Commercial Pest Control Protection Plans For Your Business

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The customized commercial pest control protection plans that we provide are all made to give you the protection you want for an affordable price. Just like any business owner, you only want the best and most reliable service provider for your establishment. This is the main reason why we are here.

We have the best Pest Defense Program that can give you the protection that you want as we cover getting rid of pests like roof rat, Norway rat, house mouse, cockroaches and many more throughout the year. Name it and our technicians will be catering necessary services for you by the schedule that you have set with us. Just like most of the cases that we are handling, we always recommend a monthly schedule to ensure that everything is in the perfect condition. With our program, treatments and visits within the scheduled inspections are guaranteed to be free.

Our company is also open to any cancellation in regards with dissatisfaction of our services, provided that it is still within our 30 days agreement options. But to prevent these cancellations, we always make sure that we can provide the best services possible to provide only satisfaction.

Rodent Control Solutions

dead rat on the floor next to kitchen jars
No matter how big your establishment is, Maximum  Pest Control can limit the level of any rodent infestations. We will conduct professional inspections in particular areas, provide necessary action plan and ensure that rodents will be eliminated without disturbing your employees or daily functions in your establishment. As part of our professionalism, we ensure that we meet the standards we have set like the following:

  • Thorough inspection is done in different possible entries with structural and sanitation issues.
  • Identification of rodent types in your facility.
  • Cater customized strategy specifically for your site, set follow up treatment visits and maintain strategic effectiveness all the time.
  • We will be conducting site placement analysis for finding the right placements of certain rodent stations that is focusing on quick elimination of rodents while ensuring effectiveness in control and minimizing visual impact with people working and entering the establishment.
  • Provide you with an affordable pricing structure suited for the billing options you need.
  • Give you a warranty plan that is sure to leave you at peace that your problems will all be solved.

With all of these things in mind, you are sure to get the best out of our services satisfyingly.

Bed Bug Control Services

bed bug dead on grey carpet
For establishments where people are staying for a long time like hotels and apartments, Maximum Pest Control is equipped with all the safest methods for getting rid of all bed bugs permanently. Though the visibility of bed bugs has disappeared temporarily, it is now coming back and is affecting many public and private establishments. It may not be dangerous for the health of people, but keep in mind that these pests may affect your establishment’s reputation and also your reputation as a business owner.

We will be conducting complete inspection of the entire establishment and provide necessary information in regards with preparations prior to the execution of services. Our technicians will also make use of special equipment along with safe products that will eliminate the problem discretely and leave your facility as if nothing happened.

Fly Inspection and Treatments

We are currently serving different industries that are exposed to both private and public use. Other businesses providing different services can freely call us and we will be providing customized pest programs suited for your business. We know how annoying and dangerous flies are and prevention of these pests’ infestations are necessary for any kind of businesses.

At Maximum Pest Control, we will perform necessary services in the services that you need such as thorough inspection and complete evaluation. After this service, we will then provide the initial treatment. Next is another inspection of the results and then follow up maintenance services to ensure the effectiveness of the programs. Furthermore, we also have these continuous prevention programs to make sure that the infestations will not worse.

Record Keeping

If clients need any records or documents, they just have to request it from us and Maximum Pest Program will be sending the binder under the Pest Defense Program we have provided. In the binder, we will be including all credentials, device map, service tickets, details with the pesticides used with the treatments and also the sanitation recommendations.

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