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The Scary Truth About Bed Bugs: You Will Never Want Them After You Read This

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Bedbugs are different from jumping fleas, but many people tend to interchange the two. Bed bugs attack humans, while fleas are the usual residents of your furred pets like cats and dogs. Today, you will learn about what bed bugs are, how they look, what they feed on, and what you need to do to get rid of them.

Anatomy of Bedbugs

Bed bugs are oval in shape. While they are small, they are still visible to the eye. They have flat bodies, and the size is comparable to the seed of an apple. Bedbugs do not have wings, so if you see a winged pest on your bed, it is definitely not a bed bug. Even if bed bugs cannot fly, they move pretty quickly. This is why they are usually on the floor, but they have the capability to climb with their limbs into walls and other things.

Juvenile bed bugs are called by pest experts www.maximumpestcontrol.ca as nymphs. These little buggers will shed their skin five times before hitting full maturity. The thing is, they need to feed on blood before they shed, and you are going to be one of their meals.

And do you know how long it takes for a bed bug to grow into maturity?

Under great conditions, which means inside your house, it takes only a month. And yes, they can reproduce up to three generations of bed bugs within a span of one year.

Where do bed bugs hang out?

They are called bed bugs because we usually see them on our beds. We see them on our beds because they suck out blood when we are asleep. But the truth is, bed bugs can be everywhere. For all you know, they are in your closet, your luggage, and in the crevices of your walls. Now, do not think that you are in a dirty house of bed bugs find their way in your home. Bed bugs are not particularly drawn to dirt. They thrive and live on blood, and they will be in places where there are animals and humans. It is no wonder that bed bugs are also in luxury hotels.

What do they eat and at what time?

Bed bugs eat your blood. They are mainly active at night when you are asleep. These critters have elongated beaks that they stick into your skin, and they suck blood out of that. The bites are painless, and they will draw blood from your skin for at least three minutes.

Some take ten minutes. Can you imagine that? Ten minutes of sucking blood out of your skin? 

Later on, you will start feeling itchy, and this bite area will develop a welt. By the way, a bed bug bite has no red spot in the middle. If you have this, then it may not be a bed bug at all. It could be a mosquito or a flea.

Summary: What should you do with them?

Call a professional, is what you should do to get help. Like we said earlier, the cleanliness of your house has nothing to do with the presence of bed bugs. You can maintain an immaculate home, and yet bed bugs will still find their way into your house.

Bed bug experts www.maximumpestcontrol.ca have special equipment. Some can visit your house and give your bed a UV treatment. Some will use chemicals that are harmless to animals and humans, but are toxic to bed bugs.

The first thing you need to do is to clean your bedding. Wash them and sweep your floor to catch as many as you can. Also install glue board near your bedding and couch. But you still need to call a professional because there certainly are bed bugs lurking inside your bed. Contact Maximum Now Calling Both Hot-Lines (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502

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