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Perhaps after termites, rodent infestations are probably one of the greatest pest fears of property owners, in terms of property destruction and overall level of phobia. Little wonder why many owners often construct their properties with several rodent control measures in place. And why wouldn’t that be? The subtle sounds of scratch rodents make while gnawing at woods at night or scuttling under floorboards during the day is enough to send some chills down most people’s spines. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how structurally perfect your house or property might be; when rodents like rats and mice are interested in getting in, trust me, they will invade. This harsh reality has plagued many residential and commercial properties for plenty of decades now, and guess what, even today, rodents are still in the business of breaking into homes (like a thief in the night), crafting their own apartments (holes and hideouts), and ultimately, infesting your property for as long as they wish to.

But besides the embarrassment they bring you, and the phobia they create, what other dangers of rodents infestation are there? Let’s find that out in the next frame, shall we?

Dangers of Mice & Rats infestation (why do you need to control pests like rats and mice)

Bad Disease Carrier

Even if you see no other reason why you need to cut out the infestation of rodents on your grounds, at least the scary fact that these pesky creatures are capable of spreading pathogens and diseases should be enough to change your mind fast. From urinating everywhere they go on your property (they really enjoy doing this a lot, as it is a way of leaving their marks on properties) to carrying smaller pests in their furs like ticks, mites, and even fleas, rodents constitute a significant public nuisance, and they pose a significant public health risk too. Some of the most popular diseases associated with them include leptospirosis, Salmonella, Lassa Virus, Listeria, Hantavirus, and lots more. So you see, exterminating rats and mice from your residential or business property is not only essential but critical to the health of those residing within the property.

Property Damage

When rats and mice see come to realize that a property hasn’t got foods good enough for them, guess what they resort to? They take to your property and inflict the harshest of damages on different parts of your property. But that’s not even all; it is common knowledge that rodents need to gnaw in order to keep their teeth strong and in shape. To this end, they take to your properties, gnawing seriously at them. From ruining your business or home furniture to damaging their structural makeup, eating into electrical cables to boring holes, damaging pipes to wrecking windows, rodents simply don’t back down when it comes to property damage.

While all these are quite bad for any residential property, they are even worse for business properties, and not only for the monetary costs, but also for the damaged reputation.

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs That Rodents Are Around?

Controlling rats and mice is as much about understanding the tell-tale signs as it is about calling in a professional. Although you might feel as though you can always tell when they are around – since they will be seen running around and causing troubles – trust me, some rodents have really mastered the art of dodging and living discreetly inside a property. Check out the following tell-tale signs around your property to find out whether these trouble-makers have found a way into your apartment.

  • Unusual scratching noises in walls or under floorboards
  • Rat droppings
  • Distinctive smell
  • Bite marks on properties and items
  • Ripped packaging materials (usually when they bite on items, they tend to tear or rip the packaging materials off)
  • Smears (build-up of grease and dirt from rats’ furs, usually on walls and surfaces where rats play).

Best Rodent Control Measure

So after all that is being said, what then is the ultimate solution to ridding a property of these pesky and dangerous creatures? Although there are several DIY rodent control measures on the internet today, there is no denying the fact that the best strategy is still that which involves the use of a professional pest control expert. To this end, we introduce to you Maximum pest control service – an expert in the world of rodent extermination, kings in the territory of rats and mice. Unlike other pest control services, Maximum boasts an enviable team of experts and technicians that aren’t only splendid in battles against rodent infestations on properties but are also well-equipped to provide you with detailed preventive advice to prevent subsequent infestations from happening on your grounds.

How Does Maximum Work To Help Control Rats and Mice Infestation On Your Property?

At Maximum, we understand that the process of exterminating rats and mice from a property is not for the faint hearted, and more often than not, professional touches, rather than DIY, are absolutely necessary if the property owner harbors the hope of living a rodent-free life. To this end, we deliver our rodents control services through the following approaches.

Property Inspection

There is no exterminating rats and mice without first understanding their habitation strategy, as well as pathways and hideouts. This is why we first send in technicians to your property to inspect thoroughly the place to pinpoint all the possible holes, cavities, and hideouts that rats and mice might have been using as entry and exit points. But that’s not the only thing our inspection procedure is all about. While examining your property for possible rodent-indulging spaces, our technicians also keep you notified about serious structural damages to your property if any is discovered.

Access Block

When you have rats and mice running around your property, trust me, it is always because of a linkage between the internal and external parts of your property. To curb this, our technicians will cut out all of the indoor access that these pesky pests might have created by boring holes through walls, woods, and barriers. This Canada rat exterminator will block all rat-or-mice-size holes and cavities using expanding foam, sealants, and wool wire.


Please note that blocking indoor access doesn’t immediately translate to rats and mice control. In fact, this is more a preventive measure rather than a control measure. To fully control existing rats, the concept of baiting will be employed. This is to exterminate those rats that might have been trapped inside the property. Because, once we’ve followed through with step two above, there is really no escaping for the pests anymore. Once they arrive at your property, our technicians will place professionally-crafted baits at key locations (don’t worry, many years of experience and expertise has ensured that we don’t miss out on any key location) to capture the remaining damage-wreckers.

Innovative Pest Control Products and Services

Besides the above-listed techniques, Maximum also employs the use of some innovative pest control products and services in the event of serious infestation and property damages. With our innovative rat control ministry approved products, the idea is to not only exterminate rats and mice from your premises but also make the entire environment inhabitable for rodents.

Safety, Health, and Environment Policies

One of the dangers of a DIY rat control measure is the threats it poses to safety and health. While most DIY procedures and some amateur rat control techniques often adopt the use of poisoned food materials to lure rats and mice into traps, Maximum frowns at these approaches. As such, we ensure that all strategies adopted by our technicians are not only effective in making your property mice & rat-unfriendly but are also safe and healthy for you and your environment.

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