Why Should You Call Pest Control If There Are Lots of Spiders?

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If you see a spider in your house, you might think that they are going away anytime soon, and stay outside. After all, there is more food out there than inside your house you thinking. But you could be very wrong about this. There are many spiders that have no trouble staying inside your house, and they can be a threat to you and your family. This is why it is important to call a licensed spider pest control company in your area. They will help you take a look at the pests problem, and also tell you if the spiders are dangerous or not and what need to be done to solve the issue.

There are two main types of spiders that can be dangerous to us. They are black widow & brown recluse. Both of these can bite and cause severe body pain known as loxoscelism. After that, the victim may have a fever and feel nauseous. And then, you can have cold chills, and you can feel lower abdominal pain. You can also have difficulty feeling heavy breathing, and then have headaches brought about by the change in your body’s blood pressure.

If a brown recluse bites you, you will see an ulcer in the middle of the wound. This will cause your skin to turn purple, and you will also get the same symptoms as the bite from a black widow. However, the bite from a brown recluse spider can cause seizures that will lead to a coma. Apart from that, necrosis, or muscle death, can happen.

Surprisingly, many people cannot tell an ordinary spider from a brown recluse one. It is easy to distinguish a black widow, but not the brown recluse. By the time you know it, it is too late. Brown recluse is often misidentified as an ordinary type. And if this happens, bad things will come next. To be able to identify it properly, you must know that it has a mark on its back that looks like a violin. This mark is small, just about the size of a quarter.

Now, not all brown colored spiders are part of the brown recluse family. It is important that you identify this, so you know what to do. To able to do this, you need to the help of an expert as well take picture and compared in Google images. This is why you need to call a pest specialist near you. These specialized people are school trained to identify toxic and venomous spiders from ordinary ones among our house.

How to Avoid The Bites & Stop Attracting Brown Recluse

If you see them in your house and you think it is the venomous types, you must do what you can to prevent these loxoscelism bites.

  • Use a flashlight when going out in the backyard at night; spiders lurk in dark places, and they hunt at night.
  • If you plan to capture one, wear gloves. Do the same when working in your garden.
  • Do not put your hand inside a hole, especially if you cannot see what is inside. Some spiders burrow underground, and they will bite you if they feel threatened by intruder.
  • Do not walk in your garden barefoot or with slippers. Always wear shoes when you can
  • If you took clothing from your closet, shake them first to get rid of possible spiders hiding in there that might bite you.
  • If you are opening boxes from storage, wear gloves; it is likely that the spiders nested in your storage room as well.
  • Don’t leave the exterior of the house messy with weeds overgrowth, piles of woods inside the garage that are inviting to them for welcoming and start hiding in your attics, crawl spaces and closets waiting for a prey.


An arachnid venomous bite can be prevented. You must call a professional pest control company, if you are in doubt. If you do not know of any pest control service near you, just Google it and type “spider removal service near me.” Google should start showing you companies near your actual house. Review each one and decide who among them, fits your needs and your budget. It is better to spend a little more and eliminate them than spend a fortune in the hospital later on for not knowing what’s going on.

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