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Insect pests do not just attack and multiply in the summer. This is a myth and believing in this can cause serious damage to your house and to your living health. Insect pests are around all the time of the year, but it is true that there are some that are most active during fall. During the winter, they would force themselves in your home in search of living shelter. During summer, they can be found outside your house, especially if you have vegetation in your lawn.

There are three main insects during fall. These three are the spring tails, stink bugs, and box elder bugs. These are common pests that hide in the winter, and will resurface during fall when they are capable of living with the correct temperature. However, they can get into your house during winter if you do not prepare to fight them.

Spring Tails

Usually, you will find this pest by the hundreds. It is not unusual to find them in your basement where the temperature is a little warm and yet there is moisture in the air. Although they may look like flea, they are not. Unlike fleas, spring tails do not bite.

They do not feed on human blood, so a pest control is not really urgent. What they need is fungi, mold, and algae. Despite them being harmless, they are an eyesore and they can be annoying if you see hundreds of them in your living room or bathroom. If you see spring tails, lookout for water leaks around the house. They usually like wet areas as this is a source of their sustenance. Remedy the leak right away, and seal all holes where water can seep through.

Box Elder Bugs

These are bugs that with a combination of black and orange. They are usually seen clinging on walls, and they are also normally found on your door or window screens. Although they do not spread diseases, they still bite, but rarely. These insects may not be as harmful as other insect pests, but they will stain your clothes as they poop on your stuff. They also produce a vile bad odor which can get stuck to where they landed.

Stink Bugs

These are brown bugs and like the other bug, it stinks a lot. They like staying on walls and curtains so it is easy to spot them. They are also drawn to the light, so it is not unusual to see them in lighting fixtures. These insects smell really bad, and that is why there are called so.

How do you get rid of these bad pests?

These pests can be in outside your house before the winter, and then inside your house during winter. To keep them out, here are some tips for you.

  • Inspect your house, your walls, doors, and windows. Make sure there are no cracks. Seal holes with caulking and then replace damaged screens.
  • Clean your gutter, your roof-line, and your vents. If this is too much for you, call a professional cleaning service company. They have the right tools to clean these stressful areas.
  • Make sure all leaks are completely fixed. If leaks form a puddle of water, these three insects are not the only problems you will have.

Best way to prevent pests and insects from coming in your house

Regularly clean and maintain your property. Insure your kitchen and the garage outside are clean and free from food left-overs. Don’t leave any food bags stored in the garage, insects and other pests can easily locate them through their scent abilities. If the infestation is out of control, call Maximum Professional Exterminator Oakville (905) 582-5502 so that we can assess the situation and get rid of these insects and pests quickly.

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