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Maximum Pest Control Services are proud to offer pest management services to the Ontario’s hospitality industry as a proud member of Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA).

When you allow us to introduce our proven to work cost effective Maximum program and services to you, we sincerely believe that you too will provide us the opportunity to take care of your business’s current and future pest problems. Because with Maximum Pest Control Management our main goal is to satisfy our valued clients while offering the most competitive rates.

Members of Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association Canadian Restaurant and Food-Services will receive further 25% Off when you hire us to take care of pest problems with our yearly pest management services

Maximum Pest Control Services

We are your locally Canadian owned and operated pest control company serving our local community for over a decade. Our professional and certified team of exterminators are courteous, reliable, honest, highly-skilled and knowledgeable licensed professionals available 24-hours seven days a week.

Specializing in all types of pest control management helping our local businesses with affordable solutions for pest-free environment. We have vast experience working with hospitality businesses, including restaurants and bars, amongst others. We pride ourselves in our ability to get the work done in an effective manner with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Our services target both corrective and preventative pest management measures taking in to account your budget and current business settings. Businesses such as pubs, bars and restaurants are hotbeds for pest infestations. These pests are dangerous, transporting disease, causing costly damage to facilities, and may tarnish your business’s reputation.

We focus on preventative maintenance, rather than on a reactive approach. That’s why our programs bring long term results. When you contact us, working with you we’ll design a pest program tailored specifically for your business. Working as a team, we promise to deliver through a collaborative effort built on commitment, dedication and experience.

The enclosed listed information details some of our services and the strategy we hope to develop for you.

We welcome the opportunity to become your solutions provider for complete pest management, and we are ready to discuss our recommendations in detail at a time that is convenient to you. Simply call (905) 582-5502

Commercial Pest Control Services: Overview

  1. Sanitation Consultation: Program begins with sanitizing common areas such as kitchens, trash cans, counters, floors and all equipment. This helps reduce outbreak for roaches, rodents and flies problems.
  2. Inspection of The Facility: Regular monitoring, Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly inspections around key areas like wall voids, floor drains, and electrical boxes and others help target pests and hiding areas inhabited by roaches, rodents and flies. Special attention is given to common areas such as entry/exit points, water sources, food sources, employee areas.
  3. Treatment: Ongoing monitoring, maintenance and environmentally friendly treatments are applied (differing from Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly) depending on the outcome of inspections. Treatments are placed strategically in cracks, crevices and voids.
  4. Preventive Measures: Analyze and develop a thorough plan of action to prevent future infestations and food poising occurring due to rodents, flies and cockroaches which are common in hospitality industry
  5. Protect Your Business: Protect your brand name and your customers from the hazard of invading pests

Maximum Offers Flexible Options According to Your Business Needs

Unlike other commercial pest control companies, we offer all our valued clients proven to work and flexible services. You can rely on our expertise 24/7, hire us on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis ensuring your business is PEST FREE at all times.

Once again, our approach is simple: we offer careful and accurate pest identification, including types of pests as well as various growth stages will be identified. Details of preventative measures based on your company’s immediate pest problems will be outlined and presented for your consideration.

Let Maximum Pest Control Experts take care of pest problems so that you can continue taking care of your business!

Our proven solutions and years of experience in pest control means that when there’s an issue, our fast response commitment ensures that pests aren’t feeling free to roam. We will exterminate, remove and also ensure they don’t come back.

Additional Business Sites With One IPM Key Account

If you’re searching pest control solutions across a network of additional business sites, these may be integrated into just one service agreement and qualify for even more discounts by having a key account manager to synchronize service delivery across your other business while each individual site will have its links for their Maximum Pest Control local specialists.

Our exterminators are Fully Licensed and Approved specialists and available 24-hrs-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Ready to protect your business and the health and safety of staff and customers? For No Obligation Commercial Business Assessment phone (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502

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