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Except in the polar regions, spiders are found almost everywhere on our planet. Well adapted to their environment including urban areas, spiders belonging to arachnids family can live in almost every type of environment you can imagine.

If spiders are found in your home, keep in mind that not all eight-legged creatures are harmful to humans. But still, it could give anyone (especially children) a scare to see one dangling around the home.

If you are an arachnophobe (person with an extreme fear of spiders) or you are facing spider infestation around your property, now you can learn new ways for keeping these eight-legged crawlers away from your home.

Turn Off the Lights

Overnight lamps or exterior outdoor lights around the property can attract all types of insects. And when insects gather due to being attracted to light at night, this can mean an easy meal for spiders. Eliminate the need to deal with spiders, simply turn off outdoor lights when not needed. In fact, when dealing with any type of pest infestation, always consider eliminating food and water sources for pests.

Natural Ways for Dealing with Spiders

Certain plants emit scents that spiders hate. Keeping these types of plants indoor and or outdoor can help you shoo the arachnids away.

Indoors: basil and lavender produce an aroma that spiders hate. Place a pot of these plants in your kitchen and you have a pest repellant and a fresh herb right inside your home. You can also try mint, rosemary and dill according to your taste.

Outdoors: citronella, citrus fruits, and lemon verbena are good spider guards in your garden. Planting eucalyptus is also helpful. It is not only working on spiders but also other garden bugs as well.

Vinegar:¬†spiders avoid the smell of vinegar at all costs, as a result, you can simply mix white vinegar and water into a spray bottle for natural spider repellent. You can spray the areas where spiders may be hiding, especially by investigating and eliminating spider’s web around the property.

Maintaining your lawn is another natural way to get rid of spiders. Some spiders love to hide in thick bushes and dark cool spots in your front or back yard. Regular gardening, trimming down plants and removing overgrown vegetation can reduce the chances of spiders nesting.

Install Screens & Seal Cracks

Putting screens on your windows allows you to enjoy the sun and summer breeze while reducing the risk of inviting spiders inside.

Another entryway spiders use is through cracks around the property. Make sure you at least inspect the property once a year and then seal up and repair the crevices. Although this is an added defense against spiders, doing so can also eliminate infestation of other pests such as mice.

Use Insect Killer Sprays and Destroy Their Web

You can also use a spray to kill spiders. Store-bought insecticides and treatments can be applied under furniture, baseboards, and in the corners of your home or directly sprayed on the spider. The active chemical found in these sprays not only can kill them, they can also prevent spiders from entering and repelling them as well. But use them sparingly and cautiously as some sprays can be harmful especially to children.

Although store bought sprays may kill off the odd spider, its always better to inspect for signs of spider web and destroy it (perhaps vacuuming, or using a broom or stick) on regular basis to get rid of cobwebs. Ideally, you should focus on eliminating possible breeding areas for the spiders.

Where to Find Spiders in Your Home?

Spiders usually hide away from humans, usual spots to check include corners of rooms, closets, dark crevices, attic, basement, garage, and gardens.

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Looking for Spider Control Services Near Me

Of course, calling a pest control expert to help exterminating and removing spiders is a better idea because you’ll keep your hands off these creepy crawlers. Professional exterminators and spider control services near you can take care of the problem for you. This will also ensure peace of mind knowing that the spiders won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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Spiders Belong to Arachnida Family of Animals

Arachnida family of animals

Arachnida is a class of joint-legged invertebrate animals (arthropods), in the subphylum Chelicerata. Arachnida includes, among others, spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites, pseudoscorpions, harvestmen, camel spiders, whip spiders and vinegaroons. Source Wikipedia

Spiders Found in Canadian Homes

Although there are countless species of spiders, the most common ones you may come across in your Canadian home include the wolf spiders, cellar spiders, house spiders and fishing spiders.

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