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We can never ignore the presence of pests in our living homes. Life is much disturbed when these pests are creeping and hiding here and there. They are responsible for making our life much difficult and uncomfortable at any time. However, we can surely get rid of them by hiring a professional best pest control company’s services. Nowadays, there is no problem to find pest control technicians searching google online for skilled “pest extermination companies near me” such as Maximum pest control in your local area. It simply takes very little time to look for skilled local pest control services. Usually, you tend to find a professional company service close to our living space. Just search online and you find a company near you.

This has become an easy task after the emergence of MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Hamilton Ontario and other nearby local areas, as we are committed to giving the most effective services in your area. We deal with controlling mice, rats, bedbugs, house & carpenter ants, wasps, fleas, cockroaches, squirrels and raccoons. Our Maximum local exterminators will reach your local area without any further delay to assist you immediately with your pest control needs. Our skilled exterminators will find the real cause and fix it instantly to avoid further issues with pests. So the issue of searching the answer to the question, ‘’is there any trustworthy service concerning pest control near me’ will be resolved. In the future, you may not have to deal with pests all by yourself as we’ve got skilled consultants and educated technicians for your services in the native area.

Based in Oakville & Burlington Ontario we are committed to providing you the foremost reliable pest control service. We are continuously improving our services keeping in view the dynamic technologies and client desired preferences. We offer our team of skilled services to deal with the pests that are mentioned earlier in detail. We don’t just make bold claims however we tend to deliver fast and reliable services. Our main objective is to provide client satisfaction at any cost.

We started our company MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES in Oakville Ontario and other areas with only a few members and a handful of skilled professionals. And currently, by the virtue of our high- quality services, client-friendly policies and fast response to customer orders, we have currently become a multi-member company with a larger number of customers in a short period.

Today we would like to introduce you to the most common pests that you frequently encounter in and around the house. Pests may not cause any concrete damage to your health however, many people find the mere presence and behavior of such animals disturbing and annoying. Pests often cause disgust or horror in people simply by their appearance or smell. Sometime the pests may cause concrete damage in the house or garden. They make objects unusable and food inedible. Pests can also harm your health; they are in fact transmitters of germs and diseases.


Rats are at the top of the list of unhygienic pests worldwide. They multiply very quickly and carry dangerous pathogens with them. They contaminate food and can cause damage to wires, cables, and lines. Rats in or around the house pose a risk to human and pet health. Keep in touch with our company MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES to learn more about rats and how to get rid of them.


Do you live with mice under one roof? Mostly, a mouse infestation causes scratching and scratching noises. Mouse droppings or the typical smell can be an indication of a mouse infestation. Like the rats, mice belong to the group of unhygienic and unhealthy pests because they transmit dangerous pathogens. Mouse populations grow so fast that a few mice can quickly become a plague of mice. Be with us at MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES to discover more about mice and how to fight them here with Maximum.


Cockroaches are dangerous and can transmit a variety of dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis, salmonellae, typhoid, dysentery, mold spores and worm parasites to humans. Your feces can also cause eczema and asthma. Children, seniors, and sick people are, particularly at risk. A cockroach infestation does not necessarily have to be due to a lack of hygiene. Cockroaches are often brought into the house using food packaging or holiday luggage. Be with us to learn more about cockroaches and how to control them.


For a long time, bed bugs were considered to be virtually eradicated in our latitude. For some years now, however, there has been a massive increase in bed bugs. In order to detect an infestation with bed bugs, it is important to recognize the first signs early. Bed bugs hide in crevices during the day and are therefore hardly visible. Often bed bugs are accidentally brought in with the holiday luggage at home. With MAXIMUM PEST CONTROL SERVICES, you can find out more about bed bugs and how to remove them quickly and easily.


Fleas often occur in households with animals; they can transmit diseases. The biggest problem is usually the itching caused by flea bites. Fleas not only affect our pets, but they can also attack humans. You will learn more about fighting fleas by joining us. For more information, speak directly with a licensed pest controls professional (905) 582-5502


Did you spot ants in the house or your backyard? Then you should react quickly because some ants are pests and maybe harmful which poses a health and economic risk. They should not be underestimated: they can cause a lot of damage especially with carpenter ants as they chew on your house structure, from small impurities to electrical short-circuits. Moving forward we would tell you more about ants here: house ants and tiny pharaoh ants.


In summer season they are practically everywhere. Wasps! A wasp sting is not only very painful; it can even be life-threatening for allergy sufferers or the elderly people. So if you discover a wasp nest on your house or nearby, we advise professional removal by hiring Maximum wasps experts. Moving forward we would tell you more about the wasp and tips on wasp stings and removal service.


In addition to the above mentioned pests, we also deal effectively with Squirrels and raccoons. These creatures also ruin the peace and make our life irritating. You should never underestimate the health hazards of pests in the house and other areas. You should deal with them promptly and must not wait for the situation to become worse.

In case of any information in regards pest control requirement or phone booking orders with maximum exterminators, you can visit our website: or simply pick up the phone and call us at (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502. We always here to help.

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