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We can say that we are a lucky bunch living in Southern Ontario Canada because we all enjoy our pristine nature and all the wildlife that it entails. For example: Hamilton has around 45 different species of mammals (including badgers, mink, coyotes, otters, foxes, bats, opossums, raccoons (Procyon lotor), rodents such as beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines, and many other species of wildlife animals).

All of which is great to live nearby as long as they stay out of urban areas where we live. That means, wildlife animals can become pests requiring residents living in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Scarborough and others nearby to search for wildlife control services. If Racoons, Squirrels or other wildlife is bothering you, simply call 905-330-2102 Maximum Pest Control Services for their removal.

Raccoon Removal Services Hamilton Ontario

The raccoon is a medium-sized mammal native to North America. It is the largest of the procyonid family with a body length of up to 70 cm and weighing around 25 kg for fully grown adult raccoon. And because of Hamilton’s Conservation Areas as well as our urban forests, you may see a Raccoon or Squirrels moving in to your property.

Whenever you see a raccoon or squirrel in or nearby your Hamilton property, do not attempt to approach it or try to shoo it away because they can become aggressive and attack. Instead, contact your local wildlife removal experts.

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Why you need wildlife control services for removing raccoons or squirrels? Because these animals are known to carry viral diseases which include rabies, canine distemper, raccoon parvoviral enteritis, infectious canine hepatitis, pseudorabies and others diseases which can be fatal for humans (especially children). Our expert wildlife control specialists can humanely takeaway your racoon problem with our rapid response raccoon removal solution in Mississauga, Scarborough, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and other Greater Toronto Area neighborhoods.

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Squirrel Removal Services Hamilton Ontario Canada

Squirrels are cute, fluffy, and fun critters to watch. Mostly loved by children due to cartoon characters such as the Fictional character Scrat (in the Ice Age franchise) or Bucky the Squirrel (from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove). And yet, squirrels can become an annoying pest. They run around attacking bird feeders, make terrifying screams usually during the night, bite into electrical cables, and damage other things in your yard.

But the main problem can arise when squirrels start to invade your home.

The unused space in your attic or backyard sheds can provide a warm and safe place for all types of pests. Particularly due to Hamilton’s cold winter months, pests such as squirrels seek warm and comfortable shelter which makes homes in Hamilton Ontario Canada an ideal place for pests to nest. And when Squirrels start raising a family in close proximity of your family, their cuteness can quickly turn in to a nightmare.

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Eliminating and removing any wildlife animal from a residential or commercial property might be a problem that is difficult to deal with on your own. Best way to eliminate wildlife from your property is by calling in the experts at Maximum Pest Control Services as we offer rapid response squirrels removal services in Hamilton Canada. Find us on the map here

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How to Prevent Squirrels Invading Your Garden and Attic

You probably heard ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is more than a saying when it comes to successful pest control. Meaning, exterminating and removing pests is perhaps the easy part for most pest control companies, what’s more important is prevention so that the problem is solved from ground up so to speak. When it comes to wildlife control techniques, preventing squirrels to enter your garden, attic or house is always the first line of defense to stop their invasion and minimizing damage.

Trim Trees Around Your House

Cut tree limbs and branches that extend near the roofline to limit the access of the squirrels into your roof and attic.

Don’t Feed Wildlife with a Bird Feeder

If you are a bird lover who loves to wake up to their early morning songs, then, you probably have bird feeders around the property. Consider buying a squirrel-proof feeder to prevent them from coming back to your garden. It could also help to change the type of food on your bird feeder. Squirrels are attracted to nuts, corn, and sunflower seeds. Switch to options less appetizing to these animals.

Secure The Trash

Another food source for the squirrels is the food waste. Make sure your trash bins are securely closed and disposed of properly. In fact, most pests such as rats, raccoons or squirrels love to get a free feed found in rubbish bins around the property. So, whether you operate a commercial kitchen or having wildlife problems in your residential property, ensure garbage is fully secured as some wild animals are intelligent enough to open lids.

Spray Squirrels with a Repellent

Although we do not recommend using this option, nonetheless its an option for you to consider. Use a home made natural repellent which often discourage squirrels from coming back to your house. Mix garlic, water and vinegar to spray around your home to serve as taste repellent.

Scare Squirrels

You can also place objects that might shoo the squirrels away. Placing plastic owls on the fences around your house can trick the squirrels and at times scare them away. There are a lot of available smart sensors today that you can easily install within the perimeter of your property. You can buy a motion-activated sprinkler or an alarm system that can shock and scare the squirrels.

However, make sure you do not attempt to scare them away by running after them since they can attack humans. Simply call your local squirrels removing experts in Hamilton ON.

Seal Possible Entry Paths

Check for possible entry points such as rotting wood on the fascia which could be used by the squirrels as a possible entrance. Seal holes and crevices especially in places near your attic. Also, since not all homes are built the same in Hamilton, thoroughly inspect around the property looking for entryways that could be used by the squirrels to sneak into your house.

Spotting the Signs of Squirrel Infestation

If you spot squirrels frequenting your garden or stealing food from your bird feeder, you should raise the alert flag. If you are not vigilant, it might take just a few days before they make your attic their personal vacation space.

Whether you catch them on the act or not, you should be alert and be equipped on how to spot signs of squirrels commonly found in Hamilton properties.

  • Teeth and bite marks on electric cables and wires, on wood, damage on air vents and gutters, or even chew marks on your windows and other fixtures.
  • Unusual noises such as scratching, chewing, running, or scurrying, sounds from the attic, ceiling, and other crawl spaces.
  • Foul odor and stench coming from your air vents or the attic. Animal droppings, dead squirrels, and other decaying matter might be to blame.
  • Presence of squirrel footprints in your porch, walls, and other places. The front paws of a squirrel have four toes, while their back paws have five.
  • When water damage on your walls and ceilings start to show this could be due to squirrel or other type of pest infestation.

When at least one of these signs is present, it’s time to check your attic, air vents, around the garden, and other crawl spaces for possible infestation.

What To Do for Controlling Squirrels Found in Attics

If squirrels have already invaded your attic space, here are some of the tips on how to deal with them.

Locate the Nest

If you have determined that squirrels are living in your attic, find their nest. It is usually made of leaves, paper, and other materials. If its breeding season, usually in spring and autumn, baby squirrels might be present.

Better not to bother them at this point. Mother squirrels might become feral protecting her young. Wait for a few weeks where the baby squirrels can leave their mother. Or simply call wildlife removal experts to eliminate the problem as early as possible.

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How to Trap Squirrels

Seal all entry points into your attic except one. The squirrels might fit into small holes so be sure to close them with a wire or caulking.

Use a one-way cage door for the entry point you left. This will catch the squirrels as they leave the attic.

Once all the squirrels are inside the cage, you can now relocate them to your local animal center.

Check your local laws if it is permissible to free them in the wild. In unsure, contact your local environmental authority or an independent wildlife organization to help you. You can call Maximum Pest Control Services Hamilton Division on 289-396-5426 to learn more or to get us to handle squirrels and remove other wildlife from your property.

Wildlife Damage Control and Repair

You may have already dealt with Raccoons and Squirrels. Or, they may have already caused minor or extensive damage around your property. Another great reason to hire wildlife control and removal experts at Maximum Pest Control Services is that we repair the damage wildlife animal may have caused around the property. Basically, we ensure all our valued clients property is fully secured from wildlife invasion.

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