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Generally, Wild animals are all unpredictable and often carry different types of bad germs and sometimes deadly diseases. They can create fire hazards and pose a grave threat to humans and pets. Moreover, they leave your premises prone to other pests by creating multiple entry points for rodents such as mice and rats to enter your structure.

Wildlife Can Do The Following:

  • Chew through wires, vents and the siding
  • Destroy property and belongings
  • Tear insulation in the attic
  • Damage backyard garden
  • Leaves contaminated droppings
  • Create foul odors behind the walls
  • Leave litter behind especially squirrels and raccoons

If you are a business owner that cares about his business property, employees and customers, the last thing you want is for some wild creatures to take control of your premises. Do not wait for the day when enormous damage has been done and you have no choice but to halt operations and invest thousands in repair. Call us today and nip this problem quickly and get it fixed before more damages occur.

Our Wildlife Removal Services include:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Opossums
  • Skunks

Both squirrels and raccoons are the most well-known types of pests that invade homes and businesses especially if you reside in the Canadian cities of Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton.

So, What Kind of Damage can Raccoons Cause?

They are intelligent as well as like to know things animals, but they can quickly become a nuisance to any home or business owner. From a size standpoint, adults can grow to be quite large, ranging from 15-40 pounds and up to 3 feet in length. Males tend to be larger than females. Raccoons are omnivores and are known to consume berries, nuts, fruits, bugs, mice, eggs, fish, shellfish and even snakes. They also eat cultivated crops, such as corn.

Mostly, they love to stay near water. They gravitate toward lakes, rivers or streams and look for trees, bushes and other cover to live in. Dens can be found in the abandoned burrows of other animals and in hollowed-out trees. Typical urban hiding spots include chimneys, attics, woodpiles and basements.

They are mostly nocturnal animals, also wandering around at daytime and love to cause damages to people gardens, make a mess by tipping over garbage cans searching for food to consume, and can cause structural damage in search of food. They are known to go through dumpsters and garbage cans looking for scraps. They also plunder bird feeders and eat pet food that is left unattended.

A raccoon attack can even lead to rabies, which needs to be addressed immediately!

But how to spot a raccoon pest problem? Well, you can look for a few signs in and around your property like:

  • Tracks or smudge marks on walls, in soft ground or near drainage pipes.
  • Small piles of droppings near trees or on the ceiling. Raccoon feces can contain parasites that are dangerous for humans, so you should never handle it without taking adequate precautions. Must wear a face mask and gloves to avoid such germs inhaled.

Given the array of lethal consequences possible, it’s best to handle the issue by reaching out to a professional pest control service for raccoons.

And What about Squirrels? They are Harmless, right?

Well in small numbers, yes, they wouldn’t be a problem. But if a scurry of squirrels takes over your property, they can wreak utter havoc!

These common backyard inhabitants have four front teeth that are perfect for nibbling away at food and objects. Their teeth never stop growing, so squirrels never wear down! These creatures are known to eat nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, leaves, young birds, eggs and fungi.

Squirrels have a few different types. What people commonly notice them in their house backyards. As the name suggests, these rodents live in trees and feed on anything from berries, nuts as well as small insects.

Ground squirrels hide in underground burrows with tunnel systems. These hyper type rodents are diggers. Using skill to establish places to live, searching for seeds, nuts and certain plants they eat as well as devouring live caterpillars.

Yet another type is the flying squirrel. Contrary to their name, these squirrels can’t achieve true flight. Instead, they have a flap of skin that connects their arms to their legs. Flap wings able to assist them in gliding tree to other tree. These squirrels live in tree holes or nests, much like birds. They prefer eating nuts, seeds and if nothing available, they will end up munching baby birds.

Business owners often don’t pay adequate heed to squirrel populations. They think it is normal for a few of these creatures to run around in their gardens and trees. What they fail to realize is that female squirrels typically give birth to two to eight offspring per litter! several litters each year are produced by a single female, which is why a squirrel population can quickly grow out of control and become very hazardous.

To reduce population growth, limit potential habitats, do away with any unattended food sources and involve a professional pest control service for squirrels like ours today! Better safe than sorry, right?

How about Chipmunks? Are they Dangerous too?

Yes, absolutely….!!!

Chipmunks are small rodents with black and white stripes on their bodies. They are sometimes thought to be squirrels as both pests are part of the same family.

Chipmunks are omnivorous and eat just about anything. They like to eat fruit, nuts . when they are living near us the humans, they start eating vegetables if you are growing a garden in the backyard. They particularly enjoy seeds. If you feed the birds with seeds, you could be attracting squirrels, chipmunks, mice and rats! These creatures can consume a large amount and they take a lot of food items back to their hiding burrows. This means they will eat flowers, plants and any garden stuff efficiently.

The real problem with chipmunks is their burrows. There known for building burrows that are long enough in length. They manage to create a network of tunnels and weaken ground right under your property! If chipmunks become too numerous, you could end up with damaged decks and porches. These can become very expensive to repair. Chipmunks that get into offices and garages can cause even more damage.

One of the best ways to deal with these pests is not to allow them around your premises in the first place. This means removing wood piles, vegetation and debris from around your property.   Find all that particularly very attractive to establish nearby place to live. Don’t try to leave any type of food or water, especially pets food, once they done eating bring it back inside the house. Also, take all the birdseed off the ground and raise it up.

There are also various traps and other methods of getting at these rodents. However, if you have a true infestation, missing even a few will quickly lead to an aggravated chipmunk situation again! Our experts are trained to find out where chipmunks are hiding and then providing an effective and reliable method for their removal. Once we remove the chipmunks, we can even advise you on the best ways to prevent their return.

Final Thoughts on Controlling Wildlife

Each wild animal requires certain precautions when being dealt with, so it’s best to leave wildlife control to professionals like us. Maximum able to identify these invaders, as well as able to recognize effective methods to get them excluded from your resident with customize solution to from coming back another trip.

Our well-known wildlife removal services take care to humanely trap and remove animals using only environmentally friendly solutions. And while we maintain the highest levels of pest risk management for our customers, we always remain acutely aware of the many non-target wildlife species. As precious elements of our ecosystem, these creatures often require conservation and we make it a point not to affect any such population.

Using a wide variety of safe and ethical methods, we pride ourselves on offering a fast, friendly, reliable and hassle-free service. We also assist you in taking preventive measures to keep your business pest and problem free. So, if you own a business anywhere in or around Oakville, Burlington or Hamilton and find your property prone to a wildlife intrusion, give us a call now. Our team of experienced, skilled technicians will be on their way to protect your premises and send wildlife back to where they belong. Contact Maximum Oakville Wildlife Control Service Burlington ON Calling (905) 582-5502

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