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Is your lovely house being invaded by wildlife problem such as noisy animals? Are you struggling to ward off pesky monsters such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, chipmunks, skunks and the likes from your residential property? If your answer to that is yes, I’m glad to inform you that keeping nuisance animals out of your house or getting rid of them once they’ve made themselves at home is actually not a complicated process for your residential wildlife control.

Although many of us love to wrongly assume that only houses situated in villages, backwater towns, and rural areas are prone to wildlife infestation, strange as it may sound, even residential properties situated in densely populated urban areas are not really exempted from this sort of invasion at any time. If you don’t believe me, you can pay a visit to some of your friends living in the supposed urban areas like Oakville Ontario; I’m pretty sure before you check out at-least two or three houses, you’re surely going to find some of these animals – mostly squirrels and raccoons (don’t know why, though, but squirrels and raccoons in particular love these both cities Oakville and Burlington Ontario and its environs) – absconding in their numbers from homes, yards and gardens after doing what they do best – damaging properties and madness wreaking havoc.

Regardless of the aesthetics of your house or the elegance of your residence, once you become lackadaisical about keeping wild animals in check or preventing them from gaining entrance by blocking all the access easy points in the first instance, these animals have no problem clawing their ways into walls, digging holes underneath your property foundation, and taking up residence inside your attic and back yard. And when they do this, they cause damage to your gardens or lawns by devouring fruits and vegetables, endanger the occupants of the house by digging holes that interfere with utility lines (water, cable, and electrical lines), get into garbage bins and litter the surroundings inviting other creatures such as mice and rats, consume pets’ foods, or even make your home scary for your folks and visitors alike to enter by turning it into a mad forest look-alike.

The Dangers Posed By Wildlife Invasion


Although they may look adorable and cute at first sight, you don’t want to get too close to them or, at the very worst, become hostile to them. Even though they’re in your house seeking their daily bread and safety, they have no problems turning on you whenever they feel threatened, and before I forget to mention, their bites hold the potential of infecting someone with bad rabies, so you need to be wary of them – unfortunately, you cannot really tell your pets to beware of them, can you, which leaves them vulnerable to raccoon attack)? Furthermore, the smell of their feces and urine are quite dangerous to the health, as inhalation of either might lead to diseases such as roundworm.

In addition to the health risk posed, raccoons are also renowned for causing a nuisance at home and creating lots of mess for the homeowner to come back home too, by ripping apart thrash bags, infiltrating kitchen environments, knocking garbage bins over, damaging the upper attic of the house and leaving homeowners with a world of mess to clean up when they return from work.


Although not as dangerous to human health as raccoons, squirrels are still known to be just as annoying, and without proper checks can even cause serious damages at home. With their constantly evolving teeth, squirrels can chew on clothes, insulation, walls, foods, and even electrical wires and cables, thereby leading to electrical failure, or in the worst-case scenario, causing electrical fire outbreak.

Controlling The Monsters

Having said so much about the threats posed by some of the most common wildlife around homes, it is clearly evident that homeowners cannot afford to handle animal invasion with levity. If they haven’t already invaded your home, trust me, without the proper measures in place, they are just a few days away from doing so. But if they’ve already made themselves so comfortable that they are now feeling at home in your residence, all hope isn’t lost, and you can still take back your home from them before they fully convert it into their natural habitat with the help of professional wildlife control measurement.

Best Wildlife Control Measures (Preventive and Removal Tips)

General home inspection

You may never know the extent of what you’re dealing with until you take a proper look around. To help control nuisance wildlife, start by inspecting the exterior of your home for potential entry points or have a professional wildlife specialist inspect it for you. Yes, I mentioned a professional because nowadays, these pesky creatures have learned to cohabitate and adapt so well that they can even spend months inside a property without anyone being able to discover their hideouts. But when you hire a professional technician like Maximum pest control services, I can assure you that with their level of experience, know-how, and understanding of wildlife behavior, the hideouts of your damage-inflicting neighbors are just a few minutes away from being discovered. Maximum’s wildlife division technicians will look for siding or soffit that has deteriorated or damaged by weather, seek out holes and cracks in walls, inspect extensively your top roof, soffit, gutters, fascia, and examine thoroughly your building’s foundation all around not missing a thing, as well as your lawn or backyard garden. The idea behind this sort of House inspection is because many of these animals can squeeze through surprisingly tiny openings or take advantage of the weakness of any part of a building.

Remove Sources Of Comfort-Ability

Wild animals aren’t in your property by chance; instead, they are there because of some media of comforts. So to control them, you’ll need to remove completely their sources of comfort ability. That is to say that you should avoid feeding squirrels, opossum, raccoons, chipmunks, or other wildlife, by preventing fallen bird seed, wastes, or garbage from accumulating around your home. If you have pets that need feeding, feed them outside, and ensure that you clean up any spilled food. Secure the lids of thrash containers properly. As far as their shelter goes, try to remove any visible hideouts from your surroundings. Visible hideouts could mean damaged containers, abandoned items, or even long grass in the backyard.

Animal Trapping & Wildlife Relocation

One of the techniques adopted by Maximum pest control services in removing these pest-like creatures from your home humanly is trapping them with live cage traps. Although you can as well conduct the process of trapping the creatures yourself, it is actually a time-consuming process, and without the right skill and strategy, you may end up trapping zero animals. With Maximum wildlife management, however, human scents will be washed off traps, animals will be baited into believing traps are food sources, and traps will be disguised as harmless items hanging around posing no threats.

Repellent Control

Another highly effective technique adopted in the complete extermination of wildlife is the use of repellents. And although there are many different repellents available in the market, Maximum’s technicians experts have a deep understanding of the appropriate ones to use for almost any wild animal exclusion techniques problem. That is to say that our certified technicians experts will come to your residence with the right type of repellent suitable to combat the specific animals that are troubling you. While some folks often assume that this can be a simple DIY exercise, it is far from it, and without the right know-how, you might end up not exterminating anything, or in the worst-case scenario, spraying harmful chemicals that are dangerous even to your health. But that’s not even all; from our years of tested experience, we’ve come to comprehend that there are repellents that come in the kind of chemical sprays and predator urine’s which are not reliably effective and have to be reapplied many times over again. However there are also types of repellents that are available in form of physical  such as ultrasonic sound emitters, motion-activated sprinklers and so much more as wildlife deterrent protection.


Yes, it is important for you to sanitize your environment, especially when you’ve adopted a chemical extermination approach. Luckily for you, this is part of the after-service procedure of Maximum integrated pest management, which means that once the wildlife issues removal is completed, their technicians will conduct thorough sanitation of your surroundings including the attic were most feces are left to ensure that your home is 100% habitable. Contact Maximum today for unwanted wildlife home protection critter control free home evaluation residential services total removal by calling The Maximum Team (905) 582-5502

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