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If you run a business in the Canadian city of Burlington Ontario and looking for a professional safe reliable and efficient commercial business pest control service in Burlington, you are just in the right place. Maximum Pest Control Services cater to the pest control needs of a wide variety of business industries located in that city such as:

  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Food service
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Office Property Management
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Warehouse
  • Grocery store
  • Apartment rentals

It is Maximum goal to help shield business services by incorporating a better knowledge of pests with a extensive more deep understanding of each customer’s certain details requirements .

So, Which Services Are Maximum known For?

Deep Spray Micro Germs Removal

We excel at spray, sanitizing, attics inspection & baiting, drains foam cleaning and all other pest friendly nooks without creating a slippery surface and without causing any damage to the property items. Our methods ensure we wipe out all conditions conducive to the breeding of pests with our commercial effective preventive spray.

Odor Control

Did you know that the foul smell that humans find repelling is exactly what attracts pests! Our odor control technology breaks down this smell at a fundamental level to keep your premises always fresh, clean and fragrant so pests don’t get attracted to it and start breeding.

Facilities Care

Our restroom pest control service reduces the germination of unwanted creatures on your facility and helps maintain hygiene. It reduces the fear of spreading of diseases through manual contact and helps you safeguard the health of your customers and employees.

Pest Control Education & Training

With decades of experience and a ton of knowledge, we are well-equipped to train your staff with all practices and routines necessary to control pests on your property. We provide an array of training programs aimed at pest prevention as well as eradication methods.

Which Pests Do We Help Control?

A Wide Variety Of Them Like:


Flies are one of the most common pest problems businesses deal with. They multiply quickly, contaminate food and spread germs and diseases. We are proficient in wiping out flies from your premises using an array of methods from mechanical traps to bio-remediation service.

Bed Bugs

This is another threat faced by Canadian commercial entities, especially in the hospitality industry. A bed bug can hitch-hike easily into your property in clothing, luggage, cardboard-box or even a hand purse! They then lay eggs and before you know it, your whole premises are infested with them in time. If you face this same problem, please reach out to Maximum. We have helped a vast number of businesses solve this epidemic issue by applying safe effective bed bugs treatments to help get rid of them from your  business  safely.


Our mosquito control service protects you and your business from these creatures and helps keep your property hygienic.

Rats and Mice

These rodents can pose a severe threat to your business by infecting food and littering your staff and property. While simple traps can solve the problem of a few rats and mice, the population can spiral out of control very quickly. Our rodent control program methods help deal with these pest species very effectively.

House Ants & Black Carpenter Ants

Ants are extremely common around food storage units and can multiply exponentially almost over-night. Our Eco-Friendly insecticides and sprays can help ensure your property remains ant free year round.

Bees, spiders, wasps, cockroaches – there are a lot of pests that can endanger your business activities and Maximum can help control all of them. All you need to do is give us a call and our insured & bonded team of trained and experienced professionals will be on their way.

What makes our pest control services better?

The secret sauce to our impeccable services is our scientific attitude towards pest control. Instead of using a one-shoe-fits-all kind of approach, we devise a customized solution for every new case that comes our way to help solve the pests problem.


We start by conducting a thorough inspection of the facility, with an eye for any conditions that are conducive to the breeding of pests. We examine and report all potential issues like water logging, structural damage, evidence of any pest population  etc. We then couple this information with all factors like topography and your property type to evaluate the risk you face in terms of pest infestation.

Action Proactive Approach

Whenever possible, Maximum try to prevent the germination of pests. Our number one recommendation to commercial businesses in Burlington Ontario Canada is to take a proactive approach to pest control. Why wait for later and have to invest in damage control when you can adopt practices to preempt the problem altogether.

However, even if pests  have already taken root on your property, do not worry. We provide extensive pest eradication services using methods that are completely safe and environment-friendly.

Progress Tracking

After each service, we document all issues your facility was faced with, the extent and types of pests on your property, as well as the control methods used. We also make a note of any signs of potential pest infestations in the future by marking off hot-spots on your premises and call out any maintenance requirements to ensure you are able to run a flourishing, pest-free business.

But Why Should You Really Choose Maximum Burlington Pest Control?

  • Our methods are human and safe pet-friendly.
  • We use methods that are sustainable and responsible. We employ techniques that are 100% environment-friendly and help you safe-guard the planet.
  • We are a strong advocate for a humane approach to pest control. Irrespective of the specific species we are dealing with, we use the most empathetic control methods.
  • We conduct a thorough inspection of all interior and exterior areas to ensure no stone is unturned to free your property of any pest species.
  • Our technicians are cognizant of your business rigors and hence work as per your schedule and requirements.
  • We follow-up regularly to ensure you are on top of any potential pest infestation on your property and the problem is obstructed before any damage is caused.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best possible service. All materials and equipment used are best in the market and yield unmatched results.
  • If you have an audit coming up, we can help you stay compliant. We provide an array of services, keep detailed records and can help you get certified to meet your business needs.
  • We provide warranties to build trust with first-time customers.
  • We ensure each service we provide doesn’t only match but exceed your expectations. But if you are still dissatisfied, please let us know and we will make it right.

There really is no reason not to call Maximum if you find yourself faced with a pest situation in Burlington. We promise to take good care of your needs while you are busy building your business empire. You have our Maximum word and we promise to take care of you!

1860 Appleby Line Suite 430,
Burlington, ON L7L 7H7
(905) 582-5502

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