Preventing Rodents From Entering your home

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It’s almost winter which means unwanted pests like rodents start to make their way inside structures. You may be a manager accountable for a plant, condominium or business building or perhaps a homeowner, you will find important things you can do to lower on the likelihood of a rodent problems that you are about to face:

1. Perform an intensive exterior inspection searching for gaps and holes where rats and mice can enter.
2. Search for proof of existing rodent activity, including feces and chew up marks.
3. Do an internal examination having to pay attention of walls, cabinets, pantries, lofts and garbage can recycling areas.
4. Gaps around home windows and doorways, should be sealed, including garage areas. gaps where pipes and utility/cable lines enter your home.
5. Take special care to make sure the kitchen is clean daily to get rid of meal source.

If you notice any proof of rodents problems, hire an expert pest management company to deliver a solution better than do it yourself!.

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