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Our homes, our sanctuary, our private space to relax and re-energize. We all work hard, we clean we cook we maintain our homes so that its an environment that we can call ‘home’.

Home maintenance is a tough job no doubt, usually falls on the shoulders of the man of the house to go outside and often times move heavy items the wife wants rearranged in the backyard. And yet, we all do it whenever we can because "its our home".

Keeping your home pest-free should also be high up on your priority list because pest infestations affect not just the health of the occupants, but also the structural soundness of buildings and all the valuables within.

Obviously, the most important aspect of controlling pests is to do with the health implications (air toxicity and harmful vapors, hygiene concerns, and diseases transmitted from pests like cockroaches, rats and mice and others.). There are a many preventative measures that can help keep many common pests at bay from residential properties.

Pests are Outside Before Infestation Begins Inside

All pests before they invade a property live outside (or at neighbors house). Since pests come in from the outside you need to work on the exterior of your home and property before tackling the inside for pest free home.

Always keep bushes and shrubs trimmed so that they do not become unruly and too large which would make them good hiding places for pests like rodents and beetles. Try to keep most of your larger plants away from the main house and make sure you regularly perform lawn mowing and rake up dead leaves and other plants out of season. Mulch and other dying plant matter can be a food source for many pests so make sure you are keeping your garden and backyard as clean as possible.

Space around and bushes underneath windows can be sprayed with environmentally friendly bug sprays (like some brands of mosquito control repellants you can purchase in any store throughout Ontario) to prevent pests from finding their way inside your home.

Furthermore, if you are storing firewood outside your home (or any large materials (bricks, boxes etc. which aren’t moved around in a while)), triple check for pests, insects by rearranging the material at your backyard.

Any firewood outside should be kept at a distance of 20 feet minimum from the house, or store them in a separate well aired place altogether. Some types of pests such as earwigs and termites thrive in dark damp spaces particularly termites nest in wood (especially if it is damp from being outside). Therefore, the first line of defense is inspecting for pests and insects and reducing the possibility of an ideal environment through cleaning and maintenance.

Drainage & Water Source Elimination

Water, life, without it neither you, I, or any other living creature can exist. But its an often overlooked aspect of dealing with a pest problem, meaning, pests do need water to survive. Although not like us humans needing to drink water everyday, pests can do with little amount of water for a long time before needing replenishment.

As far as controlling and successfully eliminating pests are concerned, remember, prevention is the key. Most inexperienced pest control companies whether in Mississauga, Scarborough, Hamilton, Oakville or elsewhere offer pest control treatments beginning with spraying pesticides or rodenticides.

Keeping your gutters clean and clog-free is a major step in preventing pests like mice and cockroaches from migrating into your home (they prefer a warmer environment where the smell of food persists.). Make a habit of checking drainage pipes and vents especially ones in the basement or on the roof as moisture sweeps in easily in these two locations making them a breeding ground for a variety of different pests.

Any water sources inside your property (kitchen sinks, bathroom shower area, toilet unit, laundry, taps, etc.) can become worn over time seeping water. At least once per year, you must triple check these areas for any signs of water dripping, change any worn or broken parts, apply reseal making sure that water (however small is the amount) is not leaked becoming water source for pests.

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Our over a decade experience shows us that the best way to successfully get rid of pests is to prevent infestation. Because just killing pests such as Rats Mice Cockroaches or others aren’t the perfect solution because their nests can contain hundreds if not thousands of others. As a result, all our pest control and management treatment plans begin with a thorough property inspection focusing on the end result "eliminating pests thoroughly".

Pests Insects Windows and Dark Corners

Of course, only in rarest circumstance will you use the window to gain entry to your home, perhaps when you forgot your keys inside. But pests do not knock on doors nor do they use the door to gain entry into your home.

Pest problems and invasion usually originates from pipes, windows, holes in walls, crevices, open vents, cracks or other small out of sight areas.

Do a thorough evaluation and inspection of your home including all the vents, plumbing as well as corners (such as where there may have been a window or where there are cracks and holes.). Research about the materials that will work best for sealing crevices in your home, and you can even make a project out of it. Great DIY materials include caulk especially silicone-based and copper mesh.

Repair windows if they need it, and you can even use materials like rubber to ensure they close properly all the way without leaving a crack for moisture, dust, pests or insects to get through.

Smaller windows, especially in areas like the attic or the basement, may seem to make sense design-wise, however, over time they may become old and structure shift or crack inviting pests inside, consider sealing them especially if you live in a humid area. Controlling moisture in and around the house and insulating against it can also be used as part of the battle.

Effective Residential Pest Control Solutions

There are many different strategies and weapons you can use against pests. Honestly, we understand that pests aren’t easy to deal with let alone completely eliminate for most homeowners. Fully qualified pest control technicians are often required.

Having in-depth knowledge of biology and living habits of pests, coupled with over a decade of experience Maximum pest control Services serving our community throughout Canada Ontario Mississauga, Oakville, GTA, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and others come to you with proven track record. Above all else, you’ll get affordable and customized pest control treatments that are proven to work.

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