What is Green Pest Control?

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Green pest control doesn’t mean inefficient pest control but it’s all about IPM or integrated pest management.  A pest control firm that is accepting IPM is the one that believes in client awareness, prevention and education as well as in building inspections. All of these things matter in controlling pests.

Green Pest Control – What Is It?

Integrated pest management starts with learning the reasons behind and the way a pest entered a building or home. The experts in this particular field are familiar with the pests’ life cycle and also in their commonly chosen nesting locations. Hence, these professionals are capable of using advanced pest prevention methods that are not very harmful to property, plant life, people and pests.

IPM makes use of typical sense practices together with the use of some Eco-friendly chemicals. For instance, the specialists are installing certain preventative materials like new door screens and window, fresh calking and the like instead of applying hazardous chemicals so as to prevent the pests from coming back. The professionals might also set up some traps to find other areas where the pests are possibly living or they may install some repellants that are solar powered as the alternative for dangerous chemicals.

The Benefits of Green Pest Control

pest control products which are considered “green” are the ones that are made of natural and organic ingredients. Aside from that, these products are mainly engineered to be Eco-friendly and equally effective with the non-green counterparts. The practices associated with green pest management could help in promoting the structure and health of the plants while they are providing a biologically-based alternative for harmful chemical sprays.

The control methods used when it comes to integrated pest management are benign and so, they reduce all the environment risks that are typically associated with conventional pest management like ground water contamination. Besides, IPM is helping in the reduction of infestations and it is also a very cost efficient solution.

The Way Green Pest Control Works

Those specialists in IPM make use of the process which will set the action threshold, monitor the pest to identify them and prevent them from coming back and use some control methods. Once the action threshold has been set, the team will learn how big or small the infestation is and the intensity of the hazard the pests show and they will also be able to determine the form of instant action required.

When IPM professionals monitor the pests, they will make certain that they are able to recognize the pests properly and accurately. Appropriate identification of the pests make sure that the correct forms of pesticides will be used yet pesticides are not considered when they are not required. When the methods for pest prevention are not working efficiently, the control methods will be used. Once the specialists use any control method, they will evaluate it first for effectiveness and risk. Those methods that are posing the least risk like traps and the application of pheromones to interrupt mating are utilized first. When the thresholds show that these methods don’t work, then the professionals will start using pesticides within the targeted locations.

Factors to Consider when Looking for a Green Pest Control Service Provider

When searching for a green pest control service provider, you should look for one that would create the plan that will meet all your needs. The company must take into account the form of pest, the infestation size and the environment wherein the pests are living. As a customer, it is your obligation to get more information regarding the chemicals and processes used by the company before you hire them.

You may come across some companies that are using green pest control products for once, to be followed by the use of traditional chemicals that is unfavorable for you. A reliable Eco-friendly exterminator must focus on the use of top quality products which are non-toxic instead of using those least expensive products that are usually filled with toxic ingredients.

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