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We can confidently say that rats and mice are evolved as one of the perfect pest species causing all sorts of problems for home and business owners for thousands of years. They are silent and well hidden like some sort of elite special forces soldier we see in some action movies. We know they are there usually coming out at night when you are fast asleep, they are hard to see let alone catch and eliminate, as if like Jason Bourne, can not be caught easily by untrained pest control technicians

And yet, as soon as you see a rat or a mouse running around your property, then you can be certain that there is an infestation, should you consider yourself lucky? Obvious answer is "NO" because you got pest problems.

But the good news is that you’ve found us here at Maximum Pest Control Services mice and rat extermination specialists as we have better weapons, techniques and skills when combatting mice and rat infestation (serving Hamilton, Mississauga and neighborhoods throughout Greater Toronto Area). Although you can call us 905-582-5502 right now let us first look at:

Habits of Rats & Mice

Rats and mice usually live in groups called packs. New packs are formed when an adult male and adult female go off on their own to start a new colony at a suitable place.

These pests will eat just about anything you can imagine, typical Canadian house mouse and brown rats can go through trash or eat any food that is left unprotected.

Rats and mice are omnivorous, that means they have the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal matter, typical house mouse and also brown rat prefer cereals, but the black rat prefers fruit and foods with high moisture content.

Basically, they are not picky eaters, as long as there is easy food source nearby, they can and will invade for infestation.

One of the main reasons these pests have been causing problems for humans for centuries is because they are experts in being undetectable when infesting and building colonies. This is due to their ability to slip through the tiniest of the holes. Mice and Rats are a threat to properties and the people living within as they can spread different kinds of diseases also cause structural damage through their destructive eating habits (e.g. chewing through drywalls, electrical wires and wood).

Understanding rat’s biology and living habits is important for successful rat and mice extermination from your home or commercial property. When looking for residential and commercial pest control in Canada Ontario including Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Scarborough, Hamilton and others.

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What’s the Difference Between a Rat and a Mouse?

For most people who aren’t trained as pest control experts, rats and mice look the same. After all, both species have similar body shape, nose, ears, feet and tail. Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that a Mouse compared to a Rat has unique distinguishable differences.

Although rats are bigger in body size, a mature mouse has larger ears and longer tail compared to a young rat. But a young rat has distinctly larger feet and head compared to a mouse. Mice are usually light grey or brown in colour whereas rats are often dark brown or black in colour.

Rats and Mice Fire Hazards?

Unknown to many property owners there are many dangers which can arise due to rats and mice faeces, and urine which left unchecked can become flammable and cause property fires.

mouse droppings feces

Why Call Professional Rat & Mice Pest Control Experts?

Once the rats and mice settle down, it is almost impossible to get rid of them for property owners. Because no matter how hard one may try to get rid of mice and rat infestation using DIY techniques, it won’t work. Because if it did, then, RATS and MICE wouldn’t be a problem for humans, in fact, they probably would die out as species because they rely on humans to survive.

Surely, there are many TV Advertisement you too may have seen such as "Buy Rodenticide, Mouse and Rat Baits and Traps". We strongly advice you to not attempt to eliminate rats or mice infestation on your own. Naturally, right now you may think that we are just saying that as a sales pitch, but nothing could be further from truth.

Because the longer left untreated, the bigger the problem we have to deal with, as a result, it will be more expensive for our valued customers such as yourself. Think about it, if we had to destroy and remove 100 mice compared to just 10 its going to require more time and effort on our part. We rather you avoid larger infestation, instead get in touch with our licensed and effective mice exterminators in Mississauga Ontario.

Rat removal and control is very important, because . No matter, how hard you try and what DIY methods you apply, they are still going to come back. Therefore; consulting and calling a rat exterminator is vital.

The rat exterminator uses targeted methods to get rid of rats, like property inspection and how to prevent future infestation. Protecting your home, property and most importantly the health of your family is absolutely important. And the good news is that when we eliminate rats and mice from your property, it will be done so at most competitive rates because unlike some other expensive pest control companies, our solutions are customized and we offer you best value for money treatments. Talk to us we’re here to help.

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Preventive Solutions

When you hire our professional mice and rat exterminator and removal services rest assured that we focus solely on prevention. Unlike some other pest control companies, we do not simply rely on killing rats and mice and then removing them because mice and rats are clever enough to find different ways to infest your property again.

Our proven preventive measures include:

  • Through property inspection to identify entry points and pathways. Seal up and close entry points to invoke future access for rats and mice.
  • Some species build their nests in overgrown vegetation, nearby buildings, or even underground. Identify and eliminate nesting grounds.
  • Effective treatments that include lowest toxicity solutions which are safe for humans, pets and the environment.
  • Basic repairs for damaged structure such as drywalls, wood or other materials will be performed by our expert pest control company.

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How Much Does Rat or Mice Extermination Cost?

We understand that cost is important and you would like to see your hard earned dollar go to the affordable pest control company. Rest assured that Maximum Pest Control Services guarantees best value for money and we will beat any genuine quote for commercial and residential pest control services anywhere in Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough, Hamilton, Mississauga Ontario Canada.

The average cost of rat and mice exterminator and removal is between $200 – $500 however, it may vary based on different factors such as:

  • The age and level of infestation (as in: how long the invasion has occurred and how many rats and mice we have to eliminate)
  • The species of Mouse or Rats (as some require aggressive approach as well as time to completely exterminate)
  • Other pest problems
  • The size of your property (is it average sized residential home, apartment, single unit or multistorey property)

Once again, rest assured here at Maximum Pest Control Services, we guarantee best value for money service as a result we will beat any genuine quote. Get in touch as we are here to help get rid of all types of pest control problems

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