/7. We can be at your Scarborough property equipped with necessary tools and equipment usually within 2 to 4 hours. Because we understand that some pest infestations or removal require immediate attention
  • Safe: using the right pesticides and chemicals is always important, this is even more important within pest control industry because we are talking about your and your family health. Basically, unlike other pest controllers we don’t rush in spraying around harsh chemicals hoping it will hit the target. We precisely work out, what, where, how and provide safe balanced treatments
  • Affordable: we offer customized and faster solutions. Being a locally operated pest control company helps us to reduce costs and business overheads. We pass these savings on to our valued customers as discounts for pest control services

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Common Pest Problems We Solved in Scarborough

  • Mice in the attic scratching the walls at night
  • Rats under the deck of the backyard and inside the garage
  • Ants in the kitchen and washrooms
  • Earwigs outside the house try to make a home
  • Wasps in the wall or on a tree nesting
  • Cockroach infesting your kitchen & washroom
  • Fleas all over the floors biting on your ankle
  • Spiders crawling outside the walls of the house
  • Bedbugs in the bedroom mattress or the living room couch

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Our Difference = We Provide 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • We provide customized pest control programs and best value for money treatments
  • Accredited Licensed pest control experts
  • We treat all our valued customers with politeness and professionalism
  • Every property is handled with care
  • We provide unmarked pest control vans when requested for discreet service
  • Local pest control experts always nearby Scarborough

We haven’t met a pest or rodent we can’t handle, we’ve successfully treated and gotten rid of all sorts of problems including rats, mice, ants, ticks, earwigs, silverfish, rodents, spiders, mosquito’s, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, bed bugs, snakes, raccoons, birds.

Scarborough home owners requiring pest control service are qualified for 10% discount and senior citizens and pensioners can enjoy 15% discount. Contact us for better, affordable pest control solutions that work

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