Ever Wondered About Those Busy Squirrels in Your Yard?

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Scampering up trees, darting across lawns, rummaging through flower beds – squirrels bring energy and wildlife to our yards. But as much as we enjoy watching their antics, these furry creatures aren’t always welcome when they take up residence. If you’ve noticed increased squirrel activity and are looking for solutions, read on to get the scoop on our bushy tailed friends.

We often take neighbourhood squirrels for granted. They provide amusing entertainment with their acrobatic leaps and constant foraging. But while squirrels add a touch of nature to our outdoor spaces, they can also become pests. Once they move into your yard or home, their gnawing, nest building and burrowing can cause unexpected headaches. This article will explore common squirrel problems, signs of infestation, and smart solutions for reclaiming your space. Arm yourself with knowledge before nuisance squirrels take over your property.

What’s the Proper Name for a Squirrel Nest?

A squirrel’s tiny home is known as a drey. Constructed of interwoven twigs, leaves and moss, a drey provides shelter from weather and predators. Its round shape with a hollow middle resembles a large bird’s nest. A drey can measure up to two feet across and is usually built high up in the fork of a tree. Some will also build nests in abandoned woodpecker holes or other tree cavities. During warmer months, mother squirrels may assemble a smaller nursery nest, called a swainson’s nest, in shrubs or dense vegetation.

Why Do Squirrels Choose My Yard for Their Homes?

Yards with mature trees make ideal habitats for these wildlife animals. Oak, hickory, maple and pine trees provide cavities, sturdy branches and food sources like acorns or pine cones. Evergreens give year-round shelter. Backyard bird feeders are a squirrel magnet, offering easy pickings. Compost piles filled with fruit scraps or vegetables also appeal to squirrels. And attics or sheds with openings allow them to move in. Overall, neighbourhoods with lush greenery tend to attract more squirrels.

Where Do Squirrels Nest?

Tree hollows, abandoned woodpecker holes and dense leafy branches are prime real estate for dreys. They prefer nesting at least 30 feet high, out of reach from predators. Thick canopy coverage gives protection from weather and camouflage from hawks or owls. In yards, some favourite drey trees include oak, cottonwood, willow, pine, cypress and elm. Mother squirrels build swainson’s nests low, around 3 to 10 feet up, in shrubs like rhododendron or azalea or in brush piles. The small size keeps babies snug while the low height makes nursing convenient.

Do Squirrels Really Care About Shady Spots in Yards?

More than just providing cool comfort, shade offers squirrels key benefits. Trees or structures that cast shade help regulate temperature in dreys and swainson’s nests, protecting babies and adults from overheating. Dappled sun also gives them relief on hot days when they’re busy foraging. And shade’s protective coverage becomes especially important during the risky baby-rearing seasons of early spring and summer, shielding mothers and young from aerial and ground predators. For squirrels, shade means security.

Are There Squirrels That Don’t Nest in Trees? 

While tree cavities provide ideal refuge, some will opportunistically nest in unexpected spaces. Attics, chimneys, sheds and garages filled with insulation offer tempting shelter. Ground squirrels, like chipmunks and prairie dogs, build elaborate tunnel systems with chambers for sleeping and storing food. Red squirrels may fashion large nests directly in the fork of a branch. And embryonic squirrels born midwinter may nest in underground burrows until spring, when they emerge and seek more permanent dreys. When resources are scarce, they can get creative with their nesting domains.

Can Squirrel Nests Cause Damage to Homes?

Left unchecked, squirrels nesting on or in your home can cause issues. Dreys built in rain gutters may lead to clogs or leaks. they gnawing entry holes into attics and sheds can ruin insulation, wood and electrical wiring. Indoor nests tangled with debris create fire hazards. There are health concerns too – squirrel droppings can spread over 20 harmful diseases. And new generations of may continue nesting in unwanted areas year after year if moms raise litters there. Stopping invasive squirrels quickly is key.

What Signs Indicate Squirrel Troubles in Your Yard?

Watch for these clues that squirrels have taken up unwelcome residence:

  • Strange noises like scratching or scampering coming from inside walls, chimney or attic
  • Damaged plants, flowers or vegetables, as they forage for food
  • Holes chewed into wooden structures, gutters or roof vents
  • Leaf nests visible in rain gutters or tree branches overhanging the home
  • Squirrel droppings around base of trees or buildings
  • Stripped insulation, nest material or caches of nuts in attic or shed
  • Multiple squirrels racing across yard or patio

Don’t let messy, destructive squirrel nests wreak havoc. At the first signs, contact wildlife experts to remove them humanely and permanently.

Why Trust Maximum Pest Control to Handle Your Wildlife Issues?

roof top of a house protected with strong mesh for pest and wildlife control

At Maximum Pest Control Services, we’ve helped homeowners like you resolve squirrel problems for over 10 years. Our certified wildlife specialists can quickly identify activity signs, pinpoint nest locations and create custom solutions to remove squirrels humanely and safe.

We use humane traps, one-way exclusion doors and deterrents to evict them without harming them. Once are gone, we can repair damaged entry points and install mesh screens to keep new ones out. We even clean droppings to eliminate disease risks. And our work is guaranteed, so you can enjoy your yard again squirrel-free.

Don’t let unwanted squirrels invade your property any longer. Contact Maximum Pest Control Services today to schedule an inspection. Let our experts assess your squirrel situation and take care of it promptly and professionally. We look forward to helping you reclaim your yard and home!



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