Commercial Pest Control

For Safer Workplace Without Pests

When facing a pest problem, every environment (be it residential or commercial) deserves complete solutions that are safe, thorough and affordable. We understand this when offering commercial pest control services.

When Offering Commercial Pest Control Service Our Approach is Different

First, we listen, then, analyze the pest problem at hand, and then we customize solutions that meet your specific requirements. Finally, we explain “what, why, when, how”. Couple that with most competitive rates anywhere in and around Greater Toronto Area (including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada). All our valued customers are assured that we deliver results that work, and do so at most affordable rates.

Our proven to work results and down to earth friendly approach serving our valued customers facing various pest problems in variety of businesses and commercial sites, Maximum Pest Control Services is proud to offer a comprehensive range of treatments and complete pest control solutions.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of our decade of pest control experience in practically all types of commercial settings and industries such as restaurants, bars, hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, warehouses, large business premises requiring specialized pest management programs to help maintain productive and safe environment for employees and customers alike.

We realize that each business is unique, in every sense of the word. Although this uniqueness is great for operating a business, it creates challenges when facing pest problems. Because one size fits all approach like most other commercial pest control services offer is never the best solution to eliminate and manage pests.

Instead, preventative maintenance and different programs for dealing with pests customized to your specific needs will provide the best outcome. Knowing this enables us to focus on your unique needs.

When we come to analyze pest problems and pest control requirements for your business, we provide free estimates, competitive rates and also flexible pest management service plans such as Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly for you to choose from.

inside of a chemical factory in Hamilton Ontario

Benefits of Using Our Commercial Pest Control Services

  • Years of experience supporting wide range of industries in Southern Ontario
  • Comprehensive pest management solutions. Customized Programs
  • Professional, Insured and Licensed Commercial Pest Control experts
  • Flexible options and competitive rates for all types of pest control and management

Have a business in Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara? When you contact us, unlike some other pest control service providers in Ontario, we won’t give you a sales pitch, nor bore you with complex names of pesticides, instead, rest assured that you’ll be getting reliable expert advice earned through many years of experience in the pest control and management field.

We deliver exceptional customer support and results that work. Simply contact us (905) 582-5502 so that we can better understand your requirements to find the best approach for dealing with pest problems. We are your local, friendly and competitively priced commercial pest control professionals

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