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One of the main reasons that pests become a problem is due to people not taking preventative measures before pest infestation occurs. Usually, only when we become aware of pest problems, then, we realize that we need to do something about it. Either begin do-it-yourself methods for eliminating pests or call on professional pest controller services. But the fact is, if left untreated, pests and pest infestations do not resolve by themselves.

But much headache could be avoided by being proactive and using preventative measures so that pests do not move in to your property and become a problem. In this blog post, we’ll share great insights whereby you can at least familiarize yourself with what should be done to maintain your property in Mississauga, Hamilton, Oakville or other places PEST FREE.

Time to stop worrying about pests at your residential or commercial property. Call Maximum Pest Control Services, Southern Ontario’s answer to rodents, mice, rats, termites, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps and wildlife problems.

First Line of Defense

Food and water is the necessity for all life forms including common pests found in urban areas throughout Ontario Canada. Just a simple checking of food sources such as the ones in the kitchen cabinet and sealing them air-tight.

Because at times, things spill or we open up a pasta wrap and only use half saving the other half for later. But if we do not pay attention to food sources in our house, then, thieves, in this case pests such as mice, cockroaches, ants or other common house pests smell the chemicals coming from food sources. Basically, first line of defense is making sure that food sources are maintained for yourself or your family members NOT PESTS.

Another critical aspect of controlling pests around your home is water sources. As you know, water means life, without it even we humans won’t be able to exist. Same is true for pests, all types of pests (e.g. Rodents, Mice, Ants, Rats, Earwigs, Bed Bugs, Bees Wasps, Termites, Cockroaches) need water to just to survive.

Whether its the rain gathering around certain parts of your home (garden patches, roof gutter, around taps) or plumbing leakage around your property all can be magnets for pest infestation. Once again, your best option to defend your residential property from pest invasion is making sure that food and water sources are there for you only and not for pests.

Sealing Crawl Spaces

Moisture accumulation in the home can breed pests and cause all manner of structural damage. Liners are used to seal off entryways, smaller unneeded windows, and in some cases the entire ground area so that rats and other pests cannot enter to breed and ancillary systems work well in the home. One such ancillary system to these sealing procedures is installing a good quality dehumidifier that can soak up several pints of water in a day so that the moisture is not seeping into your home’s woodwork.

Drains and pipes needs to be checked or even replaced if need be to ensure proper drainage of water. Although rare, monitoring devices may also be needed and installed by the pest control company which will provide automatic updates on the moisture levels in your house. Destructive insects, cockroaches, beetles, termite, ants and spiders can easily be warded off with this pest preventative mechanism.

The Structure of Your Home

Its natural that overtime the flooring inside homes can wear and tear, crack or become structurally unsound. Furthermore, whether its the walls, attic or any other structure which pests find their way through can all be supported in terms of repairs.

Many pest control companies offer home inspection and even floor support installations that can help you feel more secure in your home, this also can seal up common pathways pests may have made through the homes structure. If your house floors, or structure have suffered from termites, water seepage, temperature changes, and the like, floor support can go a long way in putting your mind at ease. For a thorough pest control home inspection simply contact Maximum Pest Control Services

Get a Temperature Vent

Moisture is your biggest enemy as it fosters all types of household pests. Installing temperature vents may seem like a costly, unnecessary venture but it will control the moisture levels in your house / building saving you money in the years to come.

These sorts of vapor barriers are installed usually at the ground level to prevent moisture from seeping in from the ground or due to rain and other natural factors. This protects against wood rot, damaged insulation, damage to the electrical system, termites, as well as paint peeling just to name a few.

Temperature vents are not only great against pests but they also protect against destructive types of fungi and mold. White rot and wood-conducting rot which make wood hollow, spongy, and faded also occur due to moisture seepage over a period of time.

Insulate The Attic

pest control technician inspecting attic insultation for signs of pests

The attic is not far removed from the problems that afflict your house as you may assume. Mice, moths, beetles, cockroaches, termites, rats, wildlife animals and all other kinds of pests can thrive and breed in the attic space, all the more so since it is used less and kept closed which pests and insects look for when building nests.

Investing in attic insulations means not just temperature control but also moisture control along with protection from pests entering from outside. Sealing all entryways and crevices is vital to protecting your home from pests. We can also offer you:

  • Crawl Space Inspection and Repairs
  • Crawl Space Dead Rodent or Rat Carcass Removal
  • Crawl Space Cleaning and Odor Neutralizing Solutions
  • Crawl Space Mold Removal and Deep Cleaning

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As we’ve outlined above, these are some of the factors that can go in to successfully controlling insect and pest infestation throughout homes. We do understand that some of these insights we’ve shared are perhaps new and may not be familiar to you, as a result, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly experts for advice, integrated pest management and pest control treatments. We service throughout Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and other nearby neighborhoods in Ontario Canada.

Rest assured that you’ll receive the best service experience and pest control and management outcomes, and our prices will not be beaten. If you find a better price for pest control treatments, we will match it. We come to you fully equipped with years of experience, be confident that we can handle all of your pest control thoroughly.

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