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Did you know that birds are also considered pests by some? They stay on windowsills and poop there, attracting more pests in the process. Some are only worried about rats & mice, while others need help in ants & termite problems, while others worry about cockroaches infesting their homes.

But what are the most common pests that you should be aware of? Here, we will be sharing some of the most common pests found by pest control service companies, and help you understand their habits so you can take action to control them.

Rodents (Mice & Rats)

This by far is one of the most dreaded pests out there. There was a time when rats decimated millions of lives during the bubonic plague, as they carry a variety of viruses and bacteria that killed so many lives.

At the very least, mice and rats can transfer 35 kinds of diseases to humans. They can also transfer these diseases in a lot of ways like through urine, saliva, feces, and bites exposure.

Where Do Rodents Hide

Rodents like to live in places that are mostly dark & isolated and they are drawn to heavily populated areas where there are lots of accessible food such as restaurants and houses that carry with damaged exterior access points to invite themselves inside and infest like madness.

To prevent rodents from infesting your house, seal all damaged exterior cracks and make sure they have no entry way to your inside house. Tightly seal lids for food sources in the kitchen, and dispose of garbage immediately.

If the infestation is beyond your control, hire a professional pest control company that offers rat extermination service. They will help find out where the mice & rats hide, as well as inspect the exterior and the attic of your house for any rodents evidence for confirmation, and take picture report for all access points to create a plan of action for safe elimination of rodents.


Mosquitoes like wet areas because they lay their eggs on water. They also thrive in gardens. To ensure that you do not get a mosquito infestation, always keep your place always dry especially with their time season. Clean places where there is stagnant water, or flush them out consistently. Mosquitoes are annoying blood-sucking seasoned pests. They can carry malaria and dengue, among other things and thus mosquito bites can transfer the virus, which will incubate in human body for several days before a full blown disease and that can get you sick.


dead cockroach behind a magnifying glass

Have you ever seen a dead cockroach close up? Not a pretty sight. These are vile creatures that spread a foul smell. Roaches also carry bacteria and diseases. A cockroach likes to stay in damp and dark places where they can stay safe from predators. They will also thrive in places where there is water, so make sure your kitchen sink or bathroom shower areas have no leaks.

Roaches can survive for up to 6 months months without food as long as they drink water. If you do not clean up food crumbs around your house, its more than likely that cockroaches will be attracted to it as they rely on such quick and easy meals. They also like staying in areas where there are cracks so that they are out sight, but not out of mind till you see them. Keep in mind that any cracks and crevices are their breeding ground, and they will invade your property if these cracks are not patched.


These are perhaps the more visible to humans, these flying little monsters that can transfer a lot of bacteria. They hang on feces and then they will get to any food source quickly as their scent abilities are highly advanced. Flies generally breed outdoors but can also do so indoors. Flies like moist garbage, and they will lay eggs there because garbage provides food to dropped maggots.

To control flies, it is important that you identify the type that are invading your home, also, it could very well be nearby places where they are a living and breeding, and coming to annoy you when opportunity arises. If you do see flies in your home on regular basis, it may be easier to hire a pest control service company to help you identify the causes and eliminate fly problems.

Keep Pests Away

Wherever there are human population is, there will always be pest problems. But they can be controlled & taking care off. Your activities and how you maintain sanitation is the key to keeping pests away. If you spend the time to clean your surroundings, seal your trash, and repair all damaged exterior cracks, check your house soffits that they are in place tight and secure. All of these pest control insights will significantly reduce pest infestation.

Hire Professional Pest Control Experts Near You

You may be busy, just want some advice for pests, or you found out that your residential or commercial property is facing a large pest infestation and needs controlling and management. In such cases, help is always near you with our affordable and safe rat extermination, all types of pests controlled, bed bug removal solutions taking care of pest problems for good.

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