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Let Us Handle Wildlife Problems. Promptly

What if when you drove up to your Mississauga home saw a large polar bear standing up tall at your drive way, would you get out of your car to wrestle it? Of course you wouldn’t.

What if you saw a raccoon at your property, or began hearing scratching noises or little footsteps coming from the ceiling? Regardless of the reason, when you want wildlife problems gone, our experienced wildlife control and removal services in Mississauga Ontario can help. Maximum Pest Control Services provides affordable and humane approach to controlling wildlife. Simply call your local wildlife control specialist 905-330-2102 and consider the problem already solved.

Do NOT Kill Wildlife at Your Mississauga Property

As you would agree, diversity and nature provides great benefits to our wellbeing. We share our city ‘Mississauga’ with variety of wild animals including foxes, skunks, birds, deer, coyotes, opossums, racoons and squirrels. And unfortunately, at times, wildlife such as birds, squirrels or raccoons start living at or near our homes or business properties in Mississauga ON.

You may be tempted to just kill them when they become a problem, however, not only its inhumane and cruel to do so for controlling wildlife, its against the law to just kill squirrels, raccoons and other wild animals in Mississauga. How can you handle wildlife problems?

Hire Mississauga’s Licensed Wildlife Control & Removal Specialists

Maximum Pest Control Services licensed and experienced wildlife control and removal experts can be the perfect solution, because we follow 3 proven to work wild animal control methods

  • Identification
  • Trapping and Removal
  • Prevention

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Wildlife Control & Removal Mississauga

Identification of Wildlife Animals

There could be number of reasons for wild animals to move in to your property, it could be easy access to food, shelter and warmth. That is why, our wildlife control process begins with identification. Identification doesn’t mean that we just identify the type of wildlife animal causing problems, but rather, their habits in or around your property. When you call 905-330-2102 to arrange one of our wildlife control experts to visit your property, we’ll find out exactly where and how the wildlife has made your home theirs.

Trapping and Removal of Wildlife

Although we could begin our work with the end goal in mind "prevention", what if the animal is trapped behind our animal proof defenses. That means, depending on the problem at hand, whether we need to first trap and remove the wildlife or we need to secure your property so that wild-life animals do not become a problem again when we complete our work.

Prevention is the Key for Wildlife Control

Over a decade of experience has taught us many things when it comes to effectively controlling pests and wildlife animals, and that is, prevention is the best way to eliminate pests and wildlife problems. That means, we completely eradicate the problem through our preventative measures such as animal proofing your property.

Eradicate Wildlife from Your Mississauga Property

We are Your Local Wildlife Control Specialists in Mississauga ON

  • Raccoon Control and Removal
  • Dead Raccoon Removal
  • Bird Control Services
  • Opossum Removal Services
  • Skunks and Squirrels Removed in Mississauga

We are trusted local pest control experts proud to serve our Mississauga community, we have a dedicated and friendly team whose aim is to protect your home and family against any pests and wild life animals.

  • 10+ years of pest control and wildlife removal experience
  • Licensed and experienced professionals using the latest technology and techniques
  • Unmarked vehicles for descreet service
  • Rapid response reliable service
  • Proven track record
  • Best value for money competitive rates

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