Top Tips For Keeping Pests Out of Hotels

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Keeping Pests Out of Hotels

Pests such as bed bugs not just ruin your guest’s stay, but also their future interaction with your brand. Pests are hard to defend against as they ride on to your guest property and unwitting employees. Hotels and motels cannot say to their guests to stay at the corner and check their luggage for bed bugs that they carry from other hotels or from home. Therefore, employees must be on the front line and must have the ability to recognize problems. Educated maintenance and housekeeping staff is the one that is likely to discover the problems.

Bed bugs are thinking crafty and have the ability to easily find hiding spots in inhospitable locations. Hotels pests need to conserve energy, so they stay near places that guests visit regularly in the hotel room. To prevent bed bugs, housekeeping and maintenance staff should search thoroughly the areas with five foot radius from the couch and bed inside the hotel room. Box spring, mattresses, headboard, tables, the bed frame, and other items that can be found near them such as alarm clocks, lamps, and electrical outlets must be searched thoroughly.

If you’re lucky, you can find these pests in their haven. You can use cold or heat to kill them. To ensure that re-infestation will not occur, you must apply a pesticide around the hotel room’s perimeter. You can also use steam to kill pests in the seams of mattresses, but it’s not enough to kill those under the surface of the couch and bed. Heat treatment is non-evasive and could kill those pests deep under the bed.

Frequent vacuuming can also help in the prevention of bed bug infestation. Because the eggs of bed bugs are secured to a surface, vacuuming alone is not enough. You must use a scraper first before you vacuum the surface. Similarly, you have to seal crevices and cracks in the hotel room in order to reduce the hiding areas of these pets.

Call a Hotel Pest Exterminator

Getting rid of hotels pests such as bed bugs, bats, and ants are difficult. There’s no overnight solution to getting rid of these pests and controlling them takes time and a series of treatment.

When you hire a professional hotel pest exterminator, you can be sure that your hotel establishment can be free from these creatures that are ruining your relationship with your clients. They can provide you with a hotel pest control program that starts from inspecting your establishment thoroughly. The thorough inspection not just covers the infested area, but the nearby areas. Hotel pest inspection may be time consuming, but it’s the only way to ensure that every pest in your establishment, including their eggs will be eliminated.

After a thorough inspection is done, treatments will be applied. Professional hotel pest exterminators use different kind of treatments as well as special equipment in order to ensure that your business establishment is fee from re-infestation. They can also provide you with helpful tips that can help prevent re-infestation of bed-bugs carried by your guests to your hotel.

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