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Pests inhabiting homes are clever creatures to say the least, usually when we become aware of them living in our homes, we realize ‘We have a pest problem’. However, when you see a cockroach, rat, mice, bed bug, termite or other type of unwanted pest, this means, they have already made your home theirs. Professional residential pest control services are a great option to eradicate them. Especially, if you’ve already tried other home made remedies to no avail.

Scary, just like a scene from one of those alien movies directed by James Cameron, we scream and get frightened seeing a Rat or Cockroach running through our kitchen floor. But you can’t (nor should you) just try to catch a pest, or kill it when its in your kitchen.

You are not alone, because each year, millions of Canadians struggle to keep their homes free from infestations of ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and rats. This is where our residential pest control services can come in as the best solution.

Whether you just begun to see a cockroach, ant, rat, termite or bed bug issue, or whether its now a recurring pest problem. Maximum Pest Control Services efficient techniques designed specifically for residential pest infestations and invasion can get rid of pests once and for all.

All our valued customers who rely on our residential pest control services expertise can rest assured that we use state-of-the-art tools and pest elimination techniques using environmentally safe non-toxic products for best possible results.

Providing exceptional pest treatment solutions, bed bugs removal and rat extermination in residential areas including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada, has earned our pest control company great reviews thus far. Here’s couple of reviews for our residential pest control services.

Tech was on time, very knowledgeable and friendly. Checked thoroughly the whole house and provided information as well pics. Keep up the excellent work guys!

We continuously strive to help our valued customers achieve best possible outcomes at most competitive rates when dealing with pests.

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The health and safety of our valued customers, pets, and the environment are our top priority, we understand the importance of using safe and non-toxic materials when ridding your home of pests, ensuring maximum protection for both your home and your family.

Our greatest investment ‘our house’ could be susceptible to uncomfortable multi attacks from different kinds of pests. A pest in a residential house creates many problems including hazardous atmosphere for everyone (especially for children, elderly citizens and those who already have health issues such as Asthma).

Unlike some other pest control companies, we do not just spray around harsh chemicals in your home just hoping to kill off pests.

Instead, we apply residual materials only to necessary areas where they are needed (e.g. attic, ceilings, carpets and rugs, flooring, under the house, specific rooms), this provides effective elimination of heaviest types of pest infestations, and is the safest approach because of low toxicity to humans and pets.

There are many different ways to kill off and eliminate pests, above all else, each residential property, living space and the pest problem is different. That is why, unlike some other residential pest control services in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton, we do not offer one size fits all approach. Because customized preventative measures and pest elimination programs suited specific to your needs will provide the best possible outcome.

We realize that each property and the pest problem is unique. Knowing this enables us to focus on your unique needs.

When we come to analyze pest problems and pest control requirements for your residential property, we provide free estimates, competitive rates and results that work in shortest possible time.

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