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Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs can cause a lot of problems not just to people, but to their properties as well. Termites, for instance, can cause large damages to structures and wood. You can’t make your home bug proof, but there are various ways that can help you prevent pest infestation.

Preventing pest infestation is possible by keeping bugs out of your home and taking measures to make your place unwelcoming for bugs.

Effective ways to keep pests out of your home

  • Keep your kitchen clean.

Places with water and food are the best spots for bugs. Keep your kitchen clean and neat at all times. Clean any spill fast, wipe up crumbs and sweep the floor. Instead of keeping your dishes inside the sink overnight, clean it immediately. Throw food scraps and packages. Clean the toaster, stove top and microwave regularly.

  • Seal doors.

If the doors in your home let air and light pass through, they’d also allow bugs to come inside. Install door thresholds and sweeps that fit tightly into the bottom of your exterior doors. Fill any gap at the top and sides of the door with a good door deal.

  • Place screens in your doors and windows.

Repair or replace torn or damaged window screens. If you don’t have any, install screen doors right away. Get high quality mesh screens to prevent insects from entering your home.

  • Seal every crack in exterior walls, foundation and fascia boards of your home.

Cracks can easily let insects get inside your home. Perform a careful inspection of your place and seal cracks properly if there are any.

  • Put critter-proof mesh in vents and crawl spaces.

Squirrels, raccoons, mice and birds might also get into your home through crawl spaces and attics if there is no barrier to prevent them from entering. Such animals might have fleas, mites and other unwanted guests that may infest your place.

  • Seal gaps around utility lines and appliance vents.

Small gaps around the gas line, dryer vent and telephone line can let insects get into your abode easily. Place caulk on every crevice in the exterior. Seal any gap from the inside using spray foam. Doing so can help you prevent infestation in your home to a great extent.

  • Seal food tightly.

If pests are often found inside your kitchen, make sure the insects won’t have access to any food source. It’s important to keep foods such as grains, cereals and rice inside air-tight containers. Keep the open food containers inside your refrigerator.

  • Repair leaks to reduce moisture.

Since moisture sources draw pests in, ensure to fix any plumbing leak within your home. Condensation on your pipelines might result in dripping of water, thus creating a suitable place for UN-welcomed guests. If the basement or crawl space accumulates water during heavy rains, pests might get in. Thus, building an excellent drainage system is important.

A pest free place is clean and healthy for living. Make sure to follow these steps to keep your home hygienic all the time.

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