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Do Vampires Exists? NO. But You May Just As Well Call Them Bed Bugs

Seriously, just like you, we don’t know much about vampires apart from what we see in movies. But when we compare the habits of a vampire in movies, then, we can confidently find many similarities to bed bugs. For instance:

  • They come out at night
  • They feed on human blood
  • They multiply fast (although bed bugs produce eggs, they do so at huge numbers very fast)
  • They are hard to see and hide well
  • They leave bite marks on human skin and blood stains on bed linen
  • You need a specialist bedbug hunter to exterminate them

What are Bedbugs (Cimex Lecturalius)

Bedbugs are small, oval shaped brown coloured parasites that feed on the blood of humans and animals. These insects use a small tube-like structure to pierce the human skin so that they can suck blood for feeding. These nasty pests are active at night usually when people are sleeping (usually come out to feed between midnight to 6am). Although they are not considered dangerous to human health, it is recorded that bed bugs could transmit disease and as well their bites can cause allergic reaction which could be very serious to the bitten person.

Bed Bug Anatomy

How to Identify Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye when looked upon closely. You can find bed-bugs around the bed because they live close to their victim. They also live in cracks on the bed frame and headboard. Seams of chairs, furniture and couches, between cushions and in the folds of curtains and any other space where they can hide until feeding time.

To determine the bed bug infestation, apart from obvious bite marks and itching on the skin (arms, neck, back, legs) check the mattress edges slowly and also look for black spots on linen. Keep in mind that you won’t feel the bed bugs crawling on your skin, instead you’ll feel the bite and its itch as soon as the bed bug attacks. You can always get in touch with our expert bed bugs exterminators and removalists.

Effects of Bedbugs Attack

Many people do not feel the bite itself while its occurring, and victims do not develop any noticeable symptoms other than some small inflammation and irritation around where the insect has bitten the flesh. And yet, some people are considered sensitive to bedbug’s bite and can develop more severe allergic symptoms. If left untreated, bed bugs can multiple in numbers very quickly and begin mass attack causing even more complications. Pets such as dogs can also be hosts to bedbugs.

Other side effects of infestations in your home may include bed_bugs infestation related unpleasant odor and spotted feces.

Bed bugs are not considered carriers of disease: their attack can cause bad skin irritation, lack of sleep and energy, or thirst. Their bites may be severe especially if number of them bite all at once causing huge swelling of skin, severe itching, blisters or hives, but the body’s reaction and severity may vary person to person.

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Bedbugs Extermination and Removal Service

In recent times, bed bugs have become an epidemic in some cities in Canada. Although global travel restrictions implemented due to Covid-19 have not stopped the spread of bed bugs. Its surprising to note that these pests ‘BEDBUGS’ travel from host to host on regular basis for infestation of new properties.

Bed bugs spread due to easy travel and improved resistance to pesticides as they can quickly get on peoples clothes or luggage to spread. These pests are known for their ability to go unnoticed and survive for long periods of time without food, which makes them extremely difficult to fight without the help of professional extermination and bedbugs removal services.

bed bug pest control

Although it may seem natural to pursue tackling bedbug infestation on your own, doing so can actually be more problematic for total and successful bed bug elimination. Because using the wrong treatments and chemicals allows these pests to become highly resistant to pesticides / insecticides causing significant issues for pest control service providers.

Furthermore, when left untreated, their numbers can increase drastically making the situation even worse and time consuming to deal with. The bigger the bed bugs infestation can then mean longer it is to treat costing more $$$ for bedbugs extermination and removal service.

The best way to eliminate bed bugs is to act quickly by hiring pest control experts to deal with the problem professionally. Maximum Pest Control Services is proud to offer a comprehensive range of treatments and complete pest control solutions for bedbug infestation in Canada Ontario serving Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Scarborough, Hamilton and other locations throughout Greater Toronto Area.

Our Bedbugs Extermination and Removal Service Difference

When you have a problem with Bed Bugs our pest control professionals can ensure they are completely eradicated and eliminated at an affordable price. Our unique treatments are always customized assuring best possible outcomes at most competitive rates for all our valued customers. Unlike some other bed bugs removal services, our highly skilled pest control experts understand bed bug biology and habits, as a result you’ll get proven to work effective programs so that bedbugs are exterminated as quickly as possible. Rely on our experience and consider bedbugs gone

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