The Growing Concern of Pest Infestation In Ontario

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If you live anywhere in Ontario; Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton or have a business in or around the Ontario metropolis, then you’re no stranger to the growing concerns of pest infestation in the region. And if I won’t mince words, then I’ve got to say that Ontario residents are enduring a tough time with pests in the region.

But quiet, strangely enough, you wouldn’t know this if you aren’t one of the inhabitants of the region. Dressed in their bespoke custom-tailored suits, jaw-dropping leggings, and thousand-dollar shoes, you would be forgiven for assuming that a city like Ontario, with its elegant residents, is actually pest-free.

But in reality, many of them have so much on their plates when it comes to controlling the number of pests in their homes. Many that you see living in those graceful estates, classy bungalows, exquisite apartments, and old-fashioned townhouses aren’t exactly living alone, most of them got pests for housemates.

Pest infestation in Ontario: What do the stats say?

Ontario has the worst cases stats domination for bed bugs in Canada. As at when studies were conducted, it was discovered that Ontario took up 11 slots, including numerous other related cities, such as Scarborough, Mississauga, Hamilton, North York, Oshawa. In case that strikes you as a shock, check the info-graphic below.

Ontario cities and rat’s invasion go hand in hand. In 2013, it was estimated that Ontario cities were home to approximately millions of breeding rats, with Toronto ranked as the rattiest city in the region. It is certain unknown, and no one can estimate the true counts of how many of them populated in Toronto alone, these staggering number is increasing. between 2011 & 2019, rodent services rose 70 percent, while calls to rodent pest control companies increased by up to 45 percent.

Also worthy of mention are the big black carpenter ants. Although ants are generally found in and around Ontario, Toronto still boasts the greatest of ant numbers. As the largest Canadian city, though, we cannot expect anything less. While there are over 100 species of ants in Canada, Ontario homeowners generally only encounter seven different kinds in their homes and yards. Three species of ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and European fire ants, cause 90% of all the problems homeowners in the region face.

4 Common Household Pests in Ontario

Since they all know what the threats are before moving in and how precious their cargo’s are, it’s not surprising to see many Ontario residents and homeowners alike taking great measures to rid themselves of these 4 types of pesky creatures.

However, if you are still having problems dealing with your pest problems, then it may be the time to bring in an expert pest control exterminator consultation into your home or business. To help you with your pest control requirement, especially we are located near Burlington & Oakville. To do so, visit our informative blog website and learn more about specific pest’s type solution. You can also, call the Maximum team trained staff and bonded exterminators with your questions, and they will be very happy to answer in regards your pest concern that you are having an issue with, whether its residential or commercial pest control, Maximum has the right answer for you.


Generally, of all the hundreds of ant species, only a couple of them are found in Ontario. But even at that, it can still be very challenging for homeowners to identify them sometimes. More often than not, many homeowners confuse them for each other. If you live in Ontario or have a reason to visit, then the types of ants you’re likely to see can vary from regular house ants that are black and medium size in length to the larger size carpenter ants, which are all black and can reach in size up to 13 mm.

Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, Ontario is also home to these blood-sucking parasites. Just like the vampire characters we see in movies; bedbugs thrive off the blood of humans. With their small sizes, one might be tempted to believe that these parasitic insects might not be as dangerous as people portray them. But you only need to have an experience with one to have your opinion changed about them. Naturally brown and with flat oval-shaped bodies, bedbugs tend to wear a different body color and sizes the moment they feed on you.  Upon feeding, their color changes into red while their size increases too bigger. A fully fed bed bug can reach lengths of 5 mm with a 3 mm width, or beyond sometimes.


With too many cockroach species scattering worldwide, about 20 of them are common household. Of those 20, one of the most common, which is often found in cities such as Hamilton, Burlington & Oakville ON is the German brown cockroach. These dirty roaches can be fully grown and range in color from light brown to black dark brown color. They also have useless folded wings, they barely fly and used as hopping & gliding only when disturbed.


There are two types of mice are known to invade homes and business in Ontario. The most common one found in urban areas is the house brown mouse, which is light brown or the deer grey color. Usually, adult mouse weighs between 11-29 grams and can reach lengths of 22 cm from head to the tip of the ending tail.

People Ask; What is The Best Way to Exempt Your Home & Business from the Non-Stop Growing Pest Concerns?

There is only one way to go if you’re looking to completely take back your Ontario home from these pesky monsters. And that is by hiring a pest management company like Maximum. They are well-drilled in matters of pest infestation. And their technicians are specially trained to deal with pests in line with the pest control laws in the region.

While it is true that many houses in the region are currently battling with one pest or the other, there are still some homes that are devoid of pests, or at least, haven’t been infested by pests. If your home is one of those, I congratulate you.

However, let me sound this as a wake-up call to you: if they aren’t already trying to gain entrance into your business or house, they soon will attack. And the only way you can prevent that is by adopting some pest preventive and exclusion measures today. Not to worry, though, you can always find different exclusion and preventive measures for different types of pests on the Maximum Pest Control Services website blog and learn how-to. If you have an issue with any type of pests, Ants, Mice, Rats, Bedbugs, Fleas, Cockroaches.

Contact Maximum licensed Technicians Today in Burlington ON, calling Maximum at (905) 582-5502. We are insured and bonded trained local exterminators, with many years of solid experience in pest elimination & management control, providing both commercial and residential pest control weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bimonthly available programs for all types of pest’s control. As well as, offering 24-hour emergency pest control and same day business service.

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