How to Deal with Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

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Just the mention of the word “bed bug” can make the hair on our skin to stand up. These tiny notorious blood-sucking bugs are making a comeback around properties throughout Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville and other nearby areas around Southern Ontario. The common bed bug with scientific name called Cimex Lectularius is one of the most common species of bed bugs infesting people and other mammals (especially bats and birds) around the world, including in Ontario Canada.

In fact, bed bugs infestation can occur anywhere including Europe, United States, Canada, Africa, Asia and as far as Australia.

Both the male and the female of the species feed on blood throughout their lives. Aside from humans, these bugs can also feed on the blood of other vertebrates including pets. Adult bed bugs can measure as large as 5mm. Nymphs or newly-hatched bugs on the other hand are as small as a pinhead, and thus, with their size being small, the onset of bedbug infestation might get unnoticed.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

There are several ways to detect if there are bed bugs in your house. The first one is the sign of bites. Some people develop itchy swells when bitten by bed bugs. When this happens, its time to start inspecting your bed, mattress and pillow.

Fecal spots and stains are other key signs. Digested bloodstains appear on the mattress and sheets. Bed bugs might also leave beads of dried droppings on the headboard and other hard surfaces. Once again, close inspection is required to spot such signs of bed bug infestation around your home.

The presence of cast skins is also an indicator of bed bugs in residential settings. The bugs molt their old skin when developing into adulthood leaving tan to brown-colored insect shells behind.
anatomy of a bed bug cimex lectularius
Another way is to look for live insects. Bed bugs are long, oval, but flat insects about the size of an apple seed. They range from brown to reddish in color with six legs and two antennae. Examining them by eye might be hard for an average person, whenever you suspect infestation its wise to call upon a professional bed bug exterminator.

If you spot an insect that you suspect is a bed bug, carefully put it in a closed container and call for a trained specialist or a pest control management service such as Maximum Pest Control Services to help you identify exactly the problem you are dealing with. Professional exterminators can not only identify the causes of infestation but they can also help you in recommending the correct ways to avoid infestation of bed bugs in the future.

Inspect Bedding & Furniture

Even without any signs of a bed bug infestation, making sure to regularly wash your beddings at high temperature, clean them and sun dry them to kill eggs and microscopic insects that might be crawling in there is always a good idea for all residents living around Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Scarborough and others around Southern Ontario.

When checking around your bed sheets and bedding (or even around your couch or furniture) look for crevices that could serve as these insects shelter. Bed bugs are attracted to places with enough warmth and carbon dioxide to live. That is why bed frames, box springs, and mattresses are their favorite hiding spots.

Aside from these places, also clean your furniture such as sofa and chair cushions on regular basis. Bed bugs can wedge their way into the smallest cracks.

Protect Your Pets from Bed Bugs

Bed bugs problems can also start when they hitch-hike in your pets fur after a walk in the park. These parasitic bugs can also feed on your pets blood, and soon might cause an infestation in your own home.

Should you notice your pets (cats, dogs or other pets) scratching unusually, you can and should further inspect by checking bedbug bite marks on your pets. See if they are showing any sign of being infested with bed bugs. Thoroughly cleaning your pet’s bedding and toys as well is a good idea. Bath your pets and use anti-parasite shampoo or dermal scratch spray to ease their pain due to bed bug bites causing itching.

Whenever you suspect a pest infestation in your home, Maximum Pest Control Services strongly advises all our valued clients to arrange a expert bed bug inspection by calling 905-582-5502 we are proud to be the number #1 choice serving Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough, Mississauga Ontario Canada offering all types of pest control and management solutions at competitive rates.

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