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The target pests include: boxelder bugs, bees, wasps, pantry pests, fleas, roaches, rodents, silverfish, ticks, earwigs, spiders, and house ants. Wild Animals are not included but all members receive 35% off.

Maintenance Program

Our residential pest control service program visits, is made to keep your home year around free from any pest. Field technicians who are licensed will be dispatched to your home wherein they will interview you as well as inspect your premises to evaluate the pest problems. Then, they will choose the right products and equipment to treat your place for specific pests, which are present. In addition to that, they will provide you with recommendations on how you can boost the pest environment around your house by cleaning the clogged gutters to lessen ant harborage, excluding the pests from your home’s interior through sealing cracks as well as openings around doors and windows, and many more, and raking up the leaf litter around your home’s base to lessen the earwig harborage.

Initial Visit

During the initial visit, our team of technicians will treat your home’s exterior and interior. Inside your home, we have some options on treatment available to us so we can meet your specific concerns and needs. Majority of our products are very low odor so that once we have completed, you will not know we have been there except for the dying pests’ presence:). Outside your home, we will treat your foundation, garage, doorways and windows, fence lines, yard areas, and first floor eaves around your home to give a protective barrier.
Our service also includes the spider web removal around your home’s exterior!

Regular Scheduled Visits

On our follow-up, regularly scheduled visits, our experts will re-treat your home’s exterior to reinforce the protective and effective pest barrier as well as we will also get rid of any spider webs that may pop up since the last visit.


Our initial service was designed to avoid your home’s interior of pests as well as the exterior barrier treatment is important. If the pests still exist, you can guarantee that we will treat your home’s interior without paying additional charge. At majority of homes, our effective and protective works efficiently that insides are usually treated once a year only during winter times but if needed will be free of charge.

Do You Need to Be Home for Regular Visits?

No, you don’t need to be home for regular visits. Since regular visits are only outside, there’s no need for you to consider meeting the service technician. If your dog is allowed to run free in your yard or keep your gate locked during the regular visits, we’ll assign your home a particular day during that specific month so that whenever you can have your gate unlocked as well as your dog confined. If you must forget, we will leave you a note about the areas we could not service. We will also ask for you to contact us about the rescheduled regular visits. This is at no additional cost.

What Happens When It Rains?

Obviously, we do not like our treatments wasted. Plus, we want to protect you and our environment from any unwanted pests. When raining or water is running off the property, this will be essential to reschedule the typical exterior appointments. Our technicians will also let an ample time for your property to dry before they will try to apply any treatment. Protecting your property and home while protecting our environment is our main goal.

One-Time Spot Treatment Services

Unlike other companies, we do not want to offer you something that may not give you the results you’re looking for. We know that our protective barrier we apply in your home’s exterior requires to be replenished on a typical basis for this to be efficient. Our one-time service is like a band aid that provides results. Contact us now and discover if this will suit on your needs. Call Today (905) 582-5502

Providing comprehensive pest management service throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario, including: Toronto – Golden Horseshoe – Mississauga – Brampton – Milton – Oakville Hamilton – Burlington – Niagara.

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