Is it Necessary to Remove Bed Bugs Infested Furniture from Your Home?

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Finding bed bugs is a nightmare for any homeowner. These persistent pests are experts at hiding and multiplying quickly. You may wonder if tossing out all infested furniture is really necessary. Bed bugs can live for months without feeding, making them extremely hard to eliminate completely. Infested items like mattresses and upholstered furniture provide an endless supply of hiding spots and potential breeding grounds. While getting rid of heavily infested pieces is costly, leaving them risks a full-blown re-infestation down the road. Carefully inspect and weigh your options to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

Inspect Thoroughly

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Before ditching furniture, thoroughly assess the infestation. Bed bugs are masters at hiding in cracks, crevices, and soft materials like mattresses and upholstered items. Carefully check mattress seams, box springs, headboards, dressers, nightstands, upholstered furniture, baseboards, walls, and behind outlets. Look for live bugs, shed skins, dark stains (fecal matter), and small pale eggs or egg casings. Leaving no stone unturned during inspection is crucial – any overlooked harborage spot risks fueling re-infestation.

When to Ditch Infested Items

While replacing furniture is expensive, it’s sometimes unavoidable with severe infestations. Heavily infested mattresses and box springs are frequently unsalvageable since bed bugs spread and lay eggs inside rapidly. The same applies to ripped or damaged upholstered pieces that can’t be properly cleaned, heated, or encased. These heavily-infested items in poor condition may need to be discarded and replaced to eliminate harborage spots the bed bugs keep returning to!

What Furniture Can Be Saved?

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With diligent, persistent treatment efforts, many furniture pieces can potentially be saved from bed bugs. Hard furniture made of solid wood, plastic or metal can usually be meticulously cleaned, treated with insecticides, and encased to eliminate any harboring bugs safely without discarding. Washable fabric items like curtains, clothing and linens can go through a hot water cycle of at least 120°F to kill all bugs and eggs present. With proper treatment protocols, these types of non-upholstered items have a good chance of being salvaged.

Bed bugs Heat Treatment

One of the most effective bed bug eradication methods is professional heat treatment. Specialized pest control companies carefully heat an entire room or house to temperatures between 120-135°F and sustain those high temperatures for several hours. This systematic heating process kills all bed bug life stages from eggs to adults, even those harboring deep inside furniture crevices. By treating every nook and cranny with lethal high heat, heat treatments can provide comprehensive extermination when performed properly.

Quality Mattress Encasement’s

High-quality encasement’s are invaluable tools for preserving mattresses and box springs. These tightly sealed, zippered cases trap any bed bugs already inside, preventing their escape while you monitor and periodically re-treat as needed. Look for encasement’s certified. These professional-grade encasement’s are essential for successfully preserving and treating infested mattresses and box springs during the eradication process, without having to discard them.

Insecticide Treatments

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EPA-approved residual insecticide sprays and dusts like Temprid FX, Cimexa, or Bedlam can play a role as part of an integrated pest management approach. However, insecticides alone rarely fully eliminate even moderate infestations when improperly applied. Chemical treatments work best combined with heat, encasement’s, and other non-chemical methods.

Freezing Treatment

While heat treatment is more common, an alternative is freezing infested items to kill bed bugs. Sustaining freezing temps below 0°F for several days can eradicate all life stages over time. However, this extreme cold approach may be impractical for treating many larger furniture items throughout a home. Used strategically, freezing can supplement other eradication efforts for certain belongings.

Steam Treatment for bed bugs

The extreme high heat from professional steam cleaning equipment can effectively kill bed bugs and eggs on many fabric surfaces like couches or chairs. However, steam alone may not fully penetrate bed bug harborages hidden inside furniture voids or handle larger infestation areas. Used strategically, steam treatments can supplement other eradication methods.

Monitoring & Vigilance


Even after aggressive treatment efforts, continued monitoring is absolutely crucial to catch any lingering bed bug activity or re-introductions early. Using moat-style interceptor traps under furniture legs, routinely examining belongings, and periodic professional inspections pay off through early detection. Persistence and vigilance are key, as letting your guard down risks re-infestation taking hold again.

Preventing Future Infestations

Once you’ve experienced the toll of dealing with bed bugs, you’ll want to take preventative steps to avoid a repeat nightmare. Cleaning clutter, frequent vacuuming, and immediately addressing any new sightings can stop future spread. Permanently encasing mattresses and box springs is also highly advisable, as it seals off a prime harborage for years to come.

Avoid Donating or Selling Infested Items

It’s extremely irresponsible and unethical to donate or re-sell any belongings, furniture or clothing that may harbor bed bugs to an unsuspecting recipient. This simply allows spreading the infestation elsewhere. Carefully dispose of any items you cannot successfully treat and verify as bed bug-free through heat, freezing or encasement, following municipal guidelines. Breaking the life cycle requires full containment.

When to Call Professionals

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While some attempt do-it-yourself eradication, bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult, stressful and time-consuming to eliminate without professional help – especially for large-scale or recurring cases. Skipping over experienced pest management increases risk of prolonged misery. Experts can deploy comprehensive heat treatments, targeted residual insecticides, compartmental dusting and other systematic measures to eliminate even the most challenging infestations.

Final Thoughts

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Effective bed bug remediation and prevention efforts rarely come cheap. Costs for professional exterminators, potential furniture replacements, laundering heat treatments, preventative encasement’s and monitoring products can accumulate alarmingly. But being proactive to rapidly address infestations prevents escalating expenses from widespread, uncontrolled problems.

The decision to discard infested furniture heavily depends on the infestation’s severity and extent. With persistent monitoring, heat remediation, physical removal, encasement’s and chemical applications as needed, many furniture pieces can often be salvaged. In most cases though, professional pest control assistance is invaluable and worth the investment to regain control. Patience and diligence are paramount to win the battle against these tenacious pests.

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