Thermal Extermination and Its Benefits for Eliminating Bed Bugs

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Warning: do not attempt to exterminate any type of pests or bed bugs using any heat treatment techniques on your own.

Usually, our valued customers realize that they have a bed bug infestation once its too late. Waking up with itchy skin due to bites and dealing with bed bug feces on your belongings is no fun. This is where Maximum Pest Control Services exterminating bed bugs in Mississauga Ontario can be a great choice.

Even though Canada is an industrialized country, bug bites can still spread diseases. Its wise to avoid bug bites while spending time outside or in woodland areas What can you do to prevent bug bites?

  • Cover exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats.
  • Use an appropriate insect repellent.
  • Consider using permethrin-treated clothing and gear if spending a lot of time outside particularly in nature. Do not use permethrin directly on skin.

Bed Bugs Eternally Annoying Pests

Bedbugs leave a small bite mark on the skin that quickly becomes red and very itchy, and in some rare cases can cause very serious allergic reaction. Bed bugs are a common and very exasperating pests. Many people believe pests like bed bugs thrive in unhygienic homes and bedding but nothing could be further from the truth. Bed bugs can spring up due to a number of reasons from humidity to frequent traveling and staying in hotels (in which case they travel back home with you in your clothes or luggage).

These little suckers called bedbugs are categorized alongside mosquitoes because they feed on human and animal blood. Since they mostly become active at night, it is highly unlikely that an untrained eye can even spot them during the day. That also means that you may be changing sheets but won’t notice an underlying invasion in your bed or linen closet. They also take refuge inside coats and other clothes too.

Bed Bug Anatomy

Perhaps we can’t compare the speed of movement of bed bugs to Andre De Grasse the Canadian sprinter, nonetheless bed bugs move very swiftly considering their size. These pests have brownish color with very small and rather round body shape, and may measure about 7mm in length.

As we’ve said, bed bugs do not pose great health risk apart from rashes and itchy skin, however, they can cause allergic reactions with some people as well as cause some skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

The four most common signs to watch out for if you’re suspecting a bed bug problem in your home is to first catch the insects with a white torch at night, secondly, look for stains on your bedding, linens, duvets, or even clothes. Thirdly, look for small empty eggshells or eggs which may be on the underside of your bed or under the mattress. Lastly, if the infestation is full blown, then, bites on your arms, legs or anywhere else is a sure sign of bed bug infestation.

Why Thermal Extermination Can Be an Answer

Thermal extermination is carried out for bed bugs but also for a range of other crawling insects. The old adage of leaving bedding and linen (or termite-infested books) out in the sun for a few days can actually be very effective method for exterminating bed bugs, so thermal extermination is artificially replicating a heated environment inside the home at the site to kill pests.

This is done after a thorough inspection of the site with specialized equipment. When the infested areas are narrowed down the pest control experts will place special heaters in designated locations (it may not be necessary to leave the home depending on the scope of the infestation). Once the heaters are turned on and the temperature reaches close to about 118 degrees (this will be monitored throughout by the pest control technician) only then will the bed bugs be affected and begin to die.

One of the biggest benefits of using the thermal extermination method is that you don’t need to apply chemicals to the infested areas, you don’t even need to throw out your mattress or bedding. After the conclusion of the designated thermal session, you can continue to use the same items again safely upon elimination.

The thermal extermination starts at 118 degrees and is gradually increased to 120 degrees to kill bed bug eggs, and will eventually go up to 135 degrees if the infestation is more deep-rooted.

Having said all this, there are many pest control techniques for eliminating pests including bed bugs. Best approach is always to identify what the level of infestation is, and then find the most appropriate and affordable solutions for your valued customers. If you are experiencing pest invasion around  Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton or nearby locations in Southern Ontario, contact Maximum Pest Control Services.

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Fun Facts about Ontario Canada

Generally speaking, you can think of Ontario Canada as divided into two main regions ‘Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario’.

Although Northern Ontario being the larger region, has smaller population size compared to Southern Ontario. Northern Ontario covers approximately 350000 square miles of land and is known for its pristine lakes and densely forested rugged terrain. Southern Ontario has the populated cities such as Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Hamilton, its highest peak reaches just over 1700 feet in the Blue Mountains Grey County Canada.

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