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While most RATS are often touted as heroes in cartoons for kids in television, seeing rats in real life is not fun at all and could be scary moment. Rats carry deadly viruses, and they have plagued humans for a long time. These pesky dangerous rodents are highly adaptable, and can find ways to survive in almost any type of environment including the winter season.

Where there are humans, there will be always rodent issues nearby hiding somewhere in silence. They know that there is an adequate food supply where humans live. They will eat your food, bring pestilence, and even damage your house in time. The worst thing that can happen apart from causing sickness is that these unwanted guests, rats can cause fire if they gnaw on your wires.

Before calling a rat extermination services expert, follow these prevent process tips to get rid of the rodent problem on your own 1st.

Store Your Food Away

Rats generally have very sharp teeth to destroy things as well as using objects to file their teeth. They use this to chew on card-boards and plastic, so it is pretty much useless if you store your food in the boxes they came in from the store.

The best approach to prevent rodent calls from smelling your food is to keep them in strong plastic containers. These containers must be super air tight. All leftover foods must also be kept in the refrigerator, as rats and mice can definitely not get in there.

Wipe the floor more often, and make sure you dispose of the food crumbs outside your house. If they find any kinds of food source outside your home surrounding areas, they have no reason to be inside your house. The thing with many people is that they keep their garbage bins inside the house especially stored inside the garage, which will attract both mice and rats in time.

With this type of attraction, they will eventually nest inside your house. If you see rat droppings inside the garage somewhere or even behind your stove and fridge, then it is time that you inspect your house for entry points the exterior holes for any property damage.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Rats & mice both can fit in small holes. They can pass through your walls if given the chance. The best course of action to take is to cover these holes. Do not use cardboard or thin plywood, as they can eventually chew their way in and out as route of entry to your home.

What you have to use is caulk the outside damaged structures as a proper rodent exclusion methods. Seal all missing cracks, no matter how small they are. Even if the small hole cannot seem to fit a mouse, it is a great place for them to chew and start creating a much bigger hole. And if they make this hole bigger they will eventually find their way inside the wall and off to your home attic and eventually you will have many damaged insulation.

Use strong weather stripping to close the gaps between your doors and the bottom floor. This is one of the most common pathways rodents use to get inside your house. Make sure everything is sealed correctly with a full inspection around the outside of the house for a thorough evaluation.

Use Traps and Baits

There are many types of snap traps and domestic baits stations that you can buy from your local store. You can also create your own if you wish, just by watching couple videos on YouTube. The most common and easy is the spring snap traps. The issue here is that it is too messy, and too noisy. And if a rat or mouse sees a fellow dead rodent in this death trap, they can easily adapt to it and learn quickly that they should not mess with these things at all, they are smart filthy animals.

Your second option is to use bait stations with approved poison, but this is dangerous if you have pets and children. While effective, they are known to develop a keen sense of aversion to poison over time if you buy them at your local store and they really don’t work. They will be able to spot if the food that lays ahead of them has poison, and they are likely to avoid it.


The best cure for any pest problem is prevention to avoid further pest infestations. If rats have no reasons to come inside your house, they won’t. Keep your food stored, and make sure your house is clean. Avoid piling old boxes as generally rodents will use them as hiding spots and nesting grounds for breeding.

Cut tree branches away that will allow rats to jump to your roof. Seal all gaps outside and make sure your doors and all exterior parts of the windows have strong weather stripping to avoid invading pests from accessing inside.

Your last resort is to call rat extermination services nearby or Google it to find a pest control company online near you professional rat exterminator. Maximum pest control specialist technician, can practice a thorough inspection outside and inside to help you identify rodent problem fast, as well as find out where they are hiding, and use the most effective ministry approved commercial solutions pest control delicious and adaptable baits as a whole extermination process for safe and effective rodent control service program available to public consumers locally here in; Oakville, Burlington, Milton & Hamilton ON. Contact Maximum Now (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502

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