Wildlife Animal Control Service: Removing Raccoons and Squirrels

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To raccoons or squirrels, your attic could seem like a nice, warm, safe place to call home. However, it’s unlikely you feel the same way. While these animals are fun to watch outside, they’re very destructive once they get into your home. If raccoons or squirrels have decided to call your attic home, you need to call a wildlife animal control service.

Why Do Raccoons and Squirrels Get into Attics in general?

The answer is quite simple; heat rises, making an attic much warmer than the outside during the winter season. They don’t like freezing any more than you do. So, your attic seems like a nice, warm, cozy place for these animals to call sweet home. Also, they feel safer when it’s breeding season, the higher they go, the safer its is away from other hunting animals that will attack their babies.

A raccoons and squirrels control service will not only humanely trap and remove these animals, but they’ll also find and block their entry points. If you don’t block the entry points, a new set of raccoons and squirrels will simply move in. They could be gaining access to the attic through a broken vent by climbing up a tree, then jumping onto the roof.

Pay Attention to the Noise

When you hear the critters in the attic can indicate whether you have, raccoons, squirrels, or mice. Heavy romping at night suggests the animals in your attic are raccoons. You may also hear growling and chattering with raccoons. Lighter, scampering footsteps at night could be flying squirrels, or possibly mice. If you hear the noise during the day, particularly at sunrise and sunset, you could have squirrels.

This information could be valuable to the wildlife animal control service you call if you haven’t seen the animals. Of course, you could have raccoons and squirrels at the same time, along with mice. Your wildlife control service will need to know what they’re dealing with, in order to set the appropriate traps.

Other Signs to Pay Attention To

If raccoons have been rummaging through your garbage at night, a natural step is to make your attic their home. If you go up into the attic during the day, you might find large, raccoon droppings and a strong urine smell. Even worse, raccoons are curious creatures with deft little hands, so don’t be surprised if they’ve torn up your attic.

Squirrels are smaller and lighter, but equally destructive. While a raccoon needs a reasonable entry point, squirrels might actually chew a hole into the wood siding to get inside. Once in, they’ll also chew the wood beams of the house, and even chew up electrical wiring. Squirrels also leave droppings, and you might discover chew marks.

Raccoons and Squirrels Carry Disease

Sadly, raccoons are among the top carriers of rabies in North America. A rabid raccoon poses a serious danger to you, your family, and your pets. If the raccoon in your attic is active during the day and acting strangely, it could have rabies. Raccoons can also carry diseases like salmonella and Lyme disease.

Also, raccoons can become aggressive if they’re confronted and feel threatened. However, it’s more common for them to “bluff” by growling, huffing, and they may even charge at you. Play it safe, and do not confront or corner a raccoon in your attic. Allow a wildlife animal control service specialist to set cages traps or one way doors to evict them out from not returning.

Squirrels are also known to carry diseases like Hantavirus, typhus, tularemia, and even plague. Fortunately, it’s very rare for squirrels to carry rabies. Both raccoons and squirrels also can be infested with ticks and fleas; these parasites can carry diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and encephalitis.

Raccoons & Squirrels Control Service

Poisoning is not only cruel but a dying raccoon or squirrel will hide somewhere to die. A dead animal lodged in a wall will stink up your house for months, or even years.

Trapping can also be problematic if baby raccoons or squirrels are involved; you might trap and relocate the mother, but not the babies. It’s likely the babies are also hidden, and not easily found. Without their mother, the babies will soon die and stink, and you’ll have dead animals hidden somewhere in your attic that is not easy to find.

Raccoons have their babies in the spring, so, in the spring and summer, your wildlife animal control service will allow mom to relocate with her babies somewhere else. They could use raccoon eviction paste or other predator fluid, which is derived from male raccoons; male raccoons are extremely dangerous to female raccoons while they’re giving birth and can kill the babies. Using raccoon eviction paste will make a female sense danger, prompting her to move the babies automatically further away from the location.

Removing a mother squirrel and her babies can be a more complex operation. Squirrels can have babies both in the early spring and late summer. It can take 3-4 months for the baby squirrels to be weaned and begin to venture out on their own. Your squirrel removal specialist needs to determine if your attic only has adult squirrels, or if there are also babies to be able to use the right safe method. The baby squirrels will need to be located, and removed by hand. Your technician may also install a one-way squirrel door to allow mom to get out, and be reunited with her babies afterward.

A wildlife animal control service such as Maximum pest control services in Oakville or Burlington will need to assess the current situation, to determine if you have male or female animals and if there are babies. That assessment will largely determine the removal method based on that.

The Importance of Using a Professional Wildlife Animal Control Service

A professional raccoon and squirrel control service company such as Maximum pest control services has the tools and knowledge to safely and humanely remove these wildlife animals from your home or business Once they’re out of the attic, their entry points need to be blocked to prevent a re-infestation or a new once coming back.

In addition to invading your attic, raccoons can take up residence under a deck or porch, and squirrels can overrun your yard. One thing you can do to discourage these animals is to not feed them, even if it is unintentional. Make sure your trash is always secured to discourage raccoons, as well as rodents. And, if squirrels have invaded your backyard bird feeder, it needs to be removed fast, otherwise mice and rats will also attack and follow, and if your house has many exterior access points, mice will enter and live up your attic for free and continually year round nonstop breeding.

Maximum pest control services in Burlington & Oakville ON, your wildlife removal control specialist can advise you further on how to keep these brainless animals out of your yard, attic and away from your home or business structure. At the end they can causes severe damages to your house structure which can be much costly to fix, so as an advice, don’t try to do it yourself, hire the wildlife control professionals’. Hire Maximum wildlife Technicians calling today (905) 582-550 or (289) 396-5426.

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