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Below are insights for better understanding of pests and how to deal with them. Information within are for educational purposes only for common pests found in Ontario Canada. Simply press on any link to continue.


Can Ants Really Damage Your Home

You might not think so, but ants can actually be a real nuisance – and in some cases, extremely destructive. These tiny critters can be lured into homes by seemingly innocent habits such as [...]


I Found A Rat in My house! Are There More?

I found a rat in my house! Are there more? This is a commonly asked question by home and business owners. The short answer? Yes. If you see one rat, the high chances are that there are more [...]


How to Identify and Control A Fleas Infestation

Due to variations in climate conditions throughout Canada, the country has an abundance of multiple species of fleas. There are currently more than 150 flea species recorded in the country. 150! [...]


Why Are Squirrels Considered Pests? The Risks They Bring

Remember your early childhood storybooks? Almost each of them had a naughty little squirrel gathering nuts, kicking butts, or at least living happily in an oak tree somewhere in Oakville and [...]


Will Rats Leave On Their Own?

Rats are some of the most annoying and unsanitary pests to deal with when they attack. These destructive rodents present numerous issues that can be a severe hazard to your property and family. [...]


How to Identify BedBugs and Keep Them Out

Cases of live bedbugs infestations have increased steadily in Toronto Canada, especially in The Hamilton and Mississauga Areas in the past decade. Bed bugs are creepy blood sucking crawlies that [...]


Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroaches are annoying filthy invaders that are commonly associated with different filthy conditions. In fact, researchers have found that these nasty critters possess unique genes that allow [...]


Why Pest Birds Are a Serious Problem for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you are the master of your brand’s reputation and will do anything to stay on top of how customers and prospects perceive you. Unfortunately, however, your business can come [...]


Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants for Good

Ants are one of the most common and persistent household pests. These invasive tiny creatures contaminate foods and cause significant structural damage to homes and businesses. Although they [...]


5 Most Effective Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Winter

For the local Canadians, winter cold season means spending a lot of time indoors to make the cold weather more bearable for them. But while you’re tempted to stay indoors and snuggle away from [...]

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