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Pests are everywhere. They come in various types and sizes, too. There are mice, bugs, wasps, bees, bed bugs, ants, and termites just to name a few. Living in busy urban settings you can never escape them.

Leading busy modern lives, we are all guilty of ignoring regular inspection of our properties. Usually, pest problem becomes an issue only when we see them inside or around our property. We know this because our professional and expert technicians exterminate and remove rats, mice, bed bugs and other pests daily from homes and businesses nearby Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton Ontario Canada.

But there are ways to combat them and prevent pest infestations. The best way to deal with pests is by calling professionals to help you control, manage and remove them. Here are thirteen reasons why you need to phone 905-582-5502 maximum pest control services now!

1. Moving into a New Home

We all want our homes to be clean and pest-free. So before you move into your new home, calling a pest expert helps you make sure your house is pest resistant. The professionals will know what type of treatment is needed to protect your homes from future infestations. 

In the case of moving in to a rental property, its just wise to ensure that the previous tenants haven’t left pests such as bed bugs behind. For expert bed bug extermination solutions, get in touch with Maximum Pest Control Services to ensure comfort and safety for you and your family to enjoy your new residence.

2. Hate for Insects

Entomophobia is the fear of insects. And if you or a family member happens to experience anxiety due to insects, dealing with them could be traumatizing. Pest control services can come to the rescue.

Professional exterminators will deal with bugs that you can’t stand or don’t want to handle. Contacting pest control experts is the best option unless you want to uncover what is hiding under the sink or beneath the floor yourself.

3. Presence of Pest Poo

Pest poop is an unpleasant but important sign to look for when dealing with pest infestation. Droppings and pest feces are a strong evidence that infestation must be at hand. They often leave a trail of droppings that lead to where they frequently visit looking for food and water. It can also lead you to their nests and colonies.

The size and type of poo help identify what type of pest you are dealing with. But if you have no experience and knowledge on the subject, a professional pest management team can help you deal with the pests, remove and clean up the infested area.

4. Strange Sounds

Nope, your house isn’t haunted. The tiny footsteps at night could be just a rodent taking a midnight stroll on your cupboards. Or it could be caused by other pests or wildlife such as Racoons which are usually active during the night. Maximum Pest Control Services also offers rapid response efficient wildlife elimination and removal solutions.

So if you hear squeaking, squealing, flapping or other strange sounds in your house, it is time to ring your pest control services, you’ll sleep better we promise.

5. Stinky Smells

Foul odors are another sign of pest infestation lurking around the property. It could be caused by the droppings or the nests of unfriendly freeloaders.

Pests such as rodents like to store food on their nests which could rot and smell. Another cause of the pungent odor is decaying pest cadavers. Especially a big problem for commercial businesses that handle food such as restaurants and hotels where the rat or mice problem could be nearby the property, a professional can help you locate the source of these odors and clean it up as well.

6. Discovery of Nests

Nesting places allow pests to breed and multiply. Rodents like to build their nests on dark corners of your house. Bees and Wasps in hard to reach places and while ants on the other hand like to build nests underground or even inside the walls.

If you happen to discover a nesting site, have an expert handle it if you have no idea what to do. Understand the fact that there are health concerns when handling pest carcass. Simply leave the unpleasant task of removing any animal carcasses as we come to you rapidly fully equipped with the required protective tools.

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7. Damage has been done

Another good reason to call your local pest control professionals is when the pest or wildlife leaves damage in or around the property. It could be in the form of gnawed cushion, holes in your walls, and chewed fabric. Professionals such as Maximum Pest Control Services has the experience to not only eliminate pests but to ensure prevention measures are taken correctly.

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8. Sightings

What more evidence do you need if you have seen them with your own eyes?

Although its almost impossible to see certain types of pests such as bed bugs, sighting of pests such as cockroaches, rats, or mice is a guaranteed call for action. Sighting the actual pest helps identify what you are up against. It allows you to call the right exterminator to do the job for you. You can rest assured with our many years of experience dealing with all types of pests. Simply check reviews for Maximum Pest Control Services.

9. Harm and Hazard

Pests like termites and Powderpost beetles can cause serious structural damage. Rodents, cockroaches, and other bugs can spread diseases. Wildlife animals such as Raccoons, Squirrel, Skunk, Opossum, Rats can attack humans. To help you keep your family safe from pests and wildlife, you can solve the wildlife and pest problem with the help of a professional.

10. Too Much to Handle

Once an infestation occurs, its almost impossible to manage pests on your own because eliminating pest infestation requires experience and pesticide knowledge. Surely, you might spend some money hiring pest control and management experts, but the peace of mind you’ll get afterwards sure is worth it.

11. Recurrence

Some pests are difficult to eradicate and may require consequent application of pest treatments. The recurrence of pests also means that a serious problem might be the underlying cause. Have a certified pest control team look into the issue to help you solve it once and for all. Above all else, remember, the best way to deal with pest infestation is to focus on prevention rather than extermination.

12. Season of Swarming

Living in Oakville, Milton, Scarborough, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga Ontario Canada means that there are some seasonal pests (e.g. bees, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, millipedes, wasps) to handle each year. But if you want to make sure that you won’t be bothered by pests due to the season, let an expert controllers fortify your defenses. It means fewer worries and better protection for your property when the swarming season starts.

13. Better Option

Professional exterminators have sufficient knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of pests. They have undergone training on how to identify, manage, and exterminate whatever type of pest, wildlife or bug you are dealing with.

That is why putting your trust in your highly skilled pest control technicians is not misplaced. We are here to help. Combat annoying pests quickly and thoroughly.

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