Why Pest Birds Are a Serious Problem for Your Business

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As an entrepreneur, you are the master of your brand’s reputation and will do anything to stay on top of how customers and prospects perceive you. Unfortunately, however, your business can come up against a lot of different challenges, some of which may be harder than others to overcome. For instance, pest invasions can potentially kill your business if left unattended. Yet, it’s hard to find time to focus on solving pest problems when you are growing your business.

Though they seem like nothing more than a nuisance invader, pest birds can cause significant structural damage. On top of that, they threaten the health of your customers, staff, and employees. To protect your business, it’s vital to invest in commercial pest control services. This is especially true for business and property owners in Southern Ontario, where pest birds and other wildlife are a common problem especially in place like Hamilton and Toronto downtown.

Maximum Pest Control Services has been dealing with wildlife problems in Canada for many decades. Our professional problem solver skills and experience have been developed into effective wildlife management solutions. Maximum wildlife control and removal safe methods are completely humane, proven, and guaranteed. Are you looking for best bird pest control devices to help evict the birds out?

The Most Common Pest Birds in Canada

Unfortunately, pest’s birds including pigeons are one of Canada’s most common and unavoidable pests for businesses and commercial properties. Unbeknownst to many, birds in Canada are protected by wildlife laws. Killing or disturbing specific protected species, as well as their nests and eggs, is punishable by law and can attract a fine of not less than $5,000 or an imprisonment term of not exceeding six months for a first offence.

Hence, you must only engage a licensed pest control company when dealing with pest birds. The experts are equipped with a specific license to allow bird control and removal in certain circumstances and seasons. They will accurately identify the bird species invading your property and abide by the local wildlife laws when controlling the pests away.

The most common species of birds that cause problems for businesses in Canada include:

European Starling

Starlings are one of the most common species of problem birds in Southern Ontario, especially in the Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto Area. With over 250,000 starlings wintering these areas, the birds have spread quickly through much of Canada. The males and females look similar, with glossy black colour and purplish or greenish iridescence on the breast, back, and head.

European Starling

Starlings are one of the few birds that have become adept at living in areas with high human populations and disturbance. The corrosive effects of starling droppings can cause significant and often irreversible damage to surfaces such as walls, walkways, rooftops, machinery, and vehicles. Starling nesting materials also cause equipment failure and drainage problems. In addition, their droppings carry a host of ectoparasites, bacterial, and fungal agents that cause many severe diseases to the environment and air that we breathe on daily basis.

House Sparrow

House sparrows may be tiny birds, but they cause big problems for businesses and property owners. They are highly adapted to urban and suburban settings as they provide security from natural predators. These birds are easily identifiable by the dark brown and white feathers on their heads and wings and pale-coloured feathers on their bellies. Their conical beaks are the ideal shape for cracking seeds and usually vary from a dirty yellow-Gray to solid black colour.

House Sparrow

House sparrows don’t urinate. But their corrosive droppings cost business and commercial property owners millions of dollars each year in clean-up and repair expenses. Their droppings contain uric acid, which can eat away at different materials, including concrete. These aggressive birds also create unsightly nests that can be expensive to remove over time. They can also transmit serious diseases to humans, animals, and pets.


Pigeons are a common annoying pest bird in Canada. The appearance of these filthy birds usually depends on the specific individual, but they are commonly referred to as ‘rats with wings.’ They are Gray coloured with a whitish or light colour on the high-end. While their feet have a unique red colour, their wings have two parallel black bars, and a single broadband runs across their tails.


Pigeons are notorious for causing diseases and damage. Not only can their feces cause human slips and falls, but they can also accelerate the aging of surfaces and structures. Pigeons are also known for spreading multiple diseases, some of which can be fatal if left untreated.

6 Problems Pest Birds Present to Businesses

Though they may seem like harmless invaders, birds can cause significant and even irreversible damage to businesses. Pest birds are especially a significant problem for food-handling businesses, including hotels, bakeries, food processing factories, and food warehouses. Whether it’s the health risks associated with bird droppings or the hazards caused by their nests, the presence of birds in your business can lead to legal action.

Here is a summary of the problems pests birds present to businesses.

Structural Damages

Structural damages are mainly caused by bird droppings and nests. Also referred to as guano, contain uric acid. This strong acid can severely corrode paint and erode building components such as stone, metal, and masonry within a few minutes of landing on the surface. If ignored for some time, bird droppings can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your property, making it a safety hazard.

Pigeons Structural Damages in Hamilton Ontario

Bird droppings and nests in drainage pipes can lead to further problems, such as leaks and flooding in your business. Pest birds can accumulate unsightly nesting materials in gutters, causing them to overflow. This creates a moisture problem at the foundation of your structure, which can lead to wood rot and invite pests such as termites.

Safety Risks

These birds can cause safety risks in your business in many ways. The biggest safety risk has to do with their slippery droppings. When bird droppings accumulate on sidewalks and paved surfaces, they can cause severe slips and falls when it’s raining, which can lead to serious legal implications for your business. When nesting in your machinery and electrical equipment, they can also lead to fire hazards.

Spread of Diseases

Their accumulated droppings carry and spread over 60 diseases, some potentially deadly. For instance, psittacosis or parrot fever is a disease caused by the psittaci bacterium. It can be spread by simply inhaling the airborne particles found in feathers, droppings, and secretions of infected birds. This means that natural forces such as wind can release airborne particles into the air, putting your customers and employees at risk of contaminating diseases in time.

Ruining Business Reputation

While you work hard to ensure your business reputation packs a punch, generally, birds can ruin that reputation within minutes. On top of the problems discussed above, their droppings and nesting materials can be foul-smelling and unsightly in your business. Even worse, are often aggressive and extremely noisy, especially when protecting their young ones and settling on your roof. This noise can be a nuisance, making your business an unfriendly environment to employees and potential clients.

Searching For A Professional Bird Removal Services

There are many nuisance pest birds in Canada, and some are protected by national and local laws. At Maximum Pest Control Services, our insured and bonded pest control exterminator’s experts are highly educated trained and approved ministry licensed to provide best humane wildlife removal solutions. Maximum bird removal services are backed up by a thorough understanding of birds’ habits and habitats and scientific knowledge to keep the all types of pests away from your business and residential for good. If you are having trouble with pest birds, including European Starlings, House sparrows, Pigeons and all types of wildlife management services removal. Contact Maximum professional bird removal today for prompt, humane, affordable pest control services (905) 582-5502.


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