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Below are insights for better understanding of pests and how to deal with them. Information within are for educational purposes only for common pests found in Ontario Canada. Simply press on any link to continue.


Do Motion Sensor Lights Deter Raccoons?

Raccoons may look cute and cuddly, but these clever mammals can be a real nuisance when they take up residence too close for comfort. Known for raiding trash cans, gardens, and even finding their [...]


Are Stink Bugs Poisonous? Get the Facts Here

Are you dealing with stink bugs and wondering if they are poisonous? Look no further! Our article provides all the facts and information you need to know about these  insects. Say goodbye to [...]



Your house garage seems like an ideal spot for storing tools, sports equipment and maybe even your car. But it could also be prime real estate for some unwanted hiding pests looking for shelter, [...]


Will Cats Keep Mice Away? Unravelling The Truth For Homeowners

Are you tired of dealing with mice problem inside your home? Find out the truth about whether cats truly keep mice away and learn how Maximum Pest Control Services can help rid your home of these [...]


The Challenges of DIY Pest Control: It’s Tougher Than You Imagine

Pests like ants, mice, and termites violate the sanctity of our homes, making DIY pest control for homes eradication efforts tempting. But taking matters into your own hands often proves tougher [...]


Is it Necessary to Remove Bed Bugs Infested Furniture from Your Home?

Are bed bugs ruining your home and peace of mind. Trust Maximum Pest Control Services to eliminate them with our expert bed bug control service. Call Maximum now for a worry-free eradication [...]


Do Cockroach Bombs Actually Work?

Don’t let cockroaches take over your home or business. Experience top-quality pest control services with the Maximum effectiveness. Say goodbye to cockroach bombs and hello to a pest free [...]


Pest Emergency? Get The Maximum Rapid Response

Severe pest outbreaks demand immediate pest emergency action. Don’t let carpenter ants, rodents, or flying stinging insects wreak havoc. Our experts certified team at Maximum will rapidly [...]


Could Squirrels Pose A Danger To Humans

Worried about squirrels causing damage to your home? Learn how these critters can pose a danger to humans and what steps you can take to protect your property. Trust Maximum Pest Control Services [...]


Travellers Guide to Avoiding Bedbugs Infestations

Don’t let bedbugs take over your home or business! Trust Maximum Pest Control Services team to elimination and peace of mind. Call Maximum now (905) 582-5502 for reliable bedbugs [...]

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