Carrying Out Effective Pest Control in The Midst Of Coronavirus

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Its now no doubt that life on planet earth has changed with a new normal due to devastating challenge for all of us humans. Even though there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel (promising vaccines such as Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine which both are authorized by Canada’s independent authorization process) because vaccinations have now began for Coronavirus. To learn more about this virus, see the PDF infographic life will never be the same moving forward in 2021.

As we’ve established, Covid-19 has meant a dramatic change in almost every aspect of life for everyone, and yet, pest control is an ongoing concern for every home and business owner throughout Ontario. In many business establishments, there has been a marked decrease in foot traffic which has meant pests have gotten a better foothold. In houses and similar properties where people have been self-isolating and minimizing contact with the outside world, chores like landscaping, checking drains, or fumigating have also been allowed to slide, leading to an increase in pest population and new infestations.

Our pest control company serving throughout neighborhoods such as Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and others in Ontario Canada has seen an increase in number of calls for our pest control services. And since we rather see our valued customers be pest free at all times, let us now share some useful insights for controlling pests as well as reducing the chances of infestations.

Here are some methods to mitigate the chances of pests setting up residence in your home or any other property you manage.

Pests Eat Too Thus Eliminate Their Food Sources

Manage food sources. Double check the kitchen cabinet and remove any food sources (sugar, rice, bread crumbs etc.) making sure that food sources are always kept in airtight containers (and those requiring refrigeration are kept inside the fridge wherever possible).

If you are storing meats or cheese in a separate room like a basement, make sure you check the temperature, humidity, and state of the freezers. If a freezer is too old and only works partially it could attract pests in abundance especially in an enclosed, damp space.

Dustbins or trash chutes are another festering ground for pests so make sure they are covered and disinfected frequently. Even dry food such as crackers can attract pests so cupboard liners should be changed often and crumbs vacuumed up by a good vacuum. Keeping items like cereals or snacks in special airtight containers as well as teaching our children to pick up crumbs upon eating is also useful approach.

Time for Spring Clean Regardless of the Season

Carry out a thorough cleaning of your living space as frequently as possible (at least three times a year for less frequented storage spaces or garages). Always be inspecting areas where food is prepared or stored or anywhere where items are stored close together and left undisturbed for long periods. Furthermore, always be on the lookout for signs of pests such as wood shavings, droppings, strange odors evidence of gnawing, etc. which are all indicators of pest infestation.

Check Seal and Close the Door on Pests

Managing pest entryways is also very important since even the smallest openings (the size of a dime) are enough for cockroaches, mice, and rats to gain entry. Use a sealing agent (easily bought from a hardware store) to make sure every opening is sealed rock solid. Have your windows and doors checked to see if they close completely or if there are openings anywhere as the wood on windows and doors can swell over time with continued dampness or rain. Make sure you check smaller windows such as those of the basement or kitchen because they can attract pests either with the smell of food or with high levels of humidity.

Hire Your Local Pest Control Company

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Pest control companies are probably going to be operational in your area regardless of which country you live in, be it United States, England, Canada or elsewhere. Using Covid Safe practices, these pest management professionals with standard practices for eliminating pests can help. Should you be worried about social distancing and want minimum contact with others due to concerns, you can still seek help and advice virtually by sending pictures or videos of the pest problems you are experiencing.

Standard issue pest control chemicals and treatments can easily be purchased online or from a store nearby, furthermore, many home remedies (or simply new hygiene implementation) can also slow down the progress of a pest infestation. It is useful to bear in mind that certain infestations such as those of termites, ants, bed bugs and others happen slowly over a period of time due to uncontrolled humidity and dampness of the environment.

Unfortunate as it is, insects and pests causing problems for Canadian home and commercial business properties do not stop due to humans facing Covid-19 challenge. In case of pest or wildlife problem, you are in safe hands when you contact Maximum Pest Control Services always nearby Greater Toronto locations including Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton and others around Ontario.

Our licensed expert pest control technicians are fully aware of our valued customers concerns regarding social distancing, hence we have in place safe processes when controlling pests.

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