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You know what? We here at Maximum Pest Control Services in Mississauga Ontario truly understand our valued customers facing mice problems. For example: we can confidently say

  • Searching for mice extermination services is the last thing you want to put on your to do list
  • Pest control problem you are experiencing is a nuisance to deal with
  • You are concerned about how much will a mice exterminator cost
  • You aren’t sure about which mice exterminator in Mississauga to trust about this problem

We know this because we’ve been serving our local community in Mississauga for years handling all types of pest control problems (including rats and mice) for our valued customers. Quickly Affordably.

Who We Are

Our staff of qualified and experienced specialists are experts in all types of pest control. We help our valued customers solve their pest problems such as bedbugs, rats, mice extermination at most competitive rates.

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There has been drastic increase in rodent activity in Mississauga Ontario Canada. If the current number of inquiries we get for mice control and removal services continue as they are now, then, its clear that mice in Mississauga are on the loose causing havoc for our community.

Mouse Anatomy & Mice Infestation Basics

The house mouse is a small rodent about 7cm long grey-brown in colour weighing no more than 30 grams. But they are hungry creatures because a single mouse can eat about one-tenth of its weight everyday.

Although some Canadians call them house mouse, mice can also be found both in commercial and residential properties around Mississauga. These pests prefer life indoors (away from elements such as wind and rain), be it in a single-family property or warehouses, mice infestation can occur almost anywhere. They prefer to nest wherever there is easy access to food sources, and they usually hide between walls, in the attic, behind cabinets. Once a mice invasion begins or you see one staring back at you, you are sure to find many more hiding out of sight. We can get rid of mice problems quickly, simply call 905-330-2102

anatomy and facts about house mouse

Mice problems are hard to deal with without the help of professional mice Exterminators in Mississauga. Its mostly because of the way these pests breed which doesn’t stop throughout the year, they can have as many as five to ten litters annually and multiply rather rapidly. Female mouse can start having her own litters as soon as she is just over two months old.

One of the main reasons why mice has been bothering human population for centuries is due to mice’s diet consisting of just about any type of food source (they are mainly dependent on human activity). They are not fussy eaters, chewing away seeds, food scraps, electrical wires, fruits and grains requiring only small amount of food to survive on each day.

How will our Mice Extermination Services in Mississauga eliminate the mice problem?

You can first arrange a time for a thorough mice inspection that suits your schedule. We strongly encourage you to arrange your appointment sooner rather than later because dealing with mice quickly is much better and easier, as a result will cost you less eliminating mouse from your property.

You can now rest assured that your mouse/mice issue in your residential or commercial property is about to be solved as quickly as humanly possible. You can call 905-330-2102, or simply send us a message for professional mice inspection, extermination and removal

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What Does Mice Extermination and Removal Service Include?

  • Thorough inspection of your property is how we begin eliminating mice
  • Identify nests and mouse entry points around your home or place of business
  • Identify food and or water sources
  • Customize unique mice control treatments according to level of infestation
  • Include professional baits where its needed for maximum impact
  • Eliminate all mice infestation
  • Thoroughly remove dead mice and thoroughly clean infestation areas
  • Advice you as our valued customer so that your property is mice free in the future
  • Your property mice free

dead mouse behind sniper target and mobile phone illustration

Mice are Nasty Creatures & They Must Be Eliminated Professionally by Mice Control Experts

From the onset, unlike their RAT cousins, mouse found around Mississauga properties do not seem like a big threat. Most people try over the counter chemicals, poison and bait traps, but usually to no avail.

Naturally, there are 2 main reasons for this: one being cost considerations, and the other is seriousness of the issue. When people see a mouse around the property, they do not realize the seriousness of the problem.

First all of: if you go with over counter products to deal with them, it still costs you money. And yet, when all that you throw at mice does not work , then that’s your hard earned money thrown down the drain with no long term results.

Second of all: diseases passed on to humans usually occurs due to eating food or drinking water contaminated with mice urine, faeces, saliva, or hair. And can be extremely serious, even life threatening. Because mice carry diseases such as:

  • Plague.¬†Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis.¬†Meningitis
  • Encephalitis & others…

Once again, a mouse infestation is not just annoying, they can make you and your loved ones sick (including pets), they must be eliminated and removed as soon as possible.

Mice extermination is not just setting traps or spraying chemicals, its about identification, professional elimination, and also taking preventative measures so that they don’t come back anytime soon. Successful mice pest control is in understanding their basic needs and their living habits. This is where Maximum Pest Control Services stands out from other mice pest control companies in Mississauga.

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How Much Does a Mice Exterminator Cost?

If we told you how much does pest control cost for mice here first without a thorough inspection, that would be a sales pitch. Because elimination and removal depends on the level of mouse infestation, stage the invasion is at, and the size of your property. For example: mice infestation is recent or established, your Mississauga property could may be an average sized house or even a large 1000sqft warehouse.

Best way for us to assure you that we are your most cost effective value for money Mice exterminators in Mississauga Ontario is to ensure we will beat any genuine quote. Contact Us

Results Driven Mice Exterminator & Removalist in Mississauga by Maximum Pest Control Services

  • Fast: our experience tell us that the quicker the pest problems are tackled, easier its to eliminate them. Quicker you can rest assured
  • Safe: just as you wouldn’t wash clothes with petrol, using pesticides or rodenticide requires qualifications to mix the right products with correct dosage. Above all else, mice pest control has to be done professionally. We only use the safest and least toxicity treatments that are safe for your loved ones
  • Affordable: although there may be some other pest control service providers in Mississauga Ontario, we offer you most value for money and proven results. Critically, we believe you want affordable mice control and treatment options that work. We guarantee results

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