How to Deal With and Eliminate Houseflies?

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Houseflies are one of the most common insects to infest homes or businesses handling food, wherever people live around the world, you are sure to find a housefly. Light grey in color and ranging from 4 mm to 8 mm long, housefly (with a scientific name ‘Musca domestica’) is irritating especially when one is eating. What’s worse is that if you own a food business (such as a restaurant) and you have flies flying around annoying your customers.

Did you know that common house-flies which are usually not taking serious as pests can actually carry diarrhoeal diseases and skin and eye infections diseases?

Houseflies lay eggs and thrive on rotting garbage, feces, and decaying organic matter. This makes them an ideal vector of pathogens that could be harmful to humans. Although flies do not bite, they can carry diseases by contaminating food and water. They can even cause food poisoning, E. coli and even Cholera.

Although Cholera is not a common disease in Canada. In Ontario, an average of one case per year is reported, which means, problems can occur due to pests. In fact, considering the seriousness of Cholera which affects three to five million people worldwide and causes around 120,000 deaths yearly.

Within this blog posts we are going to share insights regarding Houseflies and how to get rid of housefly infestation in and around your property. If you are experiencing pest problems around Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Scarborough and other properties around Southern Ontario, simply call 905-582-5502 upon Maximum Pest Control Services experts.

Be Swift to Sweep

Sweep your house clean. Even a small portion of any food spoilage (decaying of food and other perishable goods) can be conducive for houseflies. An adult fly lays an egg on a decaying matter where it matures into a maggot until it becomes an adult. This happens in a span of three to six days. So be sure to take care of your garbage and litter box as fast as possible.

If you are dealing with organic trash such as food waste, make sure that it is sealed properly. Making sure that your bins use correctly shutting lid so that it won’t invite the adult flies to lay their eggs. Especially important for commercial settings handling food. When disposing of your garbage, make sure that it is done properly as to not attract more flies.

Housefly Buzzing in Your Home?

Check on excess moisture built in your kitchen, drains, and bathroom. Houseflies would not last 48 hours without water. Keeping these spots free from moisture gives the fly less reason to stay inside your homes.

Houseflies and other insects use the scent of ammonia to find food sources. Mosquitoes find humans to bite by following the faint scent of ammonia in our sweat, along with other clues.

Traps and Flying Insect Control Products

In dealing with a large number of flies, traps can come in handy. Although not ideal within residential settings, flying insect control products such as Electronic Bug Zapper can be a great idea for commercial settings (especially restaurants serving food in an outside setting).

Various flytraps are available commercially and are easy to use. There are light traps that use ultraviolet (UV) light to attract flies into a glue board. There are also electrical traps that zap insects, bugs, houseflies as well as mosquitoes when in contact.

Bait traps are also an option. With a small amount of honey or pheromone scents, flies are led to an isolation chamber or a sticky sheet. Some of these traps are also helpful in identifying what type of flies is the cause of the infestation.

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Spray Them Away

The use of bug sprays and insecticides is also helpful for controlling the odd fly. They are handy weapons against annoying houseflies. But before you use them, make sure that you buy bug spray suitable for indoor use and do not use harsh chemicals just because you think it will be more effective.

Pyrethrin-based insecticides or Multi Insect Killer sprays are a good choice against the odd houseflies. They have low toxicity on humans and mammals. This makes the insecticide less harmful when you have children and pets at home too. And yet, direct contact can irritate the skin so be sure to read the safety manual and handle any insect sprays and any type of pesticides properly.


Housefly Exterminator

Calling a professional pest controller is usually a last resort for those annoying houseflies. But it need not be. Hiring pest control and management experts to exterminate house-flies can save you time and effort. In fact, should you be facing consistent problems with flies, and, you are unsure where in the world the problem originates from, pest control experts can help identify the housefly problem and help you exterminating them thoroughly.

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