House Inspection Pest Control – How Often Should it Be?

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Regular house pest control services inspections are a necessity once a while. The activity ensures that your house is protected from vermin, roaches, carpenter ants, and other pests that can damage the property or your health if not taking care of it in time. A property with pest control programs in place, that is maintained free of pests can also fetch much more money in the market over the long run, because tenants won’t leave the property any time soon. They Are Comfortable! and that is a key.

And most especially so if you own a commercial property. The value of your property will go down if pests are a known issue, and you are likely to spend a lot of money on repairs if you do not address the problem. People who want to rent it may also back out, and for every month that no one is renting, you are losing a lots of money.

But how often should you have a pest inspection services pest control company visit your property? Here, we will take a look at the different factors that can affect the frequency of property inspection visits.

Age of the Property Can Determine Pest Infestation

An old house or property is vulnerable to pests at all time. Whether it is rats, mice or cockroaches, old houses that have deteriorated wood, crevices, and cracks are likely to attract pests. If your property is real old, you may require more visits from a pest inspection services control company, as insect management inspections are a necessity.

This is especially true if you have no plans on remodeling the house. If the wood is rotted and getting old, carpenter ants are likely to build a nest in there, as these type of ants love damp wood to burrow through it and make a living tunnels.

After the inspection, a trained exterminator technician will recommend what needs to be done. It is up to you if you want to remodel, remove the old wall panels and replace them with a new one, or just patch them up and this will help with pest prevention issues.

Location of Your Property

If you live in a region area that is known to harbor pests, then it is certain that you need pest control companies home rodent inspection to visit you every so often for pest prevention program. An example of this is New York city, where there are five rats and seven mice for every one person that lives there.

As you can see, there are many hot spots for pests. If you live in that area, a single treatment pest issue can only get rid of the problem for a few days only or maybe weeks, that’s why routine pest control is recommended once every month at least to pest control infestation activities.

However, the rats will certainly be back. Despite your efforts in not letting them in, the normal wear and tear of a property as years goes by, along with the destructive power of rats, will eventually lead them back to your sweet and warm house. If this happens to you, effective pest management program is required in this case.

Severity of the Pest Problem

How big is the pest problem? If you only have like five rats, and they are all caught, then chances are you no longer need another house inspection pest control program or extra visit in the years to come, especially if you do not live in cities like Downtown Toronto, where there is a massive infestation and pest management needs is ALWAYS A MUST!!!

In some cases, a visit twice a year is necessary, especially if the professional exterminator technician has identified that the source of the pest is not your house. If you live just a few miles from a dump or garbage site, then rat and other pests are going to find your house once in a while, and a more frequent pest management circumstance visit is required because of possible pest infestation that may occur.

Our qualified trained exterminator will help eliminate your residential property from pests and setup a seasonal  home protection program to prevent them from ever coming back! We are a Canadian-owned business and pride ourselves on providing Eco-friendly pest control measures. Our certified pest control specialists are fully insured and trained to: Provide a detailed home inspection Identify all points of entry Find all indoor and outdoor nests Humanely remove pests and prevent them from coming back.


There is no definite number to determine the frequency of house inspection pest control visits. The three factors laid out earlier have something to do with the frequency. If you live in a city that is infested with poor disposal practices, and your property is very old, then you certainly have to call a  certified professional pest control specialists on a more frequent basis especially with rodent problem issue.

On average, small infestations may require a visit once or twice a year. If you are in an infested area, quarterly visits should be suffice. But if you are in a hot spot zone, like in the city, with many restaurants that has poor disposal practices, you may need to have a visit once a month for pest detection and reliable indoor pest remedies. If you are a residential or commercial property owner and you are facing issues with pests that is hurting your rental unit income, don’t wait!!! Residential And Commercial Customers Pest Control Inspection Contact Maximum Pest Control Services Today, Calling Both Lines at (289) 396-5426 or (905) 582-5502

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