Protecting Yourself Against Bed Bugs During and After Travelling

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It is a well-known fact that bed bugs can travel from one place to another in clothing items and suitcases. If you are Canadian who is undertaking a great deal of travels, it is wise to know how to prevent a possible bed bug infestation by undertaking certain precautions.

Most people don’t realize the fact that bedbugs are not just found in mattresses only (although they prefer that particular item for transport) but can dwell in clothes, shoes, suitcases, or type of belonging you’ve taken with you, especially ones made of fabric.

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Hotels Motels Lodgings – The Bed Bugs Inn

Hotels (especially budget options) are notorious for having bed bug infestations that can easily be transferred to your luggage or the clothing you are wearing, and from there can take a free ride with you back home. As if your invisible travel partner.

The anatomy of the bed bug is such that it cannot fly, being excessively tiny and needing ideal conditions to breed, they actually prefers human body heat as it provides the comfortable temperature, not to mention the nearby food source human blood.

Bed bugs are also quite resilient so they can survive in suitcases and bags until they find a more permanent residence, for this reason, they can be a hassle for an inexperienced person to get rid of once an infestation occurs.

It is also not just hotels or motels that are a safe haven for pests like bedbugs, any type of residence which caters for regular guests (such as Airbnb, shared lodging or even rental properties) can also pose this dreadful bed-bug problem. There are however few important steps you can follow while travelling to ensure you are protecting yourself and your belongings from these pests called bed bugs. Furthermore, these steps will naturally reduce the chances bed bugs hitchhiking back home.

  • When you arrive at your hotel (or any type of lodging) use a UV Ultra Violet LED Flashlight (which can be purchased for as little as $10) to inspect the bed, wallpaper, cupboards, etc. for signs of bed bugs. Raising the mattress can also help you see if there is bed bug burrowing or shed skins underneath. Also, check curtains and carpets for signs of this pest. Remember that bed bugs are experts in hiding, close inspection with a flashlight is a smart investment.
  • When you lay down your belonging such as a suitcase (always travel with plastic sheets) make sure you lay down plastic in the cupboard or closet and also put your belongings in an airtight plastic bag so they cannot be attacked by bed bugs in your absence. Remember, although tiny, these pests are highly sensitive to sound and movement.
  • Never be afraid of changing rooms or accommodation if you find that there are signs of pests lurking around. Items like luggage racks, shelves, luggage carts can also have bed bugs so make sure you have checked these items before you use them.
  • As far as possible, avoid getting your laundry cleaned in a budget motel (or hotel) because bed_bugs can easily transfer from other people’s clothes, pillow covers or bed sheets.

Home Sweet Home

Once you’re back home from your travel, there are also additional precautions to follow before you unpack or put your luggage away.

  • Have a close inspection of your suitcase and each item within it.
  • Vacuum out your suitcase and items such as smaller bags separately.
  • Wash your clothes on a hot cycle and dry them under the sun when possible. Once again, use a flashlight or a white light to check inside and outside your luggage and the items in it, particularly, checking for bed bugs as well as bedbug eggs.
  • If certain clothing items need to be dry cleaned, do not put them in the closet, keep them in an airtight plastic bag until you pass them on to your local dry cleaner.

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