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Questions About Pests?

Can I take action my self or i have to hire pest control service?

There are many do-it-yourself pest control information around the internet, some may work, but most will not in the long run. Hiring a specialist, you are guaranteed the proper course of treatment that works and is safe. Maximum Pest Control Services helps you identify the correct pest and choose the right course for action and future prevention. It is recommended that you hire a licensed pest control exterminator for best results.

Another important reason for choosing a pest control company is the health factor. For example: when dealing with certain type of pests such as Rats and Bed Bugs, you will need to use the right type of chemicals because using home made remedies will not work not to mention pose a serious health risk to you and or to your family.

How does Maximum pest control service differ from commercial pest management programs offered by other companies?

Simple, we outperform the competition in two ways
1 – by NOT applying the same program to every pest problem like other pest control companies. Because every pest problem is unique in its pest control requirements, as well as the methods that is needed to eliminate pests. Each program must be customized to each environment differently. As a result, you’ll get better results that also is cost-effective.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

IPM is the integration of techniques for controlling and managing pests using effective and environmentally friendly methods. IPM programs use proven to work latest information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction within an environment. This information, coupled with currently available pest control methods, is used to manage pests by offering the most economical solutions and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

How often should Pest Control treatment be done?

Pest control treatment should be applied in your home or office at regular time frame – no longer than past twelve months. Monthly or every 3 month is a great way to keep your house safe and maintained from unwanted pest problems, so don’t pass twelve months bench mark meter as a rule of thumb.

My current pest control service provider continues to spray but we have the same issue?

There’s a lot considerably more to some problem with pests than you’d think. Most recurring pest issues are particularly due to an ecological factor or factors a specific item isn’t essentially what you’ll get in bug control. An experienced exterminator relies heavily with their know-How, experience and assessment capabilities to find out a dilemma with pests. eventually environment factors are noticed does remedies begin, and, typically, the initial treatment plan is good enough.

What about the hazards that pests leave behind, will it hurt me later?

Pre and post dealing with your pest problem, Maximum pest control services does an entire and extensive inspection check for signs and symptoms of unwanted pests or bacteria. We are certain to remove any toxins that these pests or wildlife leave behind.

What are your guarantee’s on service?

4 months guarantees on all Residential service for most insect and rodent work. 4 months guarantees on Carpenter Ant and Animal work. However, due to the nature of Commercial environments we can not offer guarantees on commercial pest control services. Having said this, talking to us would be the best approach for our guarantees for our commercial customers. Call us anytime (905) 582-5502

What type of training and certification do Maximum Pest Control Technicians undergo?

Maximum Pest Control Service technicians hold Ontario Ministry of the Environment licenses for structural pest management; many of our technicians hold various different licenses. Very skilled exterminators that are enthusiastic about providing you solution to your pest problems quickly

Do you have anything to control bad mice odors or any other dead rotted animal?

Here at maximum pest control services we carry many lines of odor control products to help eliminate bad smells and refresh the breathing cycle at the same time helping eliminating bad bacteria circulating in the air

After a chemical spray treatment how long do we have to be out of the home?

Pest control and management is a delicate process when chemicals and spraying is involved. Therefore, usually between 3 to 4 hours is adequate time frame to keep out of your property after each spray session. Especially after a bed bug treatment we strongly advice a minimum 4 Hours before entry to your property. We also recommend our valued customers to leave their windows open and rewash any toys, or anything that was laid on the floor uncovered.

What should I look for in a pest control Provider?

When choosing your pest management provider, they should meet and exceed your requirements. Basically, professionalism, communication, affordability and results they can deliver is what you should look for when searching for pest control company.
Your pest management provider must have the ability to tell you what’s involved addressing the pest problem, and how if all possible you are able to help with the issue.

We’ve been able to deliver best possible results at most affordable rates for pest control services in and around Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga and others in Ontario Canada.
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I have a pest problem, but I’m not sure what kind of pest it is, or where they are coming from. How do I find out this information?

Check our library section on identifying pests OR we can come over and pick up a sample and get it analyzed by our experienced staff.

How quickly should we expect Maximum Pest Technician to respond to a service call in between monthly service or my regularly scheduled service call?

Same day service is most likely. If there is to be any interior spray inside a unit, our services must be arranged when occupants are able to vacate. We can respond to the problem within 24 hours of your call or faster depending on the availability of our exterminators at hand on the specific time of the day call was required.

Do you provide 24 Hour emergency service? and do you work on Sundays?

Yes we do, and Sundays is by appointment only unless its an emergency of course.

What do you do for carpenter ants?

Maximum Pest Control inspects the structure to determine where any activity is heavy or if there may be satellite ant nests. We then perform a treatment to the exterior and interior of the home with the best products in the market.

Will the treatment hurt my pets?

We will guide you as to what preparations you need to make for your pets while the treatment is being done.

Most treatments we ask to keep the pets away from the treated areas for 2 hours per label directions as a precaution some treatments do not require the pets to be out of the area.

Do I have to stay on a program or will one service solve our problem?

We provide one time services and maintenance programs. It is your property we can only advise you from our experience, the inspection, and your needs what might be best. Those who have maintenance programs really enjoy the results of the service as well as the service we provide when they have a need. (It fits in the budget as well)!

Do I need to prep for the service, it a lots of work?

Some services require no Preparation from the owner other than access. Other Services require more preparation such as Bed Bug service and Flea treatments. Our Customer Service Rep will Guide you with A Preparation List for your Service or the Company Rep who inspects your structure.

Will the treatment bother my asthma?

Please do inform us of any medical condition that you (or your family member residing at the property) have. Because we can adjust the treatment method and products we use so you do not need to worry. We have many different bait formulations that are great for controlling the pest and also do not cause issues with asthma sufferers.

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