Ways Squirrels and Chipmunks Can Get Inside Your House!

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When winter is coming, we feel the cold weather, and then we start to shut our open windows. We do not need a weather thermostat to figure this out, and animals most certainly don’t, too. Now, once these animals figure out that winter is coming soon, they either start burrowing or go into your house  top attic. Your home is easier to access and going there requires lesser effort. They can also figure out that there is an abundance of food in your home, so they will naturally welcome themselves as uninvited guests that include rats and mice. make sure you keep the backyard and inside the garage always tidy.

Even if squirrels and chipmunks are also rodents, they are not as bad as their relative, the dirty rat. However, both squirrels and chipmunks can still carry bad elements into your house, like fleas, mites, or ticks. Now, although squirrels and chipmunks are not as bad as carrying diseases as mice, the fleas and the ticks that they carry with them are just as bad.

Also, squirrels and chipmunks can damage your property especially the attic beams and rafters. Like rats, they will gnaw at your wall panels, your wiring, and a lot more. They will also soil your house with urine and droppings, thus inviting more pests into your house.

As the winter comes, they will find themselves inside the comfort of your home. But, how do they do it and get in?  

The Chipmunks

These animals burrow into the ground. That is where they live and make a nest. Their underground homes have a lot of tunnels, and these include spaces for food storage, nesting, and even escape routes. Now, they will use these tunnels as a way to get into your house. If your floor is made of wood with no concrete beneath it, they surely will eat at the wood until they find their way inside.

If your house floor is made of concrete, they will take advantage of open windows and doors, including windows of basements that are just level to the ground. Chipmunk infestation is almost rare, and they are not noisy. If you hear too much loud noises, then it is likely that your intruder is a squirrel attack.

The Squirrels

Squirrels, like mice and rats, can climb trees and they can also jump. Usually, squirrels will jump their way into your house through the attic or the roof. If your roof has openings, like broken gutters, they will use that opening to gain entry into your house.

Squirrels have powerful damaging teeth. They can bite through the wood, plastic, and even aluminum. They will bite at your vent covers and use that opening to get inside the attic from the top roof. Squirrels can also use the small overlap between your roofing panel to gain entry. If you have sewer under your house, it is also a possible entry point, including gas and exhaust pipes. The squirrel, like the rats and mice, only needs a small hole to wiggle its head and body to get through it .

What should you do if they are inside? 

Now, a chipmunk is not a real concern. They are much more at home if they are underground, and would get out the first chance they get. Squirrels, however, can live inside and make a home in your house. A chipmunk will get out if you open the door. But a squirrel will fight back if it thinks that it is in danger.

To get rid of squirrels, mice, rats you must call a pest control company to assist you. You can also call your wildlife or animal welfare department to get rid of it if you wish. However, you are better off calling a professional pest control service so they can also assess the damage the squirrels and chipmunks made. They will find out if there are droppings and if they carry fleas and ticks with them. If you do not know of any company, simply use Google searching for pest controllers near me. The search results should show you the companies near you that are servicing your special area or simply contact MAXIMUM 905-582-5502

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